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Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg and EVERYONE ELSE EVER pales in front of the combined powers of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. I mean, I can't even. Just watch this interview. (*) Or bask in the glory of the gifs that invaded my dashboard this morning. No cut because why wouldn't you want to watch them. Seriously. Just. I don't even.

(*) Video might be kind of spoilery for X-Men First Class. But why wouldn't you have watched that glorious, glorious movie yet?

Also, I want screencaps of the movie so I can make the cover for my ~awesome fanmix. And pics of Lyanna for my other fanmix, but she isn't even in the series so agshagshsahsgh;;

ETA: Where is all the RPF. I swore I'd never write RPF myself, but come ooon. This is just begging to be written. Like. Five times they have sex, and the fifth they cuddle. IDK IDK. I HAVE PRINCIPLES. WHICH INVOLVE READING RPF BUT NOT WRITING IT. YET.
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Thank you everyone who replied to my post yesterday, it was a bad moment and you helped make it better. You guys are awesome. ♥

Now let's talk about happier things. Suddenly, new eps air! Gifs! Squee! Incoherent flailing!

Spoilers. )
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You know how most times I'll look forward to an episode and read spoilers as they trickle in and watch teasers and speculate what might happen and think it'll be epic?

And I get my hopes too high and when the episode airs it's never ever nearly as epic as I expected.

Well, screw that. I just watched the Glee Superbowl episode and it was beyond epic.

Spoilers, gifs and whatnot. )
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I don't even care about awards but I'd have been willing to give up sleep and pull an all-nighter if I didn't have an exam this week. Also there was no reliable live-stream to be found. But I was so happy to wake up this morning and see all the interviews. TEARS IN MY EYES.

Cheered me up from the crap that is life around exam time, that and my daily episode of Criminal Minds. Oh hey, I think I might be obsessed with yet another show.
Though not as obsessed as with Hawaii Five-0, which HAS A NEW EP AIRING TONIGHT. The wait is over! \o/

Yes they are married. There is evidence of it. Also Kono is badass.

Lastly: LAYDEEZ! IT'S MONDAY NIGHT AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. If you don't I'm going to tell you anyway.

It's our weekly movie livewatch, and this week it's Ninn's turn and she picked Anastasia. Click the gif to get to her open post and join the squee. It's at 8pm GMT, in a bit less than three hours, but there's the ever-helpful countdown if you're timezone-challenged like moi.
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The Despicable Me livewatch was fuuun! And we're doing it again next week. And the week after.
Though I doubt we'll be able to top this movie, because MINIOOONNNSSSSSSS!

I reached the conclusion that everything can become a crossover with Merlin. It's like the ultimate wild card, maybe because you can argue that the boys could be reincarnated into almost any couple.

My brother is learning how to cook. I feel like I'm not doing anything to better myself as a human being, though I did almost finish floor B09 on Etrian Odyssey.

Also I made the fanmix I was talking about. Long Live is so perfect for the trio, it makes me want to cry and pat myself on the back for a job well done. (I do that, on occasion.) Spamming this image everywhere because it took me forever to make.

Fun fact: at first I hated both prompts. How is it that the most hated prompts end up being the ones that produce the best results? Like when I wrote for "MPREG", or that random Placebo quote.

And when I like the prompts to start with, they are a bitch to write. Assignment for [ profile] sherlockmas, I'm glaring at you!
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I think I'm (not so) slowly losing my mind. Having Teenage Dream in loop might or might not factor into it. I swear I wasn't so obsessed when I watched 2x06. It's just, I have no clue, it's like a virus. My sister isn't helping either. Usually when I'm on Planet Squee and start flailing like a madwoman she glares at me and makes me stop. Instead this time she made me watch the original video and this video of Chris Colfer being kind of a ninja. This from the lady who used to viciously steal the mouse away from me whenever I tried to go on Youtube. So, yeah, now we're teaming up and doing twice the flailing.

Eeepic slooo-mooo ruuunniiiiiiiiiiing!

There were other relevant things in my life, like an exam and watching Rapunzel and it's my sister's birthday tomorrow. Oh, and I'm trying to compile all entries for R1 of [ profile] camelot_fics and it's taking me way longer than I thought. Meh. I guess I should get the voting post up before starting to write one of the two Kurt/Blaine ehpeek fluff plots that I'm concocting. Yeah, not even trying any more to pretend I'm not a shipper, though it's weird to start shipping them during an episode where Blaine didn't even appear. It's marginally weirder than starting to ship Merlin and Arthur before watching a single episode.


Feb. 12th, 2010 12:59 am
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Okaaay, so I did promise I was going to update every 3 days. But I'm also me, and this means procrastination and much going back on my word.

I did actually write part of a multi-fill for the PW Kink Meme. And then I went and watched anime and generally wasted time instead of writing something I could post here.

So it's been 6 days already... so, huh...



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