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♥ I think I haven't posted in almost two months. It's all [ profile] hogwartsishome's fault. They kidnapped me! They did it nicely, but still. I was all I'M NOT GOING TO BE SUCKED IN and then got sucked in anyway because I have no self-control. But it's fuuun~ and btw, hello new awesome friends from the Hogsmeade friending meme! :D :D
Also, hi to the people from the [ profile] summerpornathon! I got in Team Lust, which is the team with the MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER including some of my favourite M/A authors ever, this is going to be fun. I even get to google sex toys and call it research.

♥ Speaking of writing. I joined [ profile] bigbangitalia, mostly because I want to get one of my long plots out of the way. It's just 10k words over the summer, so yeah. I already know I'm going to write in English and then translate it because I can't write in Italian. I just get stuck on the dialogue because I'm used to watching/reading things in English instead of the dub, I wrote some SPN/DW over the weekend and I was all BUT HOW DOES DEAN SAY "DUDE" IN ITALIAN? WHICH FUNNY WORDS CAN THE DOCTOR SAY IN ITALIAN?

Cut for talk of X-Men: First Class and veeery vague spoilers. Also my long-ass plot for an AU fic. )

♥ Yes, I needed to tell you that because 1) it's epic, 2) my brother contributed and 3) I hadn't written it down yet and I was in danger of forgetting. I'm also working on a fanmix for Charles and Erik, so I can get sad while listening to nice music too. I might need help in deciding what to write first. Or second, right after I finish this fic I've been working on since February. Numero Uno is the epic Dean/Cas post-S6 fix-it, or How Ren Wants S7 To Go. Like a proper Deus Ex Machina, God shows up to strip Cas of his pants his angelic powers after the events of S6's finale, so human!Cas is forced to roadtrip with Dean and Sam. Dean teaches him important human skills such as not getting his ass kicked by the monster of the week, showering, cheating at poker and blowjobs. Numero Due is a SPN high school AU. Don't judge me, though if you stuck with me through the rambles about Charles and Erik and kitties you probably won't. This can basically be summed up with Dean and Cas are high school students and they meet and they have sex. And I wrote a one-shot about them meeting here already, though obv it would need to be rewritten if I go with this story for the BB. Numero Tre is Harry/Draco, because idk. Apparently I've been cursed with plots for a pairing that I used to despise. Must be karma. It's just the typical post-book-7 EWE in which Harry and Ginny split up and Harry finds out that Malfoy isn't so evil after all and in the end they get together. So, f-list, if you stuck with Harry me until the very end, tell me what should I write. Numero Uno, Due, Tre or... idk, let's call it X?


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Feb. 14th, 2011 08:13 pm
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I cannot hold myself. My ovaries weren't ready for this.

...After this out-of-program special, lemme remind you that Valentine's Day's (the day) live watch of Valentine's Day (the movie) is starting in... well, the countdown says 48 minutes. FFFFFF I KNOW I'M LATE, I WAS DISTRACTED, CAN YOU BLAME ME?

Valentine's Day livewatch spam

Someone give me a gif. I'm too busy staring at that photo to pull myself together.
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The people have spoken, and we're going to watch Valentine's Day on Monday's livewatch. Actually it was a tie, but I'm trusting [ profile] denija's opinion that (500) Days of Summer wouldn't be very livewatch-friendly. So make sure to grab your 2010 chick flick if you plan on joining us on Monday.

Now I'm off to write. I have a story that should have been finished by last week.

ETA: 6 hours later, I'm still not done. I did make good progress, though.
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I knew if I didn't post the poll for the livewatch right away I'd forget... and I completely forgot until today. To my newest friends: every Monday at 8pm GMT me and other friends take turns hosting a livewatch. We pick a movie and we watch it at the same time, and there's an open post where we spam with comments and live reactions (and parallels between whatever we're watching and Merlin, because Merlin is always on topic). I suck at explaining so here's a link to the last livewatch I hosted.

It's my turn to host again next time, so here's the customary poll to choose the movie. I added Valentine's Day because I remembered next Monday is Valentine's Day... so yeah. Blaine likes Valentine's Day too.

[Poll #1680085]

For the sake of everyone as indecisive as me, I GAVE YOU TICKY BOXES! :D
Pick one or more, just vote and lemme know what you prefer.

Also: Born This Way is out. FFFF GAGA. ♥
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You know how most times I'll look forward to an episode and read spoilers as they trickle in and watch teasers and speculate what might happen and think it'll be epic?

And I get my hopes too high and when the episode airs it's never ever nearly as epic as I expected.

Well, screw that. I just watched the Glee Superbowl episode and it was beyond epic.

Spoilers, gifs and whatnot. )
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As promised, ze link to ze livewatch! Also I'm putting together the entries from [ profile] camelot_fics for voting but I kept getting distracted by Pat's picspam. And I'm also digging my own grave with the prompts, I keep picking shit that's uber-hard for me to write. And this time one of the prompts was AU so I created yet another AU that I want to expand but I know I never will because I HAVE NO TIME OR WILLPOWER. :|


I might have stolen that gif.
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First a couple of plugs.
♥ If you haven't already, it'd be really great if you could go here and say "I support Team Point Man" because we're almost in last place so yeah.
♥ I finally finished my Master fanmix! When is Doctor Who starting again? :|
Jumper livewatch tomorrow night.

Memes. Because it's been forever since my last meme and I miss them. The 5,000 questions meme doesn't count because it'll probably take me 3 years to finish it anyway.
All stolen from [ profile] sheswatching.

Name a fandom (or two if you reeeally can't choose) that I am familiar with and I will tell you:

My endgame OTP:
My original OTP:
My crack OTP:
My guilty pleasure OTP:
My anti-OTP:

List ten of your fandoms and post them here for everyone to guess your favorite character from each. Strike the show out when someone guesses correctly, and put the answer and who guessed it.

1. Glee Kurt (guessed by [ profile] imyourheroine)
2. Castle
3. The Vampire Diaries Damon (guessed by [ profile] sheswatching)
4. Merlin
5. Supernatural Dean (guessed by [ profile] sheswatching)
6. Criminal Minds Reid (guessed by [ profile] sheswatching)
7. Doctor Who the Doctor (guessed by [ profile] sheswatching)
8. Torchwood Ianto (guessed by [ profile] imyourheroine)
9. Hawaii Five-0
10. Gossip Girl Blair (guessed by [ profile] imyourheroine)

OKAY SO I CAN'T PICK JUST 10 SO THERE IS ANOTHER SET. Consider this the more difficult part since there's books and movies that I might not have talked much about in this journal.

11. Inception Arthur (guessed by [ profile] imyourheroine)
12. Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow (guessed by [ profile] imyourheroine)
13. The Lord of the Rings
14. Sherlock Holmes

15. Gentleman Bastard sequence Locke (guessed by [ profile] sheswatching)
16. Discworld
17. Good Omens
18. Temeraire
19. Harry Potter
20. A Song of Ice and Fire

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My exam was moved to next Friday which is crazy and means next week I'll probably have to work on my thesis too since I can't put everything on hold until the exam if it keeps being postponed like this. I like the professor who holds the course now, he was very nice when he showed me my written test. Most of us hadn't answered part of a question because when we took that course two years ago it wasn't covered in the program and when we explained he was very apologetic about it. And both him and his colleague were very generous and passed this girl even though her exam was reeeally pitiful, because it was her last exam and she needs to graduate next month. And he's even got health troubles. But it really makes it hard on us that he's so unreliable and the exam dates get pushed around a lot. :|

In other news...
Livewatch. Monday. 8pm GMT. Jumper.
Pat ([ profile] imyourheroine) is hosting this time and I'll just copy-paste what she wrote in her journal:
To my new friends, the movie spam happens every monday night at 20:00 GMT. Someone hosts it every week in their journal. The host chooses a movie and we all watch it together and spam in the journal for live reactions. It's so much fun.
Actually she made a poll with 4 movies but Jumper is winning with a good margin so I think that's what we'll watch.
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I don't even care about awards but I'd have been willing to give up sleep and pull an all-nighter if I didn't have an exam this week. Also there was no reliable live-stream to be found. But I was so happy to wake up this morning and see all the interviews. TEARS IN MY EYES.

Cheered me up from the crap that is life around exam time, that and my daily episode of Criminal Minds. Oh hey, I think I might be obsessed with yet another show.
Though not as obsessed as with Hawaii Five-0, which HAS A NEW EP AIRING TONIGHT. The wait is over! \o/

Yes they are married. There is evidence of it. Also Kono is badass.

Lastly: LAYDEEZ! IT'S MONDAY NIGHT AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. If you don't I'm going to tell you anyway.

It's our weekly movie livewatch, and this week it's Ninn's turn and she picked Anastasia. Click the gif to get to her open post and join the squee. It's at 8pm GMT, in a bit less than three hours, but there's the ever-helpful countdown if you're timezone-challenged like moi.


Jan. 10th, 2011 01:42 pm
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Beauty and the Beast livewatch spam

Tonight at 8pm GMT! Click here for a countdown.

Bring your friends, popcorns, gifs and whatever you might need for an evening (or afternoon or morning or whatever the time is in your timezone) of good old-fashioned Disney squee.
This post will stay open for comments and spammage so you can link to it with this code:

SPAM I mean, advertise to your friends.


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