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This afternoon I'm saying "screw you" to study. Hawaii Five-0 aired last night. I cannot concentrate if there's epic shit sitting on my hard disk waiting to be seen.

I wanted to watch Castle first because promos of THAT SCENE have been floating around for a month at least, but obviously it was the slowest one to get downloaded. Not that I mind, usually 5-0 would take priority if it wasn't for THAT SCENE. So anyway.
♠ The opening with Danny getting surf lessons from Kono. Though I can't join the general fandom jubilance at the sight of Scott Caan's chest I'm not really complaining either. Plus if there's more inappropriate closeness (with or without flimsy excuses like surfing lessons) I might start shipping Danny/Kono. Chin might go batshit crazy, which is only a plus.
♠ Also it's inherently funny that as soon as Danny starts learning how to surf there's a tsunami warning.
♠ Catherine! It's awesome how Steve didn't do any of those action movie clich├ęs like telling Catherine he'd protect her. Because Catherine would totally have punched him on the nose for it. Also loved their mirror exchanges on the phone. "I can get there in ten." "I can get there in five."
♠ On a related note, I look forward to the time Catherine calls Steve asking for 5-0's help since Steve owes her big now. Dinner doesn't count, Steve, you cheapskate.
♠ Instead, I don't really like Malia. Maybe because we know nothing about her, but I don't think she can live up to Chin's awesomeness levels.
♠ Gracie gets the best baby-sitter ever. She's going to grow up and become this awesome lady who surfs and gambles and drives his daddy mad.
♠ And I loved Danny and Steve arguing about finding someone to take care of her. Steve is totally turning into Step-Steve.
♠ Yeah, the banter! I think I died when Danny said that if he died Steve's face wasn't the last thing he wanted to see. Respectfully of course.
♠ I ship them like burning, though it doesn't top last episode with Danny walking into Steve's home with a gift for him to make him smile. That's totally what happened, so you know. I'm still fixated on that because it means Danny has the keys to Steve's house. Because, yeah, after what happened I doubt he'd just leave the door open. But consider: nobody else has the keys to that house apart from Steve's sister. IT IS A FACT THAT STEVE LOVES DANNO ENOUGH TO GIVE HIM THE KEYS. Their big gay love affair, it's staring at us right in the face.
♠ The plot was... eh. I'd kind of guessed ten minutes in that it was a false alarm and Mamo only confirmed it. But this show doesn't really need a plot, it goes on with banter alone.
♠ "This might be your last chance to say it." Dammit team, stop being so awesome. You're making me feel awful because I would have let the plan go ahead to cover my ass. Then again I could never live up to the team's heroic awesomeness.
♠ Dun dun DUUUN! The plot thickens. Who put back the missing 10 millions? My money's on the Governor, though it's most likely some new character.

I wish I could have watched Castle already too. They've been teasing us with the BIG SPOILER for months, though I bet in the end they'll go with Status Quo Is God.

After a year, I finally finished Empire of Ivory. I read it in one sitting too, though I found myself liking the minor characters more and more. I wept for the lack of Granby through most of the book. And please tell me that Riggs reappears at some point and didn't just fall off the face of Earth. Novik has this alarming tendency of forgetting about some characters, whenever she bothers to give them a personality at all. I need to find solace in fanfic.
I expect it'll take me a year or so to get to Victory of Eagles. I already cheated and read most of the Granby bits though.

In totally unrelated news I'm still laughing at the fact that Chris Colfer it tweeting to Nina Dobrev. I want a Glee/Vampire Diaries crossover now. Possibly with Damon and Stefan facepalming at the impromptu musical numbers that keep happening.


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