Feb. 15th, 2012

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I've been the worst person ever lately, I kept meaning to update but never did because my life seems boring and who would want to hear about me anyway. It's an awkward period anyway. Not... sure what's happening, it's like I've started hanging out with a new group of people and I don't know them very well so I'm on the sidelines but it's fun, but then I get distracted and forget about old friends. Urgh. Self, you suck at Friendship 101. Maybe the pony cartoon can actually teach me something, haha.

(Also, much hate for people who call when I'm in my room and the phone is two floors down, and it stops ringing before I can get to it. Srsly, if it's not important and you can't even wait one minute for me to get my ass downstairs, why bother in the first place.)

Exam yesterday. I'm crossing all my fingers that it went well, and it's killing me that I have no idea how I did because it was such a random exam, more like philosophy than maths. I did answer all questions, though, so I'm hoping I did well and I can get results soon and put this course behind me. I'm really disappointed because I thought it would teach me how to teach maths, I've tutored a couple of kids in the past (with mixed results) and even though I'm not considering teaching as a career I would have liked to learn more about teaching, and how to better explain maths to kids, and so on. Instead I got a load of bullshit about alternative teaching methods based on group work and how it's so important to develop social skills along with numerical skills. Which, tbh, I don't give a crap about, I like maths because it doesn't require social skills. Also I think all those ~alternative methods are flawed because they're written from the perspective of 60-smth professors who are way out of touch with the way kids think. Some of the tips are ridic, there's a part that says: "If a shy student is having troubles working with his group, you should approach them and give them tips on how to proceed, speaking quietly so that only they can hear, as if you were their accomplice. This will help create a friendly bond between teacher and student." I am headdesking because if it had happened to me I would have 1) died of embarrassment, 2) been mocked as a teacher's pet by the group I was working with, 3) hated that teacher forever. So yeah, really hoping I didn't flunk this one because I'd hate to waste more time on this psychology crap. (I mean no offense to those who study psychology for realz, but this course is ridic and not at all my cup of tea.)

SPEAKING OF WHICH, I WILL NOW MAKE TEA AND MY MOOD WILL IMPROVE. Because I'm still in a slump after watching XMFC with the clawsies, I couldn't sleep until 4am and I kept thinking about Charles and Erik's troubled love and urgh. Feelings.


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