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So you know that one month ago I posted about possibly meeting up with a former bandmate and friend but we were both too busy? Or possibly you have forgot since it wasn't exactly this big life-changing event. Except now we're both exam-free and planning to meet tomorrow, time and place still unknown. For something that's not a date but just hanging out with an old friend and catching up without having to resort to facebook. I think the last time I arranged to meet with someone (for a reason not strictly related to mathematics) I was in high school. So I'm starting to panic. My two big conversation topics are mathematics and fandom. Awesome. I'm praying so hard that he's still into sci-fi, otherwise this is going to be so awkward. I'm trying to refrain from googling "conversation starters with people with zero social skills".

At least this explains why I spent Saturday night watching Camelot and looking for gifs on tumblr.
The first episode is... well... it's okay, I suppose. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I can't share everyone's excitement. I'll be watching and probably reading some fic, especially if I can be pointed towards Merlin/Arthur dub-con. (Yeah, I know, sorry. I have no shame.) It just didn't pull me in the way, for example, the first episode of H50 did.
Spoilery live reaction to the episode:
Copy-pasted from tumblr because I like to spam both my tumblr followers and you, but I'll save you the spoilers at least. There are gifs. )

ETA: I kind of forgot to mention I finally started watching Misfits. I'm currently at S01E01 because my siblings are being a pain and refuse to marathon it. Urgh. I really hope I can avoid spoilers for another while.
The last episode of Vampire Diaries was so awesome. Damon. Flame throwers. Caroline. Damon. ♥
SPN is... meh. They're running out of ideas, and they're trying to poke fun at themselves, but it's just kind of sad. The best part of the ep was the premise, pacing and dialogue and everything else just fell flat.
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Not only I got a story idea for the next issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu... I got ideas for the next two issues. Three actually, considering I've known what to write for the Wild Wild West issue for months. Somehow, their deadlines are a great encouragement for me to actually write all the original plot bunnies I have sitting around. I just wish I had time to write.

I didn't even make a reaction post for tv shows this week, and I totally should have. Hawaii Five-0 was epic. Steve and Danno's bromance reached new levels of awesome. (This is totally not a spoiler because it happens IN EVERY EPISODE.) In the opening scene, you can't tell me that they weren't on a date. I might have a thing for disheveled!Danny. The scene in the pawn shop had me laughing so much, there were tears in my eyes.

Glee 2x13 spoilers and 2x14 preview. )


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