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Not only I got a story idea for the next issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu... I got ideas for the next two issues. Three actually, considering I've known what to write for the Wild Wild West issue for months. Somehow, their deadlines are a great encouragement for me to actually write all the original plot bunnies I have sitting around. I just wish I had time to write.

I didn't even make a reaction post for tv shows this week, and I totally should have. Hawaii Five-0 was epic. Steve and Danno's bromance reached new levels of awesome. (This is totally not a spoiler because it happens IN EVERY EPISODE.) In the opening scene, you can't tell me that they weren't on a date. I might have a thing for disheveled!Danny. The scene in the pawn shop had me laughing so much, there were tears in my eyes.

Glee 2x13 spoilers and 2x14 preview. )
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I feel like I'm duty-bound to extend some form of seasonal greetings to my flist. I don't want to go with Merry Christmas though, because 1) it's too Christian-centric, despite the rampant secularization of this holiday, and 2) Merry Christmas is what I tell my mum to avoid getting into the whole atheist discussion.

So, I wish you all a happy end-of-December/early-January, including but not limited to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Yule, Winter-een-mas, Winter Solstice, and all other winter festivals listed here. If your holiday of choice is not listed here, I apologize and I will make an effort to include it next time.
This greeting extends to your family, friends, significant others, pets and everyone else important in your life.
You're not required to accept or return this greeting if you don't celebrate any winter festivities or if I've pissed you off recently, but I sincerely hope I didn't piss you off and we can continue to be friends in the upcoming year too (or for the rest of the year if you don't follow the commonly used but sadly Christian-centric Gregorian calendar).

As for me... )
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It's showed up multiple times in my flist and I figured, yes, I could use some hugs right now. Real hugs preferred, but I could do with virtual hugs too. Anything really, today's just one of those days I feel depressed for no reason at all. No, actually I know perfectly well the reason. And that's what scares me so much. Anyway, I feel even more pathetic than usual, my mind is not a pretty place at the moment and I could do with some positiveness. How do you get past this feeling that my life sucks and it's going to suck from here until the day I die?
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Fucking Real Life

Okay, I'm stressed over this fucking exam. So. Fucking. Much.
There just isn't enough time. And I've tried but I can't concentrate, and I know why. I'm just sick and tired of studying and I don't care about physics and I just want out. London needs to happen. Or something. I need to go somewhere, have a change of pace some time soon, or I'll lose my mind.


The fucking huge fandom

The only thing keeping me sane lately has been tea and Glee. Seriously. (It kind of rhymes but that wasn't the point.) There are no words to describe just how much I love that show and its cliché-riddled cast. I can just turn off my brain and hum along when I know the songs. And I kind of watched 5 episodes today with my sister because I knew stuff would happen on 1x12, and then 1x13 was Sectionals and we just needed to finish, and we were supposed to watch two episodes on Merlin tonight but after the failboat that was 3x09 (though I liked the punch-to-the-arm scene) I didn't really want to watch 3x10 so switching back to Glee seemed like a good alternative and then 1x15 was the Madonna episode... So yeah.

We're officially marathoning it. Late to the party and everything, but I don't really care. I just think I'll stay clear of the fandom because I don't really care for unnecessary drama and I miiight just have some unpopular opinions about characters/ships. (I also want to adopt Brittany, but that's beside the point.)
And I have a new favourite song. Lately I change favourite songs a bit too often. I have the attention span of a deranged rabbit. Unless it's time to watch another episode of Glee. Honestly I think this show might just have brainwashed me into some kind of mindless minion but I don't really care.


The small fandom that makes me happy

I've signed up for [ profile] yuletide and I've got a feeling nobody else is offering or requesting Locke Lamora. Which makes me sad, because, seriously. The author is cool too, personal problems aside, he's got a livejournal and pulled his main character's name from a Final Fantasy game and said he was okay with fanfiction as long as he didn't have to read any of it. And he's got the full prologue from his first book online here, I don't remember if it's the part about little Locke or the start of their highly entertaining con, but either way it's a good read.

There are conmen and witty remarks and badassness and female pirate captains. There's also much use of the word "fuck" and similar, but if you read my entries I suppose it doesn't bother you too much. Oh, and he tends to create characters and make you love them and then kill them off brutally. But apart from this, the books are cool. So, uhm. Read them? Please?
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Long, long day. Due to a malfunctioning ticket machine and a very rude member of staff, I'm now about to personally test the efficiency of the trains' complaint forms. Frankly I'm not expecting much, or anything at all, but I really needed some way to vent or I'd have gone postal on the man. I really didn't need that in my day. Anyway.

I FINALLY HAVE A SUBJECT FOR MY THESIS! I also have a professor who will follow my work, but I have no idea of what to call him in English. Meep.
For those who might be interested, it's about numerical methods for approximating multi-dimensional integrals. And it's a mouthful but it's really much easier than it sounds, I'm going to read a couple of books on the subject, summarize the main existing methods and then write a program to implement one or more of them. Meaning that yes, I went the applied maths way. Blasphemy, but pure mathematicians don't do well in the real world and I have no intention of staying in academia.

It didn't even take me much to decide on a subject, the professor I had an appointment with asked me if I already had something in mind and we went over everything covered during his course. I told him integrals and he said "you could study these methods a bit more in depth, maybe since the course was just about one-dimensional integrals study the methods for more dimensions?" and I said okay and I'm going back next week to get more info and books to read.

Since I was in the building already I tried to see the other professor whose exam I need to take this month or the next, but he wasn't around. And he still hasn't replied to my mails. I later learned that he's got a story of going MIA. Derp derp.
Classmate of mine who lives closer to uni will try to get a hold of him tomorrow morning when he's got classes.

And. In more exciting news. I had tea with Paola after this whole ordeal and it came out that she's planning to go to London for a month after graduation too! My plan was to stay for the 4-5 months between graduation and the start of autumn semester (May to September), get a temp job and all, and it'd be great to go together with the group of April graduates. Now that's some good motivation for me to get all exams and thesis done in time.
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I think I fail a bit as a human being, but I'll pretend not. Keep calm, carry on, etc.

On a complete different note, yesterday I finished re-watching Merlin so now I'm all ready for S3! And today I finished S1 of Doctor Who. I'm gonna miss Christopher Eccleston. Though I started watching mostly because of Tennant, Nine was... uhm... fantastic.
/lame pun

Day 18 - What is the cutest pairing?

Lots and lots of pictures. )
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❧ Incredibly, yesterday I was too busy for LJ. Okay, not really busy-busy, I went up to uni in the morning for an exam which I totally flunked since one question (out of two) was "describe in details Chaum's protocol", and with 600 pages of cyphers you can't really expect me to remember. Every. Single. One. I had no clue what Chaum's protocol even was, and it turned out to be the last one covered in class, it's like one paragraph in the last chapter. We were all betting one of the important codes would come up, like DES, but of course it's never that easy.

❧ As I was getting out earlier after turning in my half-blank test paper, I met Paola who was coming back from flunking another exam. We wept over the cruel, cruel uni world and since I didn't have a train for a while and had time to waste I went with her to, uh, my vocabulary fails me. Administrative office, specifically for students, where poor students can queue up for hours waiting to get an answer to important questions like "what do I have to do to graduate in March?" Answer: pray for a miracle. Then she invited me to buy toilet paper, then she invited me for lunch and we also went shopping for her flatmate's graduation dress. So I, uh, pretty much didn't do anything all day, apart from borrowing an Algebra book. Which will be useful if I'll ever read it before next week.

❧ Obviously, my sister had her cellphone turned off so she didn't get my message saying I'll be late. My mum was freaking out again. Then she said I can't just accept a low grade for the sake of passing the exam, and okay, it pisses me off too, but I want to graduate some time before I turn 30. I wish she'd notice how much she's stressing me. I'm tempted to move away for my last 2 years. As in, "am seriously going to look up other unis with a good Maths department" tempted.

❧ Will do the meme later. I should probably just do two days since I skipped yesterday. I'm not really in a mood for fanthings, though I have a fanmix and a ficlet due in a couple of days. At least I got my first Sherlock fic betaed and posted so that's one off the list. Which reminds me, I've started watching Doctor Who and it's even more awesome and narmtastic than I'd thought. And Inception is coming out this week, finally!
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I just hate it when the recap for season two accidentally happens to mention that a certain event foreshadows what happens in season three. With details.

On the other hand, isn't it great when fandom's all I have to complain about?


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