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I finished cleaning my f-list, I removed a lot of people I don't remember talking with in a looong time. If I removed you but you'd still like to be on my f-list, lemme know! (I might even have removed someone by accident, I had pages and pages of people/communities I don't even remember about.)
Anyway. To make up for the long months of silence: the return of the entries that are so long I have to start using hearts to divide all the subjects. Yaaay! Insert needless amounts of excitement here!

♥ A couple of weeks ago, flash, video and audio on my computer stopped working. I didn't want my dad to mess up with my files while I was writing my thesis so I went without youtube for a while. It was a wise move since dad started fiddling with my computer on Sunday morning and I've got it back and working just now. At least now everything works. The only inconvenient is that my playlist got deleted so I have to make it from scratch. I've been meaning to sort my music for ages, so at least this is an incentive. I was really worried my computer wasn't going to get fixed in time because...

♥ GLEE TOMORROW NIGHT! EEEE! I miiight be going out though, so IDK if I can watch it as it airs. Either way, I'm just so excited about finally seeing this prom episode I keep hearing about. I'm even considering getting off Tumblr before someone accidentally spoils it for me, but that'll take a lot of self-restraint. I really don't want to read these Prom King spoilers though, I want the surprise.

♥ To survive the evil five-weeks hiatus, I downloaded some of the original versions of the songs covered in the last episodes. I made some interesting discoveries. First, I still can't stand Ke$ha unless it's covered by Heather Morris. Katy Perry is okay but I still like the covers better. WTF happened to Candles? I listened to the cover first and I thought it was fine, but then I listened to the original my mind was blown a little. What. Happened. To. That. Song.
Raise Your Glass and Animal survived the Warblerization much better. In fact, I downloaded all of the Neon Trees album and I'm kind of obsessed with it right now.

♥ I just watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, which I've been fangirling over since before the pilot started shooting, so yeah. I have some minor complaints to make because I think they changed some scenes just for the sake of change, but overall I'm very happy with the pilot. And anyway the changes aren't Harry-Potter-level, more like LoTR-level, and in case the comparison isn't clear I loved LoTR.
Back on topic, the actors are awesome. I'm in love with all the Stark kids, Jaime is fabulous and steals all the best lines and Viserys Lloyd makes me crush on one of the creepiest characters ever.

♥ I've started watching a bunch of new series now that I have nothing to do all day. I'm still sticking with Camelot, but mostly I want to see Merlin trolling. His tale about finding Excalibur in the lake in the last ep was priceless. I like The Borgias much better. I also started watching another crime drama, The Killing, but it's kind of depressing. Uhm, it's actually supposed to be dark and gritty and introspective, but I have the tastes of a 5yo so I find it depressing.

♥ The last episode of SPN was hilarious. I still don't like these plots with fate and angels and I don't know what else, but the characters are hilarious. Plus, as a Dean/Cas fangirl, how couldn't I not love it? I'm going to make them a fanmix and I'm going to make it just of Celine Dion songs and I'll be giggling all the time because, as I said, 5yo. Also in the last ep of Hawaii Five-0 Danny and Steve went on a date together and Danny said he loved Steve. And then a woman tried to hit on Steve and Danny got all jealous. I SWEAR I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP. It's like the bromance of the century.

♥ What else? I'm considering transferring to another uni for my master's. No big deal.
But seriously, I've been thinking about it for a while and the uni I'm in right now cancelled a lot of courses in the last year due to budget cuts. (Because our prime minister might make the front pages thanks to sex scandals, but we're also dealing with ridic budget cuts on education, health and pretty much everything important.) Anyway, the courses that were cut were those I was most interested in, applied maths and statistics and so on. The other courses are good, but they're mostly focused on theory. I did my thesis on numerical analysis and I'd rather stick to an applied curriculum since I don't want to stay in school past a master's degree. I'd still have a degree in mathematics, but I prefer to think I'm studying things that I'll use when in some distant future I'll finally get a job. So I did some thinking, and at least on paper Milan offers a lot more courses and has an applied mathematics curriculum. The only catch is that I wouldn't be admitted automatically as I would by staying in the same uni, but I'm hoping that by coming from a good uni with a final grade of over 100, the entrance interview would be little more than a formality. Anyway if I don't get in I ought to review my life.
So I told my mum today and she didn't even freak out much. She just pointed out that my dad works in the same uni now, which I'd completely forgot about, but anyway he's in another department. At least I don't have to decide now, I have until September.
Speaking of, I took a full week without doing anything. Apart from writing, there was plenty of writing. I might need a beta soon-ish. But I digress, as always. I need to find something to do until this autumn or I'll spend it sleeping or on Tumblr. Need to find internship. :(
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I just had this moment when I thought "fuck, I have a degree". Which is weird since I don't feel any different. It's kind of like turning 18, everyone makes a big deal out of it and I get flowers and money from the relatives, which is always nice, but in the end life goes on as usual.
Except, uh, I graduated and I have nothing to do until October. I miiight possibly maybe perhaps try to do something productive with my life, like an internship or something, but right now I just want to sleep or Tumblr. Though I probably ought to spend the next few days writing since there's 3-4 stories that I've been sitting on for months waiting for this moment. Yeah, later.

Everything went well, though. I mean, reasonably well. I was nervous as hell on Tuesday morning, like everyone else, especially since I had 20 minutes and I'd only timed myself twice and my presentation was like 25 minutes. And I was worried about falling off my heels. And somehow my computer was the only one available and I was afraid it was going to fail or something and everyone would blame me. At least I remembered to change the desktop background from Kurt and Blaine kissing to the Tardis. And my thesis advisor showed up only for my presentation. Actually he arrived earlier, realized it wasn't my turn yet due to a change in schedule, and disappeared for another 30 minutes. And I was so jumpy that I didn't notice that the woman before me had finished and it was my turn, so when they called me I had to put my cardigan on in a rush and stumbled inside and I blanked for the longest time. Oh, and at one point I hit the wrong button and accidentally skipped to the last slide. It was very similar to the slide I was at, so I didn't realize what happened until I said I was going to compare product formulas and then looked at the screen and went "ohshit those are not product formulas, oh lordy, what happened, go back, go back!"

But I did get full marks, which I wasn't even hoping for, so in the end I graduated with 104/110. Not bad, self. Maybe my advisor never told me to change anything because I was doing great work, and not because he was being lazy. I think I'll go with that. So I felt entitled to get drunk last night. Me and some other coursemates went out and they tried to get us newly-graduated drunk, but I managed to retain enough brain cells to stop drinking after a while so I wouldn't be sick. Also I made a life-saving decision when I wore my trainers instead of heels last night, because I ended up clinging to various people for support while walking from bar to bar. Also found out that my friend's roommate watches Vampire Diaries and ships Damon/Elena. At the time I found this hilarious and I texted it to my sister. It was almost 2am. She replied at 2pm so I thought maybe she hadn't noticed the timestamp, but she did. She brought it up at dinner. I kind of want to throttle her, but she's cute. There's a photo dad took outside the math building with me and her fixing our hair to prepare for a photo while my brother rolls his eyes. There's lots and lots of photos. In some of them I almost don't look fugly.

Also I got a mug blackboard. Or blackboard mug. It's... uh... a mug... with a purple rectangle all around that's actually a mini-blackboard... and you can write on it... in chalk... it's kind of awesome, in the grand tradition of giving stupid gifts to people who graduate. It's like two of my favourite things together.
And people want to organize a class dinner next week, but it'd be on Tuesday and that's when the Glee hiatus ends, so I'm trying to assess my priorities. I mean, prom night! End of hiatus! FFFFF.
Now I think I'll stop rambling and go to bed. Or since I'm already sprawled on the bed, turn off the laptop and sleep. I'd reached that point when my pajamas and my home clothes are interchangeable, and they're the only thing I wear. I see no point in changing that.
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The other night I somehow finished writing the first draft of my presentation. Then I went to see my advisor who greenlighted it after giving it a cursory check. (It really shouldn't surprise me any more. My friends say that their advisers aren't much more helpful either.)
Anyway, I still have to fix the layout and the figures and add something about orders of convergence, but the outline is fine as is.

I'll probably work it tonight since I spent today doing other stuff that's more or less mandatory for graduation. Namely, getting new clothes and a haircut. Which is something I've been putting off until last minute, but I didn't have anything even remotely formal to wear and after two months of pulling out my hair in frustration I looked like a scarecrow.
Cut for mentions of shopping with my control freak mother. )

I've got my outfit, booked a restaurant for the after-graduation lunch and the printed copy of the thesis will be ready by tomorrow. Now all that's left really is finishing the presentation.


Apr. 2nd, 2011 07:48 pm
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Today I stopped writing my thesis, not because I was tired or bored or it was 1am, but because I couldn't think of anything else to edit. There's still some things to fix and my professor still hasn't gotten back to me after I mailed him a couple of days ago, but I think I'm almost done.
I feel like crying and going to sleep and jumping around at the same time because this special hell is almost over.
Now I only need to polish the final version, make the presentation (how am I ever going to talk for 20 minutes?), print it and have it bound all nicely, get a haircut, decide how to celebrate and go shopping for something that's not jeans and a t-shirt.

I hate going shopping. Funnily enough, a couple of days ago I had to drop off some paperwork and then I had two hours to kill before my train and attempted to go shopping. This attempt backfired because I couldn't find anything formal enough. And by "formal enough" I mean "anything more formal than a t-shirt", really. I like t-shirts. I don't like everything else. Well, almost. I did get a cute white top, but it's the kind of top I could wear this summer on the beach rather than in two weeks while making a presentation about integrals. So yeah.

I kind of dropped every community I was in, save for [ profile] fiumidiparole (hey, posting two fics in one month counts for activity!), [ profile] singustosleep (fanmixes!) and [ profile] hogwartsishome (I think I've been sorted in the best house ever, they're all so nice to me and it warms my little heart ♥).
Speaking of - making this month's AU fanmix gave me the inspiration for a Merlin/Queer as Folk fusion which I'm dying to write. Find time to write, self! Find time!

Going to dinner now, and later I'll watch Camelot and possibly some old episodes of Glee and SPN. I still can't believe I'm rewatching those with my siblings. My brother likes Sue Sylvester (obviously, who wouldn't?) and they have mixed reactions to SPN but they're watching an episode every day so it's not as if they hate it.
It feels like forever since I posted about tv shows, I missed LJ so much. What did I miss? I tried to check my f-list semi-regularly but I failed spectacularly.
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So it's been a week ever since the kiss on Glee and, you know what? I don't think I need to put this on a spoiler cut. You'd have to live under a rock not to know, what with all the hype that there's been these past few days. Today I realized I've finally come down from the Klaine high. I can look at my desktop wallpaper (which is The Kiss) without breaking into giggling fits and can sober up enough to mope about my exam tomorrow. Still, like my sister said, there's plenty of other things to flail about. And I'll be good and won't spoil those.

Read more... )

Finally, HBO keeps revealing teasers and trailers for Game of Thrones. At first it was great, but now it's kind of overwhelming. Last week there were almost twenty clips about each of the major characters. I'm getting tired of getting all these out-of-context-and-not-in-order scenes and kind of wish they'd just give me the episode already.


Mar. 19th, 2011 10:43 pm
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I have nothing meaningful to say. Week has been good. It would have been crappy, but there are Klainebows everywhere, so everything is good. I don't feel like typing an actual entry since I need to go shower, have a cup of tea, stare at Kurt and Blaine some more, the usual stuff. So here's a compilation of everything I tagged with "pretty" on Tumblr. Like, flowers and scenery and strawberries. I don't know about you, but I find these soothing.

Pretties. )


Mar. 12th, 2011 04:46 pm
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Lately it feels as if I hardly post here any more. There's a number of possible reasons, mostly tumblr-related. It's sooo much easier to reblog a dozen gifs instead of actually sitting down and typing coherent sentences. I don't even have much to say, there's nothing going on with my life. So I'll just... give you the condensed version, shall I?

♥ Earthquake in Japan. Let me skip on the obvious manifestations of sympathy. Of course I feel terrible thinking about all the people who died or lost their loved ones, of course I hope all the missing people are safe. That said, I'm atheist. Just because I'm not praying for them doesn't make me a heartless bitch and I wish people would stop implying that.

♥ Glee. My brother started watching it when me and my sister decided we needed to watch S1 again. He actually kind of liked episode 2. He's still playing another game while watching and only recognizes about half of the characters, but it's a start. Sue is his favourite character. So proud of him.

♥ Glee hiatus. Not happy about it in the least. I hope at least we get both Kurt and Blaine transferring back next ep, though I wouldn't put it past Ryan Murphy to taunt with some awful cliffhanger. Meanwhile I'm listening to the songs for 2x16 and I have Candles on repeat. Tears in my eyes. I missed Chris's voice so much.

[ profile] camelot_fics. Officially stepped down as a mod after R1. I think I've been the worst mod ever, with all my delays and disorganization, though I hope next round will go better. Nobody should allow me to try and run anything ever again.

♥ Game of Thrones starts on April 17, the sixth season of Doctor Who on April 23. April's going to be so much quality. Hopefully that'll give me the incentive that I need to finish my thesis that, by the way, I should be writing right now. I hate my thesis so fucking much.
renrenren3: (Glee * Kurt & Blaine)'s 1:17am and I'm watching a crappy livestream waiting for Glee. Yep, I caved in. My sister told me it's a bad idea. It probably is. It's not even the Regionals episode, but what can I say. I'm in love with Animal and I'm tired of keeping healthy sleeping habits. I'll pay for this in the morning. Meanwhile, live reactions! And really live this time!


It could be because I missed the first 10 minutes, but I still can't believe it's over. This episode was... IDEK GUYS I HAVE ABUSED EVERY EXPRESSION OF JOY AND SURPRISE ALREADY. 3AM. I'M GOING TO SLEEP AND DREAM OF BABY PENGUINS.


Feb. 7th, 2011 11:06 am
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My spreadsheet tells me that my average went down from 26.58 to 26.38 after this last exam. Yes I do these things on occasion.
I wouldn't mind so much if it hadn't been dropping vertically lately, it used to be over 27 last year. But I just can't bring myself to care too much. I'm just hoping it's enough to get a final score of at least 100.
So what am I doing up so early, apart from drinking tea and downloading Glee? I wanted to know the dates of my next (and final) two exams so I emailed the professors since they hadn't put them online yet. Amusingly enough, both of them picked February 23rd. At least one is in the morning and the other is in the afternoon, but... ffff... why does this stuff happen to me? I tried to gauge which one would be the nicest and asked him if there will be another exam in March but I'm not hopeful. So I think I'll have to pull a Superman for this one. At least I already studied months ago for both of these exams and I'm only taking them again to improve my score, so unless I fuck up royally I shouldn't fail and have to wait an extra three months before graduating. But, just in case, let me go and study. After a couple of important announcements, obv!

♥ Today's Monday, so livewatch tonight at 8pm GMT! [ profile] redjumper's hosting and we're watching the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie. There's slashiness and period clothing. Come along.

[ profile] inception_land is having a crossover challenge! I laughed so much when I saw it because I keep thinking of fandoms to cross Inception with. It's 600 words tops so I can write it in 20 minutes, and I'm so entering as soon as I decide which other fandom I should write. Hint: this is the part where you give me suggestions so I end up even more undecided. Looking forward to reading all the other entries.

♥ My noir!Gwaine story got first place in [ profile] camelot_fics. Which fills me with shame because I kind of wrote it in 30 minutes on writeordie on deadline day. It's also embarrassing since I'm the one posting the results, and part of why I'm trying to find someone else to run the community starting from next round. It's one part that, one part lack of time, one part I'm running out of ideas. I do like the idea though and I wish I could expand on it. I guess I should add it to the pile of good ideas gone to waste thanks to lack of time.

♥ Not a plug because there's nothing to link to... yet. But the steampunk story is somewhat progressing and I think I'm halfway done. It's due in a week so I'll have to sacrifice some sleep to it, but I'm legit excited about finishing it.
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Pimpage time! Go join [ profile] caseland, they just started their 2nd phase and I don't know my new teammates and I'm feeling lonely.

Speaking of police procedurals.
Don't even get me started on Castle and Ryan. There were a couple of scenes where I just started laughing out loud.
I alst started watching Hawaii Five-0. FFFF PRETTY SCENERY. Badass cops. Explosions. High slash potential. I can see why the show has so many fans.
Though I really should watch something else for a change, something without cops. What are the cool kids watching this season?

Music Meme (stolen from [ profile] hiza_chan like 90% of my memes):
01. Set your primary playlist to random and shuffle it.
02. Post the first line (or first couple of lines) from the first 20 songs that play (or however many you want to), no matter how embarrassing the song.
03. Anyone is allowed to guess the answers. Strike through and add the artist and title below the lyric when someone gets one right.
04. As a sidenote, if there's a Glee cover of the song... the version in my playlist is probably said Glee cover. Unless it's Bad Romance or Poker Face, because as much as I love Glee they couldn't do Gaga to save their lives.

Let's hope the randomizer keeps Lady Gaga to a minimum... )
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I hate this upcoming-end-of-holidays mood. I can't even study properly because I don't want to ruin the last two "free" days. Plus I hate geometry, I studied for that exam three times already.

Also I can't be arsed to post stories on any more. They always mess up the formatting in my documents and they have too many restrictions on summaries and titles and the readers don't understand simple concepts like "complete" and "one-shot". On the other hand there are a lot of nice people who aren't on LJ or AO3 so IDK. I just don't feel like uploading 6-7 stories there tonight.

OH YEAH. I posted/am posting a lot of stories that I had lying around, including the polished version of the first fills for the mistletoe meme. It might be because I need to boost my wordcount for this nifty little event:

To my Italian-speaking f-list: come, la vostra non ha il bollino Chiquita? Vale millemila punti in più!
To my non-Italian-speaking f-list: it's probably better if you don't google any foreign word you don't know, especially from work or where a parent/sibling/child/significant-other/anyone-really can see you.

Also, admire more shininess!
This is all thanks to [ profile] 3x9_lover who gave me the idea of using Glee for prompt 71 (before, I'd started writing two Vampire Diaries ficlets and scrapped them both).
TIVIBÌ CARISSIMA! ♥ Even though I had to write Dave "Creepyass" Karofsky for this.
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It's one of those weird moments in which I have a deadline right in front of me and I can't finish the fic, so I try to write some other stuff to get over the block. And I end up writing a lot of unrelated crack but my assignment doesn't get written at all.

If you want to help the procrastination make sure to stop by the Mistletoe Meme and drop me a pairing to write. So far I've done:
Meeko/Percy for [ profile] bizarre_esque
Gwaine/Merlin for [ profile] gallifreycalls
Freya/Vivian for [ profile] batgurl88
Granby/Crowley for [ profile] hiza_chan
And they're all over 1,000 words. Just what is wrong with me? Apart from the fact that I wrote Meeko/Percy. I mean, it's PG-ish, they're all PG, maybe PG-13 if you want to be a prude about very vague descriptions of kissing and possibly two instances of languages.
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I was supposed to be writing for Yuletide, instead I got sucked into a discussion of the comparative merits of casting Merlin or Gwen as Pocahontas. I might or might not have let it slip that I ship Meeko/Percy.

Okay, I did let it slip. Actually I'm informing all of my flist because you have a right to know.

And also for future reference I have solved the problems with my thesis. Apart from the big one, i.e.: I still need to write the damn thing.
But I managed to photocopy the chapters of the book that I needed. I did my usual "I'm young and clumsy and have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing" routine and the librarian set up the photocopier for me and told me to place the book on the photocopier and then push the green button. Which I totally can do. See, my education is paying off! There was also an emergency when the photocopier ran out of paper, but I swiftly dealt with it. By which I mean I walked back and said "the photocopier ran out of paper" and he got more paper and put it in the photocopier. And I went back to pressing the button. :D

See, I'm proud of myself. I also kind of got lost on the way back because I had over an hour to kill before my train and didn't know what to do so I just started walking, and I walked right out of the town centre and into a part of town I usually never go to and ended up walking all the time. Massive brain freeze since this morning the temperature was below zero. I didn't even get a good story idea.

Kidding, I have the steampunk story. Which is kind of cracktastic anyway, for all that I like to pretend it has a plot.

Oh and actually this entry was supposed to be about my mum getting back from our maybe-future house and saying they agreed on a price and it's relatively cheap and they'll sign the first papers next week. Wait is this really happening?
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All right, I just had a nice hot shower and made myself a cup of tea... which might actually be more proof that I'm not completely sane since it's August and probably the asphalt's melting outside... but who cares. I like tea.
Time for the entry full of stuff I kept meaning to link to, but never found the time.
First of all let's get the real life bit done, which is the boring part (since I can't actually link to anything). We're leaving tomorrow for Austria, meaning there's a whole week without my stupid journal entries. We're staying in some place called Brücke-something (my knowledge of German ends with saying "good evening" and "potatoes" so I didn't catch the name) and I've got a feeling we'll be in the middle of nowhere. It's a hallmark of holidays with my parents.
Still not sure how I'm going to survive. On the flip side there's my sister, so at least I've got someone to talk with. On the down side she's my sister, which means lots of gratuitous English, obscure references to TvTropes sorry, I lied about the no-links part, spontaneous quoting of internet memes and generally not making much sense for anyone including ourselves. (Today's highlight was "Batman, eh!" which totally made sense in the context and was followed by a good minute of uncontrollable giggling. I weep for my sanity in the next few days.)
So, survival kit: I'm bringing books, my computer and a stash of movies. Which I should totally call films since I switched to the British English spell-checker lately, thanks to Merlin. And it'd be better if I didn't forget my camera's battery charger and urgh. I hate packing.

...Hours later. Haven't packed a thing yet and I kind of got sidetracked so the linkage has to be postponed yet again. I did manage to acquire an impressive stomach ache, though.


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