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So this is my trading post since everyone was making one. These are the cards I have doubles of, and the amount of extra cards that I have for each:
1 - c_hrista (x2)
2 - theaeblackthorn
3 - flipflop_diva (x2)
4 - eowyn_rain (x2)
7 - scevity
10 - slumber (LOTS)
13 - mmailliw (x2)
14 - bubbly (LOTS)
16 - _shaomao_
17 - kissoffools (LOTS)
19 - lexispice (LOTS)
20 - x_____starlight
24 - frickkonastick
25 - tralfamadore (x3)
28 - n_nanini (LOTS)
29 - rhye (LOTS)
30 - capeofstorm (x6)
31 - maaiker (x3)
33 - elusive_j (x4)
34 - native_spirit (x3)
35 - la_loony (x4)
37 - lovestyle
40 - hauntedtonight (LOTS)
42 - iamthesea (x3)
43 - huushiita
45 - flyingharmony
47 - crusading_soul (x4)
48 - vanmeeuwe (x3)
49 - euphonious_13
50 - scarletladyy
51 - mrschucknoblet
52 - sickle_girl (x3)
53 - sanalith (x6)
54 - ecchipiro (LOTS)
56 - neonhope (LOTS)
59 - nicccc
60 - musikurt (x2)
62 - xfortytwo (x2)
64 - tiptoedbow
65 - aleator (x6)
68 - samsamtastic (x2)
70 - starlyss (x2)
71 - cyyt (x2)
72 - mk_tortie
73 - vorpaleris
77 - thusspakekate (x2)
82 - _morning_glow
(Or you can check here that I still have it and didn't accidentally trade it away yet.)

And those are the cards that I need:
15 - draconic_rogue
18 - klef
38 - xdropkickdeadx
39 - cazzwell
61 - mssekishi
63 - burningxhope
74 - lmpetuous
79 - nanerbear
80 - xmaidelx
83 - xsnarkasaurus
84 - clzair
85 - abcdefghijkatie
86 - raphaellover
87 - pointblankdarcy
88 - lotrangel17
89 - alex_parker
90 - ledbylove
91 - kristen0726
92 - mzmtiger
95 - i_am_only_words
97 - pierhias
98 - jacklemmon

lmk if you want to trade, trades are shiny~
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I suppose this is the part where I should wish a merry [insert holiday of choice] to everyone, but it always makes me feel weird because of ~reasons. So, er, I might act weird if someone wishes me a merry [insert holiday of choice], but thank you and I wish you likewise.

I GOT PRESENTS! It was disappointing because my parents had led me to believe I was getting a new laptop, instead they're taking me to choose a new laptop some time next week. Flipside, new laptop! Downside, I'm now acting like a little kid and pouting because I want my new laptop naooo! Instead I got:
- two binders (which I needed);
- a 2012 notebook (yay, I get to write down exam dates...);
- a blanket with sleeves (a kind of very bright light blue; my sister got it in green; and yes, it's just as ridic as it sounds, at least it's soft and warm... but ridic... I don't even);
- a book about the history of maths from my brother (who's all grown up and does presents now, I am amazed; didn't have the heart to tell him that it's basically the subjects I study, just watered down; it's probably the first time he picked something himself; he got books for everyone with mixed success but he somehow found a book on local birds for dad and that's probably dad's favourite present ever, which is pretty amazing since dad is impossible to shop for);
- a floppy hat from my sister (which is the BEST HAT EVER and I love it and it makes me want to go outside just to wear it, except that's probably a bad idea because I have a cold and I don't feel that well; BUT I SHALL GET BETTER AND WEAR THE HAT!)

That's it, and some money from my grandparents. I'll probably get presents from my aunts and other grandma when we go visit. Buuut all I want for [insert holiday of choice] is the laptop. Though the hat is cute too.

As for the other presents, the parents got us a 3DS, which is really for my brother and my sister because I'm officially getting the laptop, but we have a console-sharing policy in this house so I expect I'll sink quite a lot of time into Professor Layton and whatever other game my sister is playing now. Also, it was amusing to watch my brother unwrap his katana, ngl. And my sister's necklace arrived just in time and I was tempted to steal it because owlll! I think me and my mum like it better than my sister, though. XD It's hard to guess what she would wear because we have different taste in clothes. Or rather, I dress more like my brother than like my sister. I still have a jacket and a sweater that I stole from him when he overgrew them.

Now I'm going to curl in a corner and wrap into my cozy blanket with sleeves and wait for the sniffles to go away. NO WAIT. DO YOU HAVE DOUBLES OF ANY OF THOSE CARDS:

Ignore if you don't know what this is. >>
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I should really finish my Yuletide story, but I'm emerging from my blanket-slash-cocoon to link you to SSBB issue 34. Actually I was going to just link to my story, because I'm an egocentric bastard. But then I read a couple of other stories, and they were very gay, in every sense of the term, so I thought why not link the whole thing. Delicious original fic! Short fic! Long fic! A grab bag of fic, whee!

...Yeah, I've also been feeling woozy all afternoon. That might be why I can't muster the strength to do anything but wrap myself in a blanket and read porn. And my mum just did this thing where she walks into my room and declares that it's too hot (or too cold) and adjusts the heater accordingly to her preferred temperature. Mother, do you not see I'm kind of freezing here, what with the blanket and everything. Why are you turning the heat down. When I just turned it up. On account of even with the blanket I'm freezing cold. Sometimes I worry for the genes that you passed on to me.
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Uni kind of sucks right now. We got the dates for this semester's exams, and they're all bunched together. I only have two really tough classes (Functional Analysis & Finite Elements) and I wanted to be do those in January so I'd have a lighter load in February. But they're only one week apart and it takes me at least two weeks to properly prepare for an exam of that size, so I think I'll have to do Finite Elements on February 27th. Which means no break at all because it'll be written part on the 27th and oral part on the 28th or 29th (if I'm lucky) and the second semester starts on March 1st. Yay.

Plus the train schedule got changed, they cancelled a bunch of trains and changed the departure times of others, so now whenever I have lessons at 11am I have to take the 8:48am train because there's nothing else until midday. I thought, okay, lots of time to study this morning, except the train was 50 minutes late. And the return train was 35 minutes late. And there's a strike on Friday so no trains at all. And it takes just 15-20 minutes from my town to uni. This is why Italy sucks.

Also the weather. So much fog today, I thought Jack the Ripper was going to jump out of a corner any moment. Maybe my giraffe hat would have scared him away. The giraffe hat is the best, by the way, it keeps my ears warm and other people entertained. ♥

I MUST THINK OF MORE GOOD THINGS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT THE RANTING TO OVERWHELM MY JOURNAL. Finished the sci-fi story. I'm quite proud of it, ngl, despite the fact that it's just an excuse to write alien sex pollen. The theme for February is Hollywood, idk what I want to write yet. And there's a whole lot of other things to write, including a program for that Finite Elements course, but shiny new writing projects always take precedence!
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That awkward moment when I forget to put sugar in my tea and decide to drink it without sugar because I can't be bothered to go down two flights of stairs to the kitchen. But then I go back four flights of stairs to retrieve my giraffe hat. I wear a giraffe hat now, giraffe hats are cool. But let's proceed in an orderly manner.

I saw Midnight in Paris last Sunday. Without spoiling anything, I liked it! Some of the references were a bit too obscure for me, but the ones that I did get were great. Plus there were a lot of funny moments. I saw it in the old cinema a few streets from my home - the only one left in town, the multiplex attached to the shopping centre and food court made all the others close. Anyway, I like this old cinema a lot because it's cozy and generally the people are nicer. Everyone was laughing during the scene with Dali (Adrien Brody), and Hemingway was awesome too. I didn't think much of the protagonist, and his fiancée was over the top, but all the other characters were great.

Plus. Today I had the best day. Ever.
I went to the Fiera in Milan, I'd never been there but it's this huge space outside the city where they make events and expos, there's always something going on. This week they have stalls from all over the world selling local stuff, a lot of it is handmade, the place is huge and really really awesome.
There were 10 areas and each one was from a different part of the world. Most of the areas were regional stuff from Italy, which we skipped because we don't really care about, but there were a lot of foreigners so I guess from their point of view it'd be all ~exotic. By the way, if you're ever in or around Milan on the first two weeks of December, go to Artigiani in Fiera, it's really awesome and it'll solve all of your Christmas shopping. In the whole afternoon we only managed to view two of the areas, the ones from America & Africa & Asia, but I think they were by far the most interesting. We had E to guide us since she'd been there last years already, which is good since the place is huge. Huuuuge.
And since I have no sense of measure, I bought a lot of stuff. A lot. On the train ride back, I must have looked ridiculous because I had so many shopping bags, and also because I was wearing my giraffe hat.
So I guess I can do shopping too, provided that there's a sufficiently large array of items to choose from, and also that stuff is colourful. I swear, I'm attracted to bright colours. I'm like a kid. So here's pics of what I got, under the cut because OHSHIT REN, HOW MUCH DID YOU BUY.
So yeah, that's about one month of allowance, but I'm trying to rationalize it by considering that all of those purchases were 1) presents, 2) stuff that I need, or 3) PRETTY!
OMG I'M SO GOING BACK NEXT YEAR. Now I'm going to collapse somewhere because the train rides were endless and I walked around four hours and I also went to classes this morning urgh I'm so tired.


Nov. 29th, 2011 12:22 am
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Big bang finished and posted.

...What am I supposed to do now.
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Yesterday I got to classes early and I was reading A Feast for Crows to kill time since it was really early in the morning and the classroom was empty. And ofc it's just my luck that the first person to show up was M, who I don't particularly like because he's a smartass and has a better-than-thou attitude. But he's got pretty decent taste in books and I showed him what I was reading and we started complaining about Cersei. Then idk how it happened but I managed to spark a discussion on fantasy book with everyone who was entering the class. Some girl mentioned that she read Twilight and me and M were eyerolling. Then a guy says "Harry Potter is just like Twilight" and everyone else started insulting him. I kid you not, a dozen of people suddenly turning to stare at him and going all "NOOOOOO!", there was a girl who had just entered the room, she walked up to this guy and said "What the fuck are you saying, Twilight is nothing like Harry Potter!"

It was all very heartwarming and reminds me why I like my fellow mathematicians, even when they're smartasses.


Nov. 23rd, 2011 11:31 pm
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You read that in River Song's voice, didn't you?

Yesterday, my brother told me I needed to watch The Prestige. I'd never heard of it, so I looked it up and THERE'S WOLVERINE AND BATMAN PLAYING RIVAL MAGICIANS, HOW HAD I NOT HEARD OF IT BEFORE. So today I watched it and OH CRAP NON-LINEAR PLOTS AND EVERYONE WITH A HIDDEN AGENDA AND SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. I kind of spoiled myself because halfway through I figured out the main plot point, then I kind of blurted it out to my sister who was watching it with me. Watching movies with me must be a pain. THE PLOT, THOUGH. THAT PLOT.

So that's what I did instead of finishing my [ profile] bigbangitalia fic, which is teaching me how to stretch a deadline to it farthest end. Still no conclusion in sight, I might have to cut a couple of subplots loose. IDK MAN, DECISIONS. Also my assignment for Yuletide came in and OH MY DINOSAURS I AM GOING TO WRITE CRACK. There's no way I can write something serious about this character. But first, big bang. But even more first, shower.

What is an attention span.
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Today I missed my train for the second Monday in a row. I hate having lessons at 11am, there's nobody at home when I wake up and so there's nobody to wake me up if I oversleep or to point out that I'm spending hours in the bathroom. Plus, if I miss the 10:18 train there's nothing for the next three hours. I'm already planning to skip classes tomorrow afternoon to catch up, since those other classes aren't as important. By the way, this meme is so relevant:

By the way, my uni's online system to choose courses is a wreck. We were supposed to fill this online form in October but they kept pushing the date back because the system wasn't ready, and they pushed it back week by week until now the deadline is November 25th, and I figured that by now it would work so I tried to fill this magical form. IDK who did their coding but it sucks, it's a dozen steps long and I couldn't find the courses I wanted because they're listed in a weird order, and when I finally found it the system glitched and had me start from scratch. I hope their support email is quick to answer, otherwise I have the name of a person in my faculty who deals with these forms and I can ask her. But I'd rather not, since she's also the teacher for the class that I'm skipping.
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Dear Yuletide author,

Yes, I'm doing Yuletide this year! )

Yes, I've copy-pasted this from last year because I am overly lazy. I tried not to sound like a crazy person this time, but idk if it worked. Once again: THANK YOU! ♥

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That awkward moment when you need to finish your big bang fic and send it by yesterday and give the mods a heart attack by asking for extra days and then start plotting an epic HP timetravel saga.
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I want to divorce my ovaries.
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Kids, peer pressure is awful. Never give in to peer pressure. Today I gave in to peer pressure and, instead of going straight home after classes, I was dragged to a talk about mean field games. All because I couldn't say no and was bribed with pizza.
...Okay, well, it was interesting because it's the first time I heard a maths seminar in English and I'm happy to say I understood just as much as I would have if it was in Italian. Which means I understood nothing at all, because lol I don't know about PDEs and who is Nash and what's this equilibrium everyone talks about. :D I kind of gave up after the first half and stopped taking notes altogether, and why do mathematicians from all around the world insist on using handwritten slides and a projector from before the war, idgi.

Oh well. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH ONCE UPON A TIME because I say so and because it's about fairytales and because the sheriff is hot and the protagonist kicks ass. It's kind of cheesy, especially the parts set in the land of the stories, but I got my sister to watch it so we make fun of the conspicuous CGI together. And I am convinced that the Evil Queen and Snow White had a torrid love story, let's see what the next episode has to say about that. Also, hot sheriff. Kick ass protagonist. She had a chainsaw in the last episode and I cheered.

Also, Castle keeps having meh plots this season but who cares, everyone is so cute and I love them sfm. Please get together before you die of old age.
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Funny story.

Last night P. and I. and G. had a housewarming party. I'm trying this new thing where I try to talk to people and act like a social person (even though it makes me awfully tired) so it was kinda fun. There were five mathematicians, a couple of physicists, and a dozen other people studying more artsy subjects like biology. If you're a biologist: I kid. Mostly.

The actual party was at their place (obvs) but after midnight almost everyone went home and we moved to a pub because otherwise the noise would bother the neighbours. Then things went downhill because the two guys next to me started talking about tentacles. By which I mean tentacle porn, I swear I heard mentions of 4chan too, I don't even. I thought I'd act like a "normal" person and engage in "normal" conversations for one night but lol no. So one of the guys noticed my face and idk, maybe he wanted to scare the impressionable girl? Because he started with YOU SEE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE'S DREAM WHICH IS THIS PRINT... and I was like LOL YES I KNOW EXACTLY WHICH PRINT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Cue the usual reactions of BUT YOU'RE AN INNOCENT LITTLE BLONDE GIRL, WHY WOULD YOU KNOW THAT and whoops my cover as a normal person is blown.

This guy, uh, I'll call him M., even though almost every guy I know is an M. and yes it stands for the same name because there was a fad when I was born and every kid was named M.
Anyway, we started talking because apparently I can't engage in conversations with quasi-strangers unless tentacle porn is involved. He's a nice guy, even though he's a physicist. I might have tried to flirt with him, but in my defence I was drunk and he probably didn't notice anyway because lol what is flirting anyway. Also I displayed way too much knowledge of tentacles.

Also relevant to the story is the Creeper. He's creepy. He's tall and HUGE and looms over everybody and has no concept of personal space. He tends to get in your face and then tell something in a deadpan expression. This something is usually a quote from any possible source (I recognized a couple of modified Peanuts quotes) and you never know if he's serious or he's making a joke, because his jokes aren't very funny. Sometimes he just says random stuff. Anyway, I was trying to avoid him because he makes me uncomfortable and when I'm drunk I tend to say whatever's on my mind, which means if we talked I would have insulted him to his face.

Everyone at our table knew the Creeper from high school so they're used to him being, well, creepy. Me and M. were the only ones who didn't know him and I was like OMG SO GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE TRYING TO AVOID THE CREEPER. P. told me I was mean for trying to avoid the Creeper. I am mean, but idk why she was so surprised to learn that. It's like I'm not supposed to be mean because I'm an innocent little blonde girl. IDK IDK. Some time past 2am we were thrown out of the pub because they were closing, so M. said he knew a pizzeria that stays open all night and we got pizzas at 3am. It was equal parts awesome and crazy. We were sitting outside and the Creeper said he wanted to piss on a car to mark his territory. (Thankfully he didn't actually do it.) There was a moment where everyone looked at each other and went like DID HE REALLY SAY THAT and LOL CREEP and WHAT DID HE SAY, I DON'T THINK I HEARD THAT RIGHT.

So M. made a joke about "golden showers", he used the English term, and ofc nobody else got it and I was the only one who understood and cracked down with laughter, and then M. went all LOL I KNEW YOU'D KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. M.'s friend (who is also a physicist and G.'s brother) told me YOUR NIGHTS MUST BE ~INTERESTING and I kept thinking LOL PORN NO WAIT UUUH BE COOL BE COOL but idk if my poker face was any good. I wish I knew if M. has a girlfriend, but he probably does and anyway it's a moot point, I blew my chances with the tentacle porn already.

Best night in a long time, even though I went to sleep at 5am and had classes at 9am and with my favourite professor too. I hope my yawns weren't very noticeable.
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This was going to be a moody and srs post about how Downton Abbey is crushing my heart into tiny pieces every week, but then Sas happened.

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I just saw The Three Musketeers. I'd say best 11€ I spent in a long time, but that's not technically true since I didn't pay for the tickets. Dad drove us since I hate driving, and when we got to the cinema he asked me if I had any money. He does this all the time, idk if he really thinks he raised such a moron. Once I was leaving on a field trip and he asked me if I had packed underwear. In front of my classmates. Anyway, this time I decided to go the sarcasm route and went all OH NOES I HAVE NO MONEY I GUESS I SHALL HAVE TO BEG FOR MONEY TO BUY TICKETS. So he bought tickets for me and my sister. I feel oddly guilty about this since idk if he got the sarcasm.

Spoilers for the best film evar. )

Anyway, as I said, great film as long as you don't take any of it seriously.
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Sorry for being the least social person ever in these past few days. Lessons are kicking my butt pretty hard and I'm trying to keep up with the hardest courses. I even did (some of) my homework last weekend, even though most of it proved to be hilariously wrong. (How I hate you, random exercises of functional analysis where I consistently forget which norm we're supposed to be using.)

On the flipside, at least two courses are covering material that we already did in previous courses, so it's more of a refresher for the first few weeks. Today I talked with a guy who transferred from another university who said he never studied many of the stuff we're doing in functional analysis, so the course is harder for him. At least this validates my decision not to transfer, because (bar a couple of nutcases) my uni is good. Seriously worried about all these transfer students who seem to have learned nothing at all in 3 years, though, it's been a while since I felt smarter than most other people in my class. Also I miss P. and I. who are only taking 2 of my 4 courses this semester, I'm too used to sitting next to them and now whenever they're not around I feel FOREVER ALONE.

Today I talked with this new guy from the other uni since I didn't know anyone in that class, which, yay new friends, except I don't even know his name and I kind of realized it too late. "HEY, WE'VE BEEN TALKING FOR 30 MINUTES AND I JUST REALIZED I DON'T KNOW YOUR NAME." Also apparently I've got all 4 classes together with this guy and I only recognized him from one, where it's hard not to know everyone's face because we're only 5 or 6.

In my other course, the one about teaching and didactics, there's this cute guy I might have mentioned. The guy in whose group I managed to land. IDK why I'm bringing this up. He's cute and I like to sit next to him because unlike most other people in class he's not stupid. He's also an incentive to pay attention since dnw to say stupid things in front of the cute guy.

Yeeeah, I really don't have anything interesting to say tonight.
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I feel cold. I'm this close to wrapping myself in my huge wolf blanket. Uni was frozen as always and I forgot my jacket, much to P's amusement. It's not my fault that I decided to watch Downton Abbey at 8am when I woke up because it had just finished downloading and then I spent all of my day in a state of emotional trauma.

Ok maybe it's my fault. Downton Abbey. )

To cheer myself up, I decided this week is Stupid Superhero Week and I'm going to watch alllllll the Marvel movies so maybe I'll finally find out why Tumblr is obsessed with Loki and Captain America.

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I should be studying, because I've got no classes on Friday morning and I'm supposed to use the time to study, but dnw. I hate having classes in the afternoon instead of in the morning. So instead I'm tidying up my fanfic archive. Just found out that in the M/A I wrote last week I had a placeholder name and forgot to replace it with an actual name before posting it. Naming characters, the #1 reason why I don't write original fiction.
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The first week of classes was insane, but I think the insanity is winding down. I managed to narrow the list of courses down to four this semester and four the next, which is reasonable and should give me all the credits I need. The only thing I don't like is this course about didactic methods, which I took just because I don't like the professor who teaches probability. But I'm really not interested in learning didactic methods and like one third of the course is working with a group and it's more like psychology than mathematics and I'm herping and derping my way through it. But I did manage to get in a group the only cute guy in the class, so whatevs. If anything, I can creep on him.

I still have a couple of cardboard boxes lying around. I still haven't renewed my bus card. I didn't re-read my notes all weekend. I AM LAZY AND PROCRASTINATING.

Merlin, tho. Spoilers. )

People on tumblr seem convinced that SPN killed off Castiel. Silly people. Don't they know he's frolicking with Dean in the land of unicorns and rainbows and pie.


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