renrenren3: (Glee * Kurt & Blaine)'s 1:17am and I'm watching a crappy livestream waiting for Glee. Yep, I caved in. My sister told me it's a bad idea. It probably is. It's not even the Regionals episode, but what can I say. I'm in love with Animal and I'm tired of keeping healthy sleeping habits. I'll pay for this in the morning. Meanwhile, live reactions! And really live this time!


It could be because I missed the first 10 minutes, but I still can't believe it's over. This episode was... IDEK GUYS I HAVE ABUSED EVERY EXPRESSION OF JOY AND SURPRISE ALREADY. 3AM. I'M GOING TO SLEEP AND DREAM OF BABY PENGUINS.
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Not only I got a story idea for the next issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu... I got ideas for the next two issues. Three actually, considering I've known what to write for the Wild Wild West issue for months. Somehow, their deadlines are a great encouragement for me to actually write all the original plot bunnies I have sitting around. I just wish I had time to write.

I didn't even make a reaction post for tv shows this week, and I totally should have. Hawaii Five-0 was epic. Steve and Danno's bromance reached new levels of awesome. (This is totally not a spoiler because it happens IN EVERY EPISODE.) In the opening scene, you can't tell me that they weren't on a date. I might have a thing for disheveled!Danny. The scene in the pawn shop had me laughing so much, there were tears in my eyes.

Glee 2x13 spoilers and 2x14 preview. )
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Thank you everyone who replied to my post yesterday, it was a bad moment and you helped make it better. You guys are awesome. ♥

Now let's talk about happier things. Suddenly, new eps air! Gifs! Squee! Incoherent flailing!

Spoilers. )
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You know how most times I'll look forward to an episode and read spoilers as they trickle in and watch teasers and speculate what might happen and think it'll be epic?

And I get my hopes too high and when the episode airs it's never ever nearly as epic as I expected.

Well, screw that. I just watched the Glee Superbowl episode and it was beyond epic.

Spoilers, gifs and whatnot. )
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This afternoon I'm saying "screw you" to study. Hawaii Five-0 aired last night. I cannot concentrate if there's epic shit sitting on my hard disk waiting to be seen.

When was the last time I made a reaction post? )

I wish I could have watched Castle already too. They've been teasing us with the BIG SPOILER for months, though I bet in the end they'll go with Status Quo Is God.

After a year, I finally finished Empire of Ivory. I read it in one sitting too, though I found myself liking the minor characters more and more. I wept for the lack of Granby through most of the book. And please tell me that Riggs reappears at some point and didn't just fall off the face of Earth. Novik has this alarming tendency of forgetting about some characters, whenever she bothers to give them a personality at all. I need to find solace in fanfic.
I expect it'll take me a year or so to get to Victory of Eagles. I already cheated and read most of the Granby bits though.

In totally unrelated news I'm still laughing at the fact that Chris Colfer it tweeting to Nina Dobrev. I want a Glee/Vampire Diaries crossover now. Possibly with Damon and Stefan facepalming at the impromptu musical numbers that keep happening.
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Yeah, the return of the inane journal entries in which I talk about the shows I'm watching. Which is not the shows that are airing right now since I'm behind with a lot of shows, but bear with me. Or skip this entry entirely.

Speaking of too many shows... )

♠ For the first time since I don't know how long, I laughed out loud at Supernatural. Even though Castiel wasn't in this episode. Even though I didn't think much of the plot. Is it just me or the dialogue was way more fun that usual? Or maybe it's because the big damn plot for S6 had been shelved for once. Though it seems like it'll be back with a vengeance next Friday, but you can't have everything. I kind of... have mixed feelings towards SPN. It was my happy creepy summer show, I burned through 5 seasons in a couple of months and I'm left with a show in its final season. Sad. I should just give up and force my sister to watch the first two seasons again with me.

♠ Speaking of creepy, supernatural jerks: The Vampire Diaries is awesome. And by The Vampire Diaries I mean Damon. But also everyone else. Who are also awesome. Damn, Stefan and Elena did take some levels in badass. I'm now hooked on the show and trying not to get spoiled about any more plot points. If they keep it up through S1's finale, I might have a new OT3.

♠ I still haven't watched episode 3x11 of Merlin. It's just... Morgana makes me a sad panda. And the Arthur/Merlin abuse. WTF, show writers. Hoping that watching the finale together will make up for a sub-par season, especially since I've heard good things about 3x12.

♠ OMGWTFBBQGLEE T-14 HOURS! Yeah, I know it airs in less than 3 hours but it'll be in the dead of the night here and I have to wait until my sister gets home from school to actually watch it. FFFF. MUST RESIST SPOILERS! MUST NOT DIE OF ANTICIPATION!
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I'm reduced to a whimpering pile of goo and even hugging Ducky for comfort isn't helping. Why can't it be next week now. I don't even know why I'm so hooked on Glee.

Lots and lots and lots of spoilers for Furt. )

I'll shut up now and go do something productive.
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Fucking Real Life

Okay, I'm stressed over this fucking exam. So. Fucking. Much.
There just isn't enough time. And I've tried but I can't concentrate, and I know why. I'm just sick and tired of studying and I don't care about physics and I just want out. London needs to happen. Or something. I need to go somewhere, have a change of pace some time soon, or I'll lose my mind.


The fucking huge fandom

The only thing keeping me sane lately has been tea and Glee. Seriously. (It kind of rhymes but that wasn't the point.) There are no words to describe just how much I love that show and its cliché-riddled cast. I can just turn off my brain and hum along when I know the songs. And I kind of watched 5 episodes today with my sister because I knew stuff would happen on 1x12, and then 1x13 was Sectionals and we just needed to finish, and we were supposed to watch two episodes on Merlin tonight but after the failboat that was 3x09 (though I liked the punch-to-the-arm scene) I didn't really want to watch 3x10 so switching back to Glee seemed like a good alternative and then 1x15 was the Madonna episode... So yeah.

We're officially marathoning it. Late to the party and everything, but I don't really care. I just think I'll stay clear of the fandom because I don't really care for unnecessary drama and I miiight just have some unpopular opinions about characters/ships. (I also want to adopt Brittany, but that's beside the point.)
And I have a new favourite song. Lately I change favourite songs a bit too often. I have the attention span of a deranged rabbit. Unless it's time to watch another episode of Glee. Honestly I think this show might just have brainwashed me into some kind of mindless minion but I don't really care.


The small fandom that makes me happy

I've signed up for [ profile] yuletide and I've got a feeling nobody else is offering or requesting Locke Lamora. Which makes me sad, because, seriously. The author is cool too, personal problems aside, he's got a livejournal and pulled his main character's name from a Final Fantasy game and said he was okay with fanfiction as long as he didn't have to read any of it. And he's got the full prologue from his first book online here, I don't remember if it's the part about little Locke or the start of their highly entertaining con, but either way it's a good read.

There are conmen and witty remarks and badassness and female pirate captains. There's also much use of the word "fuck" and similar, but if you read my entries I suppose it doesn't bother you too much. Oh, and he tends to create characters and make you love them and then kill them off brutally. But apart from this, the books are cool. So, uhm. Read them? Please?


Nov. 9th, 2010 12:02 am
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FIRST OF ALL WELCOME EVERYONE FROM THE CRAZY [ profile] merlin_land_ot FRIENDING MEME! I'm totally friending everyone I wasn't already friends with because it was the greatest thing ever.

And speaking of memes, since I was talking about this with Jen earlier:
1. Make a list of 15 characters.
3. Let the people of your FList comment one (1) number and one song they've chosen.
4. WITHOUT SHOWING YOUR LIST, write something about the character, using the song to inspire yourself.
5. You done? Good. Now you can go and show which character or couple it was.
6. It's a meme with a twist!!

Yeees, it's the one I've already posted before but since I only got one reply (#13) and I've friended like 12 new people since then I figured it might be worth a shot to try and get your interest again. The fandoms are Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, SPN, The Big Bang Theory, Inception, ASOIAF, Temeraire, Locke Lamora. And also Castle which I totally forgot about.

#14 is still open! Not that you probably know that character anyway. :|

List! )


And no, I still haven't watched Merlin, though I did watch SPN but I keep forgetting to post about it because I find the vampire plot kinda boring. Also watched Children of Earth today. Russel T. Davies owes me three hours of my life back. And I'm just 4 episodes away from finishing Doctor Who S5, what am I going to do after? D:

Oh, I see it's midnight right now. Here, have a totally useless manip:
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Don't you just hate it when you read and re-read a fic, and have it betaed, and then have it betaed by someone else just to be 100% sure, and then you read it again a couple of weeks later and find there's still a couple of typos that somehow managed to elude you?

It drives me mad.

And here's the weekly dose of spoilerific squee. )
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It's cold and damp and I've got a hell of a cold and probably a slight fever too, and I'm marathoning the first series of The Big Bang Theory and I'm laughing so much my throat hurts. A lot. But it was hurting already because of the cold so it's okay.
At least now I get why the guys in my year are so obsessed with it. Well, guys and girls. And one girl anyway. A subset of the guys in my year. Which includes at least one guy and at least one girl. Scary part is, we actually talk like that. Er.

Before getting sucked into this I also watched Merlin 3x06 and it was... okay, I suppose. Not memorable. I liked Elaine, though I don't get why she's the daughter of a lord and gets called princess while Vivian was the daughter of a king and was called lady. It makes no sense at all. Oh, and Vivian was prettier by far, but that's obvious.

I also feel compelled to add that I'm a mathematician, not a physicist. Or at least I'd be if I got my degree, which is not going to happen until I pass the damn physics exam, which might explain part of my resentment towards physicists. Though obviously mathematicians are superior to physicists. Everyone says so. Apart from the physicists, but they're just delusional. And the engineers probably disagree but their opinion doesn't amount to anything. And there's probably a lot of people who don't give a damn. But if you ask me, mathematicians are better.
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So yesterday I stayed up until past 4am. The Den of Iniquity does this to me. Also gives me the tendency to post in capslock and talk about robot heads. Seriously, Stonehenge Apocalypse wins some special prize as most ludicrous catastrophic film ever. (Title previously held by some film in which the Earth was about to be destroyed by microwaves.) At least now I have a quote in the header instead of filler text.

I also watched the Dark Knight finally. But meh. The Joker was creepy, which was good, but he was also creepy, so he scared the crap out of me. So during the best scenes I was too chicken to watch the screen.
Still want to re-watch Inception. My parents saw it last night too, but mum didn't really understood about limbo. She missed just why the ending was a mind-screw. She said she was happy it ended so well! (To which, me and my siblings explained all the different interpretations and she said derp derp.)

Merlin 3x05

Baww, Colin! )

Day 23 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great?

Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel. SPN spoilers. )

Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?

Arthur/Merlin/Morgana. Merlin spoilers. )

SPN 6x03

Oct. 9th, 2010 07:50 pm
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Spoilerific squee here. )

I might be back with more inane comments later since I'm watching that apocalypse-y film with Misha later on. See what I do for the sake of that man, I even watch made-for-TV crap.
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Okay, now that my ehpeek literary endeavour is done, I can return to the usual memeage. I think I'll do two of these every day from now on, since they're long overdue and I'm getting bored. WTF short attention spam.
But before that let me tell you about this season's anime, or at least those I watched so far. Kind of spoilery, but it's just the first episode of each series anyway. But first some random linkage.

There's more behind-the-scenes videos from HBO and I think it's the first time I've been so interested in an elevator.

Plus Colin and Bradley are being ridiculously adorable, again. My favourite part is Colin saying "dragonfruit" and Bradley snorting with laughter. So much love.

And the 2 minutes trailer for the SPN anime. Engrish Carry On, some interesting action scenes, Dean looks like Tristan from Yu-Gi-Oh but I'll try to overlook that for the sake of more monster hunting.

Autumn 2010 anime
(or, having big-name seiyuu and sparkles won't redeem your crappy series)
((in some sort of order from awesum to crap))

Cut because I'm verbose. )

Day 21 - A pairing you like and no one else understands why?

Ciel/Finny from Kuroshitsuji. Originally created because I was growing tired of Sebastian/Ciel, especially with creepy!pedo!stalking!abusive!Sebby, but the more I think about it the more I wish someone had written it. They seem like they'd be adorable together. Finny is fiercely attached to Ciel, I could totally see him going all protective if his master was in danger. Sebastian would have nothing on an enraged Finny.
The sad thing is, the Kuroshitsuji fandom is in a sad, sad state. Here's some stats from The Pit. About 3,000 Kuroshitsuji fics (all ratings), 2,300 in English. Out of those, how many with Finny? 36. Thirty-six. And this is Finny, someone who's been around since chapter 1, fairly relevant to the plot, has been to a greater or lesser degree in every story arc. TA grand-total of two of these fics (both one-shots) are Finny/Ciel. I be sad. Okay, I'm at fault too because the only Kuro fic I wrote was Ciel/Sebby too, but I'm still complaining.

Day 22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why?

Roy/Ed from FMA. First thing, it gets in the way of my OTPs. Second thing I don't really see the chemistry there. They're probably the most popular pairings in the fandom but I'd rather stay clear of them. And then the age difference really turns me off, there's like 15 years between them and Ed is in his teens. I don't really want to think of Roy as a child molester, plus there's the unfortunate implications that come with abuse of power since Roy is Ed's superior in the military.
So, uh, no. Part of why I love FMA but won't get into the fandom, I don't like most of their favourite pairings. Likewise with Ed/Al, at least they're of an age but ick. They're one couple where I love them together, I love their interaction, but as friends. Yep, sometimes my slash goggles fail me.
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So, I FINALLY watched Inception. And I gotta say, that film's totally worth the hype. I'm used to getting disappointed after waiting too long for something (like with Deathly Hallows, or more recently the SPN premiere) but this time all I have to say is... awesome.

I kind of figured out halfway through that spoilery bit for the poor souls who haven't watched it yet but plan to ) but it was still awesome. Like, in some parts I blacked out and missed some seconds of film because I was busy thinking "crap this is really awesome".

Also, Arthur's fight scene. Just Arthur's fight scene. Zero gravity. Badass. Enough said.

I don't think I ship anyone, not really, which is kind of surprising coming from me. Well I might be shipping the couple sitting beside me, they seemed nice and laughed at the right moments and went "oh crap" at the right moment at the end. But that's just me confusing porn with real life as usual. Anyway. Not really that much shipping material, we only really got Cobb's backstory and personality. Everyone else is just an accessory. On the other hand, this means any pairing is free go should anyone be so inclined.

And apparently the fandom did, which is great, but honestly I'd be more interested in the possibilities of mindscrew gen fic. Because, seriously, I haven't seen such potential for world-building since The Matrix. This is, basically, The Matrix on more levels. Awesome. I'm saying "awesome" a lot today, aren't I? I kind of wish, dunno, there should be a TV series exploring the personalities of the other team members (especially Arthur) and about other jobs and stuff. But that's just wishful thinking. I'm afraid what we will get is Inception 2, which will be crap like most sequels and force me to discontinue it.

Meanwhile I'm all hyped up and I'm going to download it in English while I wait for the DVD to come out (needs moar wintermas presents) because I want to listen to everyone's original voices. And watch it again. And then write some fic. Gah, the world-building possibilities! Just think of the possibilities!

Now for something freakish and loosely related

We (me and my brother and my sister) went to a late afternoon showing and it finished late so we went to the McDonald's next to the cinema. They were redecorating or something, half of the restaurant had been walled off and it seemed all crammed despite it being emptier than usual. There was nobody at the counter when we arrived while usually there's a long wait.

The bathrooms were in the walled-off section so my brother and sister went to investigate while I placed our orders (3 McChicken menus with fries and cola - we're boring, boring people). And while I was there a couple of guys got in line behind me and they actually tried to hit on me. It was kind of unreal, considering that they seemed straight out of a bad comedy movie, including elbowing each other conspiratorially and offering to carry my tray. Dude. Seriously? Seriously. To which, having watched Gintama, I said "No, thank you!" - except I'm not a character from Gintama so I couldn't punch him. Instead I gave him my trademark creepy grin and hope he'll be as creeped out as I was.

I'd have thought it was some kind of joke, only afterwards I saw one of the guys hitting on another two girls. So, freaky stuff. The subject of today's dinner was, strange stuff is happening so maybe we're actually in a dream. Also awesome film. Also the fries are cold and taste awful. Also awesome film.
Also, the popcorns and/or the fries were way too salty and I think I had a cut on my lip or something because it's still itching. Damn junk food. Damn delicious junk food.

SPN 6x02

Spoiler for the newest episode of SPN )

Merlin Gwaine

Just as planned, today's newsletter is full of shirtless gratuitous fanservice Gwaine. He's in about a dozen fics with different pairings. I've seen Merlin and Gwen (which kind of make sense), Morgana and Lancelot (which don't really make sense but should have been expected), Leon (which makes no sense at all and wtf fandom I know you love him and I do too but do you have any justification apart that Leon's pretty?)... but no Arthur.

Nobody has written Arthur/Gwaine yet, and somebody needs to rectify this mistake. Needs more pretty shirtless boys. Needs new OT3, maybe, since the old one kind of shriveled up and died when Morgana went dark side.
Speaking of Arthur. I feel oh so tempted to add Gwaine to my [ profile] merlin_muses fic, and the only thing stopping me is that I set it before S3 because otherwise I'd have to remove Morgana. Sad, sad thing.

Merlin 3x04

Oct. 3rd, 2010 05:10 pm
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Last night was... urrgh. On the plus side I kept my promise of one drink only (almost) and didn't get drunk. On the minus side I didn't get drunk so I was actually awake all evening. Night. Whatever. Went to bed at 3am. The company wasn't bad but I knew only about 3 people out of 20, and they all knew each other really well, so I had lots of moments when I just stood around wondering what the hell I was doing there.

The one good thing that came out of the evening is that after 22 years I finally have a handbag. Like, a proper one where I can put my keys, wallet, phone and everything else. Because apparently social conventions say that if you're a girl you just can't stuff it in your jeans and jacket pockets. I still kind of fail at going shopping, because going shopping for me is something like... What do I need? Handbag, maybe a new shirt. Which shop? Locate closest likely shop. Enter shop. Find item #1. Buy item #1. Rinse and repeat for item #2. Be home in time for tea.

I seriously don't know how people manage to spend a whole afternoon going from shop to shop. Maybe if I went with someone who had the same taste in clothes as me. But that's unlikely, last time I was in a shop with a friend I commented on how ridiculous one of the dresses on display looked, and it turned out that she owned a dress just like that. Yay, foot in my mouth and all that.
On the other hand I can get completely lost in a good bookstore.

Now on to fannish things and squee and not-so-squee. First things first, I just found out about Colin & Bradley's Quest which confirms my opinion that the boys are adorable, funny and slightly mental. Lemurs and Ye Olde English and did Bradley just say "Captain Wow"?

Spoilers for the latest eps of Merlin )

Bleh, I should have made my own tea. My brother has a distressing tendency to leave the water lukewarm, or only fill the mug halfway, or leave the teabag in for too long, or all of these.
I do make tea, usually, but today I got distracted by pretty boys.

Now I'd watch the next ep of SPN since last night I couldn't, but I don't have time because... I'm finally off to watch Inception! It finally premiered here last week. What the fuck Italy, why do you have to be so backwards even with film release dates?
Hope it's as good as everyone makes it sound. Expect more squee later in the day.


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