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Last night, I was so nervous about my impending exam that I my stomach was upset and to calm down I did exercises until midnight. It didn't really work. I think it wasn't the nervousness, it was the chili I had for dinner.
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Today I missed my train for the second Monday in a row. I hate having lessons at 11am, there's nobody at home when I wake up and so there's nobody to wake me up if I oversleep or to point out that I'm spending hours in the bathroom. Plus, if I miss the 10:18 train there's nothing for the next three hours. I'm already planning to skip classes tomorrow afternoon to catch up, since those other classes aren't as important. By the way, this meme is so relevant:

By the way, my uni's online system to choose courses is a wreck. We were supposed to fill this online form in October but they kept pushing the date back because the system wasn't ready, and they pushed it back week by week until now the deadline is November 25th, and I figured that by now it would work so I tried to fill this magical form. IDK who did their coding but it sucks, it's a dozen steps long and I couldn't find the courses I wanted because they're listed in a weird order, and when I finally found it the system glitched and had me start from scratch. I hope their support email is quick to answer, otherwise I have the name of a person in my faculty who deals with these forms and I can ask her. But I'd rather not, since she's also the teacher for the class that I'm skipping.


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