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Hi. Happy 2012. And stuff. Haven't felt much like updating lately, maybe because nothing much is going on right now. Winter holidays are always quiet for me, the most exciting thing I've done all week was going to pick up my new laptop. Which is very awesome and I'm glad my parents let me choose it, since the one that they had in mind was ultralight but also tiny. I don't really need to carry my laptop to uni every day, so I'm fine with something not as fucking heavy as the old one. I have an Acer now and I love it, and also it was way cheaper than the other one.

So yeah, I'm spending the holidays catching up on tv shows and playing Professor Layton 4 and studying analysis. Can't complain. Well, actually, I'd love to get some writing done but it's just not happening. So many stories I should write and so little inspiration. The only thing I am inclined to write is about Sherlock's new episode, the one where Irene Adler appears and ruins everything.

First off, I'm a huge fan of the books and of Irene. I read them when I was very young (twelve or thirteen, maybe) and I was rather amused at the idea that the only woman who ever bested Holmes had the same name as me. That's why he's so intrigued by her, I think. As for Irene herself, in the books it's made quite clear that she's in love with another man, whom she marries, and then she runs off into the sunset with him. What disappoints me is that, in every single adaptation out there, Irene Adler becomes Sherlock Holmes's romantic interest. AND IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.

I don't mind Mary Morstan. She marries John, okay, I'm cool with that. I can see John having normal romantic relationships. I ship John/Sherlock (and Holmes/Watson, every single incarnation) but I can still see that John/Mary makes sense. Sherlock/Irene, though? DNW. It just makes no sense to have any kind of sexual or romantic tension between them and I have no idea why every adaptation feels the need to go that way. I had great hopes that BBC's Sherlock could do it right. But they didn't. And tonight's episode just felt very underwhelming to me, starting from the first scene at the pool, because with such a huge cliffhanger it's just depressing to have Moriarty walk away like that. I waited months for... that? Like Isa said, at the very least we needed an explosion.

The plot itself was fine, even though I missed parts of dialogue here and there because they were talking too fast, especially when talking about the cases. the thing about the dead guy in the car trunk made no sense until I read John's blog, I'll have to rewatch it again with subtitles. If I can bear to see the scenes with Irene too. Because, urgh, Irene. I tried to like her, I really did, but I just don't get her character at all. I get that she showed up naked the first time, it makes sense that she'd try to give Sherlock as little information about herself as possible, but all the flirting? And Sherlock actually having feelings for her? It makes no fucking sense.

I'm sorry if you're a shipper, but it just makes no sense to me. Moffat just said in an interview that, for Sherlock, sex is thinking. So he wouldn't care about Irene naked, he would care about Irene's brain, about how she's smart. He'd be intrigued because she's a worthy opponent. I can buy that. As for Irene, she's playing him, so that's fine too. For most of the episode I actually thought that she had another love interest, which would reinforce the idea that she's only toying with Sherlock to get what she wants. But the end just makes things more ambiguous, and I'm not sure I want this kind of canon.

Sherlock cracks Irene's password and defeats her, thus making her no different from the hundred thousand other boring people that he doesn't give a shit about... but somehow he still has feelings for her? And what about Irene, isn't she supposed to be gay anyway? I get that "true love defeats everything" and shit, but seriously, Irene Adler. The woman who canonically had another love interest. If the BBC is really trying to go for an adaptation that follows the spirit of the books, then what the fuck is going on here?

Since me and Isa aren't cool with this episode's ending, I took the liberty of rewriting it. And then I rewrote the rewrite because it was just random capslocking at Isa. Rewind to the point where they're with Mycroft and Sherlock figures out that the password to Irene's phone is SHER. He enters the password, and the phone melts down. That was the fake password that triggered the self-destruct, because Irene had been leading him by the nose all along. She says: "I thought you would have figured it out a lot more quickly. But don't worry, I was lying and there was no information that put people's life at risk on this phone. Just, idk, a bunch of state secrets that nobody will ever have now." Maybe Irene has a girlfriend (her secretary?) and the real password is her girlfriend's name. Maybe the real password is just random numbers. Sherlock never finds out, because she leaves and never tells him the password. So Sherlock has got this weird crush on her because he never managed to figure out the real password and he has no way of ever knowing, and it drives him mad. Oh and also later that day Sherlock loses his virginity to John and poor Mrs Hudson has to go and have tea with her neighbour Mrs Turner for a while because she's happy for her boys but it's not right that she had to listen to certain things, not at her age. THE END.
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