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This afternoon I'm saying "screw you" to study. Hawaii Five-0 aired last night. I cannot concentrate if there's epic shit sitting on my hard disk waiting to be seen.

When was the last time I made a reaction post? )

I wish I could have watched Castle already too. They've been teasing us with the BIG SPOILER for months, though I bet in the end they'll go with Status Quo Is God.

After a year, I finally finished Empire of Ivory. I read it in one sitting too, though I found myself liking the minor characters more and more. I wept for the lack of Granby through most of the book. And please tell me that Riggs reappears at some point and didn't just fall off the face of Earth. Novik has this alarming tendency of forgetting about some characters, whenever she bothers to give them a personality at all. I need to find solace in fanfic.
I expect it'll take me a year or so to get to Victory of Eagles. I already cheated and read most of the Granby bits though.

In totally unrelated news I'm still laughing at the fact that Chris Colfer it tweeting to Nina Dobrev. I want a Glee/Vampire Diaries crossover now. Possibly with Damon and Stefan facepalming at the impromptu musical numbers that keep happening.
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The Inside Game of Thrones special aired, and it was awesome as promised. There's a bunch of new clips and it looks as the rumours about an April premiere are true.
I'm mostly excited about Petyr, I don't dig Aiden Gillen's moustache but he does look a lot like my mental image of Littlefinger.
Plus, eeee, Harry Lloyd! Ever since seeing him in Doctor Who I've been looking forward to seeing him as Viserys.
Also Benjen, and lots of Jon, and that scene with Arya, is that when SPOILER SPOILER happens?

Now if only that tie on [ profile] camelot_fics could be broken... I'm giving it until tonight in the hopes we get a couple more votes, then I'm moving on. But I'm not happy. I hate having to take executive decisions. :|
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Since I got back into the ASOIAF fandom I decided to retrieve all my old fics from 2008-2009 and post them in my fanfic journal. And it's driving me mad. I'm now insanely happy that when I started writing fic fairly often I also started a fic journal and tagged everything. Because I used to just... post fics here and there, with no titles and no summaries and no coherence, and it's driving me mad. How did I even manage.

Anyway, I posted six fics today. I still have a document of 10,000 words with all the others. This is insane.

Also, ffff Vampire Diaries. It really got better around episode 5. Too bad a character I liked had to die in the meantime, but still. Awesome ep.
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So one of my professors is pregnant and we were hoping that her course would be taken over by a colleague next semester. Because she's a complete bitch and likes to make us suffer by making everyone fail her exam. No, seriously, a friend of mine already tried her exam six times and it's the only one she still needs to graduate. So we were all hoping she'd get out of the way and her course would go to someone who'd give us the chance to take the exam both in January and February, like we can for all other courses. And we'd talked with her replacement who seemed fine with it.

Except I just got a mail saying that she put her foot down and said we absolutely can't have more than one date. Shouldn't she be feeling, dunno, motherly and nice and things like that? It's not even as if we like taking her exam multiple times just to waste her time, I'd be more than happy to pass it at my first try and move on. Bitch.

On a definitely happier note, EW published 10 promo photos for A Game of Thrones and I approve of them. Especially this one of Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, who's just fuelling my obsession for pretty men with swords.

Actually all the photos look great, apart from the ones of Kit Harrington. I can't say I'm a fan of his moustache, but maybe he'll grow on me. He does play one of my favourite characters.

I hope there's some hi-res version coming soon. I need to find the fandom, it's finally time to start iconing my heart out.

With all this flailing, I almost forgot: I got my assignment from [ profile] sherlockmas and it looks awesome. Can't wait to start writing. ♥
I miiight need some help with police procedures though, is anyone willing to help a girl?
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Dear Yulegoat,

Yes, I'm doing Yuletide this year! )

I'll probably be editing this until signups close (and I've edited it twice already), but I think that's all. Once again: THANK YOU! ♥



Nov. 9th, 2010 12:02 am
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FIRST OF ALL WELCOME EVERYONE FROM THE CRAZY [ profile] merlin_land_ot FRIENDING MEME! I'm totally friending everyone I wasn't already friends with because it was the greatest thing ever.

And speaking of memes, since I was talking about this with Jen earlier:
1. Make a list of 15 characters.
3. Let the people of your FList comment one (1) number and one song they've chosen.
4. WITHOUT SHOWING YOUR LIST, write something about the character, using the song to inspire yourself.
5. You done? Good. Now you can go and show which character or couple it was.
6. It's a meme with a twist!!

Yeees, it's the one I've already posted before but since I only got one reply (#13) and I've friended like 12 new people since then I figured it might be worth a shot to try and get your interest again. The fandoms are Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, SPN, The Big Bang Theory, Inception, ASOIAF, Temeraire, Locke Lamora. And also Castle which I totally forgot about.

#14 is still open! Not that you probably know that character anyway. :|

List! )


And no, I still haven't watched Merlin, though I did watch SPN but I keep forgetting to post about it because I find the vampire plot kinda boring. Also watched Children of Earth today. Russel T. Davies owes me three hours of my life back. And I'm just 4 episodes away from finishing Doctor Who S5, what am I going to do after? D:

Oh, I see it's midnight right now. Here, have a totally useless manip:
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Ah, first of all, welcome all new friends from the friending meme! ♥ I actually made some new friends this time, maybe because since it was my meme I felt I couldn't just lurk like I usually do. Uhm, yay me. So the first entry you'll get from me is something with a misleading title that's actually a meme.
Stolen from [ profile] hiza_chan because she's like the queen of memes or something:

1. Make a list of 15 characters.
3. Let the people of your FList comment one (1) number and one song they've chosen.
4. WITHOUT SHOWING YOUR LIST, write something about the character, using the song to inspire yourself.
5. You done? Good. Now you can go and show which character or couple it was.
6. It's a meme with a twist!!

Fandoms are: Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, SPN, The Big Bang Theory, Inception, ASOIAF, Temeraire, Locke Lamora. I've even tried to pick characters outside of my comfort zone. It is a pain to leave out Arthur and Petyr...

Maybe this'll get me writing before the next round of [ profile] thegameison_sh and the start of [ profile] camelot_fics.
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Okay, now that my ehpeek literary endeavour is done, I can return to the usual memeage. I think I'll do two of these every day from now on, since they're long overdue and I'm getting bored. WTF short attention spam.
But before that let me tell you about this season's anime, or at least those I watched so far. Kind of spoilery, but it's just the first episode of each series anyway. But first some random linkage.

There's more behind-the-scenes videos from HBO and I think it's the first time I've been so interested in an elevator.

Plus Colin and Bradley are being ridiculously adorable, again. My favourite part is Colin saying "dragonfruit" and Bradley snorting with laughter. So much love.

And the 2 minutes trailer for the SPN anime. Engrish Carry On, some interesting action scenes, Dean looks like Tristan from Yu-Gi-Oh but I'll try to overlook that for the sake of more monster hunting.

Autumn 2010 anime
(or, having big-name seiyuu and sparkles won't redeem your crappy series)
((in some sort of order from awesum to crap))

Cut because I'm verbose. )

Day 21 - A pairing you like and no one else understands why?

Ciel/Finny from Kuroshitsuji. Originally created because I was growing tired of Sebastian/Ciel, especially with creepy!pedo!stalking!abusive!Sebby, but the more I think about it the more I wish someone had written it. They seem like they'd be adorable together. Finny is fiercely attached to Ciel, I could totally see him going all protective if his master was in danger. Sebastian would have nothing on an enraged Finny.
The sad thing is, the Kuroshitsuji fandom is in a sad, sad state. Here's some stats from The Pit. About 3,000 Kuroshitsuji fics (all ratings), 2,300 in English. Out of those, how many with Finny? 36. Thirty-six. And this is Finny, someone who's been around since chapter 1, fairly relevant to the plot, has been to a greater or lesser degree in every story arc. TA grand-total of two of these fics (both one-shots) are Finny/Ciel. I be sad. Okay, I'm at fault too because the only Kuro fic I wrote was Ciel/Sebby too, but I'm still complaining.

Day 22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why?

Roy/Ed from FMA. First thing, it gets in the way of my OTPs. Second thing I don't really see the chemistry there. They're probably the most popular pairings in the fandom but I'd rather stay clear of them. And then the age difference really turns me off, there's like 15 years between them and Ed is in his teens. I don't really want to think of Roy as a child molester, plus there's the unfortunate implications that come with abuse of power since Roy is Ed's superior in the military.
So, uh, no. Part of why I love FMA but won't get into the fandom, I don't like most of their favourite pairings. Likewise with Ed/Al, at least they're of an age but ick. They're one couple where I love them together, I love their interaction, but as friends. Yep, sometimes my slash goggles fail me.
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Day 14 - What is your favorite book pairing?

I have a ton of book pairings since I used to read a lot a few years back. Not so much any more, but I still have a huge amount of book fandoms. Shockingly enough all the HP shipping wars went over my head since I wasn't in that part of the fandom, as I said a few years back. Definitely not because I wasn't interested in the ships itself - I've got the firm belief that Harry/Hermione shippers are delusional and Harry/Draco makes me laugh. So yeah, definitely not conductive to a peaceful co-existence with other shippers. But I don't have any pairings that make me go OMGWANT from HP.

Right now, I'm really into Lawrence/Granby from the Temeraire novels by Naomi Novik. I don't really like Novik's style, but the stories itself are brilliant. It's the Napoleonic Wars, with dragons. Just the backcover summary hit all of my buttons. There's this Navy captain, Will Lawrence, who wins a dragon egg in battle and becomes the trainer of a battle dragon. They battle from the back of a dragon, with a crew and all! (I've always had a thing for naval battles, due to reading too many Salgari books when I was an impressionable youth.)

Granby is Lawrence's first lieutenant. He's very earnest and outspoken and his duties include saving Lawrence's arse every time he tries to do something brave and stupid. And they have all these adorably and gentlemanly conversations and call each other by their surname most of the time even though they're best friends. And Granby sewed up Lawrence's shirt and and and! They're adorable. Uhm, words fail me, so just take it for granted.

Obviously hooking up in canon will be impossible, sodomy laws in England being what they were and Lawrence and Granby being decent, old-fashioned fellows. Oh, and Lawrence already has a very badass love interest -- at least up to where I read, and I hope nothing bad happens to Jane in the next books because she's made of awesome too. But that never stopped the shippers, didn't it?
I haven't read much fic for those two since I want to avoid major spoilers, but I did find Uncharted which is my favourite fic forever and ever so that makes up for it. There's also this artist on DA who draws fanart of the series, not of Lawrence/Granby specifically but it's cute so who cares.

Oh yeah, I also have a bunch of pairings from ASOIAF but I'm thinking to make a separate post later about ASOIAF and the HBO series, since LJ lacks dedicated communities for those. I'll take the chance to do some picspam in preparation for 2011.
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Real life sucks. So. Much.

So for the time being, let's pretend I don't have a life and I exist only for fandom, yes? At least it doesn't fill me with so much despair.

Kuroshitsuji does. The anime series I mean, which is definitely off to a ludicrous start, with the anime producers trolling the fandom and the fandom being happy about it. IDEK.
And FMA:B ended yesterday and I still don't see any subs. Gaaah I want to know. Need to. Need.

At least I have Merlin.
So, my sister is joining me in my quest to become a brainwashed fangirl. At least, she's watched one episode.
I'm giving her until 1x04 to change her mind, if she doesn't it's a lost cause.
Today (following much depressing RL stuff) I went all out and pestered my sister until she agreed to watch Merlin.
Well. Actually, not.

I just pestered her to watch a picspam of the first episodes. I might have mentioned several times how awesome everyone is (but then again I do it daily ever since I got into the show). It took me ages to persuade her, but it wasn't as if she had anything better to do really. So I did a dramatic commentary for her benefit ("And this is one of Arthur making a stupid face!" "Ooh look, one more of Arthur looking stupid." "This is Merlin. Doesn't he look ridiculous here?") because I love our brave protagonists, really, but they make the silliest faces ever. See icon.
Sister wasn't much impressed.


A couple of hours later I was doing other stuff and she went and said she'd watch Merlin with me! Yay!
So we watched the first episode, though she expressly forbade me to squee after the first five minutes. So I squeed inside. And I might have squeed out loud during the two or three scenes that Arthur and Merlin have together, because, seriously? It's impossible not to.

I might or might not have a slight mental disorder concerning those two. Like, they're taking over my brain. But it's okay, I don't mind.
And I know what I need to make my life complete. The DVD box sets. And I shall be mighty pissed if I find out that the European version hasn't got all the extras that the American version did.

It's a bit sad that the fandom is two years old and I only found out now. I always feel as if I'm late in joining any fandom, that I'm joining as the fandom is already dying and stuff.
Or if the fandom is new, then it shrivels up and dies. Locke Lamora fandom, I'm looking at you - wherever you are.

Must fight emo urges. Must write (more) fluffy fanfic.
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The natural order of things ought to be
1) watch show;
2) ship characters;
3) find fic.
I've just inverted it and this worries me a bit. But since fic and characters and show are all brilliant, I don't think I care all that much.

But since I stayed up till past 1am, I could have written fic instead of reading it. Hmm. Damn new fandom, taking the place of the old fandom. Not that I have much love left for the old fandom, which contains mostly mediocre fic.

Now excuse me, I think I have a bed somewhere.

Though I'll have to remove the stuff piled on it before sleeping.


Apr. 2nd, 2010 11:24 pm
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Much, much belated entry to note that I'm still alive. A list of facts of some relevance will follow, because it's late and I'm sleepy and don't feel much like writing:

  • At some point last week I turned 22; didn't feel much like celebrating since I had an exam on the following day, and besides I still feel 16 at heart.
  • But I did go and see Alice with my siblings and good times were had, though the Cheshire Cat totally stole the scene from Johnny. Must contrive to acquire book in English some time soon.
  • Speech patterns rendered further unintelligible by constant reading of books set centuries ago; current drug is the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik, which I read partly for the setting and part because I can't help but ship Granby and Laurence (he even stitched his shirt, for God's sake! it's FATED LURVE!)
  • At least the dragons keep me away from the computer. That, and I finished playing TWEWY, though I still need to unlock all secret reports.
  • Real life also would like to point out that at some point in the next 12 months I'm supposed to graduate. Still 8 exams to go, half of which I'm positively dreading.
  • At least logic's gone. I even got top score, almost. Practically all of the questions I got asked were on the one chapter I only read once and in a hurry, because I wanted more time to study the chapter I thought would be more important... so yeah, I pretty much made up lots of crap and fumbled all of the definitions before stumbling on the right ones quite by accident, and spent all of the exam hoping that the prof wouldn't ask any more questions before he found out just how much I didn't know.
  • Got significantly higher marks than my friend, who definitely knew more than me. However she was nice enough to point out that I'm usually the one who mucks up exams, and didn't hold much of a grudge. Well, she did laugh when I admitted I didn't know the difference between Tarski and Kripke.
  • Also from her and another friend I got a hat as a present; it's kind of weird and I don't usually wear hats, but I need to find some excuse to wear it. If only my head wasn't so damn big.
  • The hat is also rather large for Ducky, but since he shares the same birthday as me he can have the hat for now. He looks dashing with it. Photos will ensue.
  • Last but not least, DRRR!! keeps being awesome. Started on a couple of this season's anime but they look like nothing special. And I dread the moment FMA will end. Please don't butcher it, and don't kill anyone I like, kk?


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