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I just had this moment when I thought "fuck, I have a degree". Which is weird since I don't feel any different. It's kind of like turning 18, everyone makes a big deal out of it and I get flowers and money from the relatives, which is always nice, but in the end life goes on as usual.
Except, uh, I graduated and I have nothing to do until October. I miiight possibly maybe perhaps try to do something productive with my life, like an internship or something, but right now I just want to sleep or Tumblr. Though I probably ought to spend the next few days writing since there's 3-4 stories that I've been sitting on for months waiting for this moment. Yeah, later.

Everything went well, though. I mean, reasonably well. I was nervous as hell on Tuesday morning, like everyone else, especially since I had 20 minutes and I'd only timed myself twice and my presentation was like 25 minutes. And I was worried about falling off my heels. And somehow my computer was the only one available and I was afraid it was going to fail or something and everyone would blame me. At least I remembered to change the desktop background from Kurt and Blaine kissing to the Tardis. And my thesis advisor showed up only for my presentation. Actually he arrived earlier, realized it wasn't my turn yet due to a change in schedule, and disappeared for another 30 minutes. And I was so jumpy that I didn't notice that the woman before me had finished and it was my turn, so when they called me I had to put my cardigan on in a rush and stumbled inside and I blanked for the longest time. Oh, and at one point I hit the wrong button and accidentally skipped to the last slide. It was very similar to the slide I was at, so I didn't realize what happened until I said I was going to compare product formulas and then looked at the screen and went "ohshit those are not product formulas, oh lordy, what happened, go back, go back!"

But I did get full marks, which I wasn't even hoping for, so in the end I graduated with 104/110. Not bad, self. Maybe my advisor never told me to change anything because I was doing great work, and not because he was being lazy. I think I'll go with that. So I felt entitled to get drunk last night. Me and some other coursemates went out and they tried to get us newly-graduated drunk, but I managed to retain enough brain cells to stop drinking after a while so I wouldn't be sick. Also I made a life-saving decision when I wore my trainers instead of heels last night, because I ended up clinging to various people for support while walking from bar to bar. Also found out that my friend's roommate watches Vampire Diaries and ships Damon/Elena. At the time I found this hilarious and I texted it to my sister. It was almost 2am. She replied at 2pm so I thought maybe she hadn't noticed the timestamp, but she did. She brought it up at dinner. I kind of want to throttle her, but she's cute. There's a photo dad took outside the math building with me and her fixing our hair to prepare for a photo while my brother rolls his eyes. There's lots and lots of photos. In some of them I almost don't look fugly.

Also I got a mug blackboard. Or blackboard mug. It's... uh... a mug... with a purple rectangle all around that's actually a mini-blackboard... and you can write on it... in chalk... it's kind of awesome, in the grand tradition of giving stupid gifts to people who graduate. It's like two of my favourite things together.
And people want to organize a class dinner next week, but it'd be on Tuesday and that's when the Glee hiatus ends, so I'm trying to assess my priorities. I mean, prom night! End of hiatus! FFFFF.
Now I think I'll stop rambling and go to bed. Or since I'm already sprawled on the bed, turn off the laptop and sleep. I'd reached that point when my pajamas and my home clothes are interchangeable, and they're the only thing I wear. I see no point in changing that.
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I already noticed that last night, while fixing the aspect ratio of a figure, I messed up its scale. And at some point I said "let's prove this part of the theorem first" and then forgot that I wasn't going to prove the second part.

Send me gifs to keep me awake or something? Caffeine levels are desperately low and I'm barely halfway through. D=
renrenren3: (Glee * Kurt & Blaine)'s 1:17am and I'm watching a crappy livestream waiting for Glee. Yep, I caved in. My sister told me it's a bad idea. It probably is. It's not even the Regionals episode, but what can I say. I'm in love with Animal and I'm tired of keeping healthy sleeping habits. I'll pay for this in the morning. Meanwhile, live reactions! And really live this time!


It could be because I missed the first 10 minutes, but I still can't believe it's over. This episode was... IDEK GUYS I HAVE ABUSED EVERY EXPRESSION OF JOY AND SURPRISE ALREADY. 3AM. I'M GOING TO SLEEP AND DREAM OF BABY PENGUINS.
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My evening has been a constant alternation between "oh shit, it's already midnight/1am/2am" and "but I'm writing so much today, let me at least finish this bit". Over 2,000 words later, I'm in the middle of a duel and I cannot stop. (I predict the next step will be: realize it's 3am.)


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