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Iiit's link dump time! The new issue of SSBB is out and it's the steampunk one! I'm so excited about all the other stories~
Mine is this one lol obvious pseudonym is obvious and I'd tell everyone to read it because it's awesome good decent, but there's a R-rated scene at the end (obviously), so yeah. Typical of me, I never write stuff that I could, for example, show to my grandma with impunity.
Actually I did write a couple of PG-rated fics for Glee and Vampire Diaries, but they sucked so much I don't even feel like spamming those links and crossposting them around.

By the way, how awesome was Damon in the last episode? And everyone else too. I love them sfm.
And I decided that Ian Somerhalder is the other half of my dream Good Omens cast. There would be pictures here that prove my point, except I can't because it would be terribly distracting to look up pictures of him. Or pictures of anyone really, but particularly of him.

This Sherlock comic on DA made me laugh so much. WARNING - it's a crossover with Disney.

Looking forward to April 17th! )

Now for a bit of TMI. Skip this bit if talking about wet dreams squicks you. )


Feb. 15th, 2011 06:02 pm
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So you know the steampunk WIP, the one I've been talking about for the last two months? I finally finished it last night at a really embarrassingly late hour. I proofread it and checked it and sent it and felt pretty good since it's over 14,000 words of original story.

This morning I got up still feeling awesome, and stepped in the shower.

While in the shower I had two ideas for two other stories.


Have some random Matt Smith. I have decided he has to play Aziraphale in the Good Omens miniseries, though the jury is still out as to who the ideal Crowley could be. But Matt Smith would be just perfect. I have proof:
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So uhm, I accidentally wrote some porn. IDEK how it happened, the first (normal, for my standards) part was inspired by the maritombola prompt, the second (angsty) part by an email exchange with Pat, the third (porny) part possibly by a certain Italian community that shall go unnamed.
Everybody goes, leaving those who fall behind
Inception * Arthur/Eames * NC-17 * ~4,000 words

Still one month before the DVD comes out, Y U DO THIS TO ME ITALY?
This makes it my second longest fic ever. Say what you want, porn is an effective way of boosting word count. And look at how pretty my card has become.

Also I have a couple more tombola ficlets and my gifts for the [ profile] layton_exchange, but they can't hold a candle to my literary endeavour above.
Encyclopedia of reality shows * Sherlock * John, Sherlock * PG * ~550 words
The clockwork inefficiency * The Big Bang Theory * Penny, Sheldon * PG * ~600 words
Turnabout Puzzle * Phoenix Wright & Professor Layton * PG * ~1,000 words
A Gentleman and a Lady * Professor Layton * Layton, Claire * PG * ~600 words

Despicable Me Live Watch Spam ♥

No, I really don't have anything else to say that isn't Ren-centric. :(
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So eurgh. I'm here with a mug of tea and a thesis that's advancing at snail's pace. The big accomplishments of the day are:
1) I remembered how to write integrals with Latex,
2) me and my sister got (almost) all of our Christmas shopping done.

Almost because obviously I couldn't get her a present while she was with me, and conversely she couldn't either. Though honestly neither of us care much since we agreed that presents are a bothersome social convention BUT IF I'M DOING THIS SILLY PRESENTS THING I'M DOING IT PROPERLY, DAMMIT.
So I'm hoping to find out that there's a shop here selling earmuffs, or possibly find her Alice on DVD if mum didn't get it for one of us already. Earmuffs. I'm not calling her weird only because I told her I wanted a life-size replica of Longclaw or a Tardis. (Or a plushie, or something striped like a scarf. But whyyy can't I have a Tardis?)

ETA: After a quick enquiry with mum I think I'm going with the DVD for my sister since it's easier than locating cute earmuffs.
Mum also wanted to know what my brother might want, to which I replied: I don't have the foggiest. There didn't seem to be any interesting books in the bookstore. (We checked.) His only other interest are games, so unless she wants to get him a new game... Me and my sister got him a game too, by the way, because otherwise I'd have no idea.


The fun part is actually finding the presents. Walking around for a couple of hours between the same three shops because we live in this sad little town... not so much.
At least with our combined powers we managed to get presents for five (5) different people. Three of which are friends of hers so I was all IDK dude don't ask me, I have problems with presents for my own friends. But we made it and I also got these awesome 30 rainbow-coloured scrunchies that are just I was looking for. I mean, I probably have a scrunchy-eating monster living under my bed, the rate these things disappear. Also while at the bookstore my sister got two new Neil Gaiman books. I approve of Neil Gaiman but we both have huge piles of unread books. Derp derp.

In unrelated news:
Yahoo says they're not shutting down Delicious after all.
But since my bookmarks got imported with Diigo, I'm going to keep both accounts in the meantime just in case. :|
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Seriously, real life can go fuck itself at the moment.

I'm finally done with [ profile] hiza_chan's ficlet from the song meme! Character #13 was Locke Lamora and I'll be very surprised if there's anyone else on my flist who's into the books, but I'm happy I got to write him. :D Plus you get a second character (I WONDER WHO THAT WILL BE!) so you don't get to complain. *insert evil cackle here*
I found the song strangely appropriate for Locke, plus the fandom is sadly non-existent so I had to do something longer than a comment-fic. Set before The Lies of Locke Lamora which is the first book in the series, very minor spoilers for the first chapters. Everyone should read the books because they are awesome.
Posted separately because it got longish and I decided it deserved full fic status so it goes into my archive.

Locke Lamora (from the Gentleman Bastard Sequence)
Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns for hiza_chan
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Fun trivia: I have decided that Bad Romance is the unofficial soundtrack to the fic.
I can't talk about the story now, there's all this ~*~secrecy~*~ thing, but it'll be posted sometime after the 15th at [ profile] merlin_muses. Hint: mine is the long stupid one.
Just need to get it back from beta #2 (because ffs if I have to write an ehpeek love story I'm doing things properly) and then I can submit it and kick back.

...or not since I'm already busy with my entry for [ profile] thegameison_sh. It's quite the mood whiplash, going from my usual cracky fluff to a dark fic, but I didn't pick the bloody theme. Meh.
And I have a crapload of books that I need to read, like, last summer.
Oh. And was there a meme that was left unfinished at some point?

Also, photos of last weekend made their way on Facebook. I have red eyes. In. Every. Single. One.

ETA; All sent. The good part is, now I'm so used to churning out 2,000 words like nothing, I sat down and wrote the Sherlock fic and didn't even have to think much about it. I still think it's crap, but at least it's done and I can move on to other things, and hopefully next month we'll get a better theme.
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But I'm cheating because I skipped some of the scenes in the middle, so now I have to go back.

Also this season's anime are distracting me with their fabulousness.


Oct. 5th, 2010 02:51 am
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The Monster is going well, but considering I didn't get anything written over the weekend I'm behind with my schedule again. Worst case scenario, I can cut out a couple of scenes, but I'd really prefer not to. Anyway, I'm on NaNo levels right now, 1,700 words only this evening. I'll make an effort to wake up early tomorrow and write. The whole thing is something like 7,200 words now, I can't wait to get OVER 9,000 to crack the jokes. Then I think I'll have to stop being too detailed before I give away which story is mine.

Three more days, maybe I can do it. I'll need some lightning-fast betaing, though. Merlin fandom, why are you doing this to me?


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