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Everyone's doing it, so end of the year (or beginning of the new year since I'm late as usual) fic meme!

I have no idea how many fics I've written this year, since sometimes I've counted two linked fics as chapters of a longer one and sometimes as two separate things. And I don't want to count the drabbles or the ones that suck too much. My writing folder is messy as fuck, as usual, and there's a bunch of things that I told myself I'd finish by the end of 2011 and look, it's 2012 and nothing's changed. Figures. I've also got one or three unfinished fic memes, but... yeah... my resolution this year is that I won't make any resolutions because they never work for me anyway. ONWARDS!

A non comprehensive list of fics I wrote in 2011
Including approximate wordcounts and vague summaries and they're all PG or PG-13 unless otherwise noted. A heart means I don't dislike the fic.

The Sign of the Six * Castle & Sherlock * 2,800 words * crossover in which Sherlock goes to New York
Immaturity * Castle * 300w * in which Beckett is right and Castle is wrong
Birth of a song * Glee * Kurt, Blaine * 1,500w * back when it was still cool to write fics where Kurt and Blaine got together because it hadn't happened yet
Beware the quiet ones * Glee * Blaine, Karofsky * 850w * Blaine has just transferred to McKinley and has an unpleasant encounter in front of his locker
Mistletoe (uno) * Pocahontas * Meeko/Percy * 1,200w * silly fluff in which there is nose-kissing
Mistletoe (due) * Merlin * Gwaine/Merlin * 1,800w * Gwaine is drunk, and there is mistletoe
Mistletoe (tre) * Merlin * Freya/Vivian * 1,100w * ten years in the future, Lady Vivian meets Freya at the Midwinter festival
Mistletoe (quattro) * Good Omens & Temeraire * 1,200w * Crowley is at a party he doesn't like and decides to mess with Granby, and by mess with I mean snog
How do you know he loves you? * Glee * Jesse/Rachel, Blaine/Kurt * 3,000w * double date; aka the fic I wrote before knowing I shipped Jesse/Rachel, but now that I do it kind of makes more sense
To Be Trusted * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 2,900w * Merlin does magic in front of Arthur to save his life, angst ensues
Lifetimes together * Merlin * Merlin, Arthur * 500w * Merlin reflects on their past reincarnations
Payback * Castle * Ryan, Beckett * 230w * in which Ryan tries to read Castle's new book

Photophobia * Vampire Diaries * Damon * 650w * I don't think I can write Damon properly
Make A Move * Glee * Blaine/Kurt * 2,300w * more Kurt-and-Blaine-get-together crap
Best laid plans * Glee * Blaine/Kurt * 2,500w * Blaine transfers to McKinley
Noir * Merlin * Gwaine, Merlin, Morgana * 1,100w * it's like Merlin meets The Maltese Falcon written by someone who hasn't seen either of those in a while and also had a maximum limit of 1,000 words
Black Hair and Bullets or A Matter of Honour * Original * NC-17 * ~14,000 words * Victorian steampunk romance with airships

Sister * Merlin * Arthur, Morgana * 600w * future!fic in which Arthur wants to reconcile with Morgana but Morgana won't have any of that crap
Angels watching over you * Supernatural * Dean, Castiel * 950w * Dean has to share a bed with Castiel and isn't happy about that
The Anniversary Corollary * The Big Bang Theory * Sheldon/Penny * 600w * it's their anniversary and they exchange presents
Drop the last year * Inception * Arthur/Eames * 1,200w * Arthur and Eames are the ones who got stuck in limbo

aka the month when Ren didn't write shit, unless you count her thesis

Ties * Hawaii Five-0 * Danny/Steve * 600w * Danny likes ties, Steve likes Danny
Accidental superheroes * Supernatural * Dean, Castiel * 1,400w * high school AU; Dean is the popular kid on the football team, Cas is the weird kid that everyone on the football team makes fun of, and they're both wearing superhero shirts today
Minerva * Harry Potter * Minerva McGonagall * 1,700w * my headcanon before Pottermore came along

Planet of the undead * Doctor Who * Amy/Rory * 700w * Amy and Rory survive a zombie attack because they're awesome
When a good man goes to war * Doctor Who & Supernatural * 600w * what you'd expect from a Superwho ficlet by that title
Veritaserum * Harry Potter * Harry/Draco, Ron, Hermione * 300w * flash fic
Half-light * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 750w * NC-17 * the porny one with the handcuffs
Of kittens and teacups and love * X-Men * Charles/Erik * 5,000w * Modern AU in which Charles and Erik adopt kittens and do domestic things together and take forever to figure out that they should have sex
ABC Drabbles * X-Men * Charles/Erik * 2,600w * sequel to the above because people told me to write a sequel, but each subsequent sequel sucked a bit more and so I'm just listing this one because some of the drabbles are still decent

Friday night * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 800w * NC-17 * the porny one with sex in a club's restroom
After the show * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 850w * NC-17 * the porny one with the circus AU
Third man * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine * 750w * NC-17 * the porny one with a threesome
I want to build a fort * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 750w * NC-17 * the porny one with sex in a pillow fort

In which Arthur and Merlin are dating even though Arthur says that they aren't, and they get married in the end. Also they have sex. * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 1,000w * R * the porny one with the overly long title
Sunlight in his eyes * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 650w * NC-17 * the porny one with sleepy morning sex
Beauty and the Hound * ASOIAF * Sansa/Sandor * 13,000w * retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Bribing a kitten will not always work * Suits * Mike, Harvey * 2,000w * in which Mike babysits Harvey's cat

Unprotected * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 2,600w * Arthur has to pretend he's a commoner to escape some assassins
Hear the sigh of the trees * Vampire Diaries * Caroline/Tyler * 1,400w * NC-17 * werewolf sex
Of cabbages and kings * Original é 1,500w * Jamie Sorensen was six years old and he didn't have an imaginary friend; his parents were very concerned
A Study in Kittens * Sherlock * John, Sherlock * 750w * Sherlock adopts kittens
The Esperanto-Venusian Lemma * The Big Bang Theory * Penny, Sheldon * 550w * Penny's present is and Esperanto-Venusian/Venusian-Esperanto dictionary, latest edition!
An indecent proposal * Supernatural * Dean/Castiel * 900w * Dean proposes to Castiel, or maybe it's the other way round; anyway it's all Gabriel's fault
Reprieve * Supernatural * Dean/Castiel * 300w * emo ficlet about the end of S6

For the good of the kingdom * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin * 1,000w * Arthur gets Merlin to wear a dress

Dripping wet * SPN * Dean/Cas * 400w * NC-17 * Castiel watches Dean jerk off in the shower
Green planet * Original * NC-17 * ~5,000 words * alien sex pollen
Being fabulous * Three Musketeers * Buckhingham * 1,100w * foray into Buckingham's character and how fabulous he is

Plus all that half-finished crap, like the anonymous Merlin fic for the kink meme, the ASOIAF/SPN crossover, the longish Castle fic and a bunch of Italian ficlets plus the SPN/HP crossover I'll translate soon maybe. The grand total is about 50 fics and 140,000 words, give or take, which I like. Go me. And here's to 2012.

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