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♥ I think I haven't posted in almost two months. It's all [ profile] hogwartsishome's fault. They kidnapped me! They did it nicely, but still. I was all I'M NOT GOING TO BE SUCKED IN and then got sucked in anyway because I have no self-control. But it's fuuun~ and btw, hello new awesome friends from the Hogsmeade friending meme! :D :D
Also, hi to the people from the [ profile] summerpornathon! I got in Team Lust, which is the team with the MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER including some of my favourite M/A authors ever, this is going to be fun. I even get to google sex toys and call it research.

♥ Speaking of writing. I joined [ profile] bigbangitalia, mostly because I want to get one of my long plots out of the way. It's just 10k words over the summer, so yeah. I already know I'm going to write in English and then translate it because I can't write in Italian. I just get stuck on the dialogue because I'm used to watching/reading things in English instead of the dub, I wrote some SPN/DW over the weekend and I was all BUT HOW DOES DEAN SAY "DUDE" IN ITALIAN? WHICH FUNNY WORDS CAN THE DOCTOR SAY IN ITALIAN?

Cut for talk of X-Men: First Class and veeery vague spoilers. Also my long-ass plot for an AU fic. )

♥ Yes, I needed to tell you that because 1) it's epic, 2) my brother contributed and 3) I hadn't written it down yet and I was in danger of forgetting. I'm also working on a fanmix for Charles and Erik, so I can get sad while listening to nice music too. I might need help in deciding what to write first. Or second, right after I finish this fic I've been working on since February. Numero Uno is the epic Dean/Cas post-S6 fix-it, or How Ren Wants S7 To Go. Like a proper Deus Ex Machina, God shows up to strip Cas of his pants his angelic powers after the events of S6's finale, so human!Cas is forced to roadtrip with Dean and Sam. Dean teaches him important human skills such as not getting his ass kicked by the monster of the week, showering, cheating at poker and blowjobs. Numero Due is a SPN high school AU. Don't judge me, though if you stuck with me through the rambles about Charles and Erik and kitties you probably won't. This can basically be summed up with Dean and Cas are high school students and they meet and they have sex. And I wrote a one-shot about them meeting here already, though obv it would need to be rewritten if I go with this story for the BB. Numero Tre is Harry/Draco, because idk. Apparently I've been cursed with plots for a pairing that I used to despise. Must be karma. It's just the typical post-book-7 EWE in which Harry and Ginny split up and Harry finds out that Malfoy isn't so evil after all and in the end they get together. So, f-list, if you stuck with Harry me until the very end, tell me what should I write. Numero Uno, Due, Tre or... idk, let's call it X?


Click me!

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I feel like I'm duty-bound to extend some form of seasonal greetings to my flist. I don't want to go with Merry Christmas though, because 1) it's too Christian-centric, despite the rampant secularization of this holiday, and 2) Merry Christmas is what I tell my mum to avoid getting into the whole atheist discussion.

So, I wish you all a happy end-of-December/early-January, including but not limited to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Yule, Winter-een-mas, Winter Solstice, and all other winter festivals listed here. If your holiday of choice is not listed here, I apologize and I will make an effort to include it next time.
This greeting extends to your family, friends, significant others, pets and everyone else important in your life.
You're not required to accept or return this greeting if you don't celebrate any winter festivities or if I've pissed you off recently, but I sincerely hope I didn't piss you off and we can continue to be friends in the upcoming year too (or for the rest of the year if you don't follow the commonly used but sadly Christian-centric Gregorian calendar).

As for me... )
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Whyyy is my sister telling me that she got The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD. It was on her Christmas wishlist. I mean, okay, she wanted it, but doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of a wishlist if she gets it for herself two days before Christmas. Luckily I didn't get it for her. Because, uhm, I couldn't find it. Same with the earmuffs. Okay, I suck at shopping, but she's not helping and I'm flailing like mad because my greatest fear is duplicate presents. My family is kind of infamous for duplicate presents, thanks to poor communication skills. So yeah. Flailing.

Speaking of flailing, [ profile] layton_exchange sent around the gifts and guess who managed to switch around the names of the recipients of her two stories? I feel SO stupid. I had two people politely thanking me for a story that had nothing to do with their prompts before I caught on and mailed the mods so they could send out the right gifts. Seriously, I'd double checked just to avoid things like these. Why am I made of fail.

In less derp-worthy news, my latest contributions to maritombola:
Just a flesh wound * Castle * Beckett, Castle * PG * ~850 words
Inevitability * xxxHolic * Doumeki/Watanuki * PG-13 * ~1,200 words

It bothers me so much that I'm never consistent with the format I use to post these here. I should stick to this one.
Also since I love numbers so much I did a quick check and so far this year I've written around 50,150 words. Not counting unfinished stuff and WIPs and the couple of stories for exchanges (totalling 6,500 words) that I can't publish yet. Uhm, yay.


Also... uhm... I had this vision of the Harry Potter universe in which everyone is female and now I CAN'T UNSEE IT. I don't even know why. But, er, if you had to cast an all-girls, who would you pick?
I hesitate to ask, but after giving you raccoon/pug porn and Single Lady Doumeki I don't think I have any dignity left to loose.
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So eurgh. I'm here with a mug of tea and a thesis that's advancing at snail's pace. The big accomplishments of the day are:
1) I remembered how to write integrals with Latex,
2) me and my sister got (almost) all of our Christmas shopping done.

Almost because obviously I couldn't get her a present while she was with me, and conversely she couldn't either. Though honestly neither of us care much since we agreed that presents are a bothersome social convention BUT IF I'M DOING THIS SILLY PRESENTS THING I'M DOING IT PROPERLY, DAMMIT.
So I'm hoping to find out that there's a shop here selling earmuffs, or possibly find her Alice on DVD if mum didn't get it for one of us already. Earmuffs. I'm not calling her weird only because I told her I wanted a life-size replica of Longclaw or a Tardis. (Or a plushie, or something striped like a scarf. But whyyy can't I have a Tardis?)

ETA: After a quick enquiry with mum I think I'm going with the DVD for my sister since it's easier than locating cute earmuffs.
Mum also wanted to know what my brother might want, to which I replied: I don't have the foggiest. There didn't seem to be any interesting books in the bookstore. (We checked.) His only other interest are games, so unless she wants to get him a new game... Me and my sister got him a game too, by the way, because otherwise I'd have no idea.


The fun part is actually finding the presents. Walking around for a couple of hours between the same three shops because we live in this sad little town... not so much.
At least with our combined powers we managed to get presents for five (5) different people. Three of which are friends of hers so I was all IDK dude don't ask me, I have problems with presents for my own friends. But we made it and I also got these awesome 30 rainbow-coloured scrunchies that are just I was looking for. I mean, I probably have a scrunchy-eating monster living under my bed, the rate these things disappear. Also while at the bookstore my sister got two new Neil Gaiman books. I approve of Neil Gaiman but we both have huge piles of unread books. Derp derp.

In unrelated news:
Yahoo says they're not shutting down Delicious after all.
But since my bookmarks got imported with Diigo, I'm going to keep both accounts in the meantime just in case. :|
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Not too long ago a certain lady asked me to write Inception fic. I told her it was probably a bad idea, but did it anyway. Yes, obviously it was a bad idea.
Two song meme fills and one tombola prompt from which you can easily deduce that:
1) I multiship;
2) I love Ariadne;
3) I can't write Ariadne.
Ergo, I'll probably stick to Arthur/Eames in the future and cry a little.

Arthur(/Eames) - Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch me for [ profile] darkmagic_luvr
Ariadne(/Arthur) - Servant of Evil for [ profile] mizunosakura
Grass green for the prompt... grass green (Inception, Ariadne)

All PG-rated and very much drabblish. The bulk of my writing effort today was the epic steampunk saga. I've written the opening scene, or at least part of the opening scene. It's 1,500 words where nothing at all happens. I'm all, man, you have to go out there and get shot! And my characters sit around making idle conversation and refuse to get the plot going. WTF.

I think I need a beta. Yesterday I ordered my sister to read my latest opus and find some damn mistakes to correct but she said it was all fine by her. NOT HELPFUL DUDE. I know I barf mistakes all over my stories. It's fine for short pieces but if I'm really going to write the epic steampunk saga I need to get off my butt and start doing things like proofreading and possibly find one of those anal betas that complain about every sentence they read. Why do I never come across those?
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My plans to write write write keep getting thwarted. Yesterday I missed my alarm, got up at 11am when my neighbours had a row that was even louder than usual, turned on my computer and ended up researching gay marriage law in the US. Then my muse deserted me and I ended up watching a couple of Castle episodes.

Then I had to leave for this Christmas dinner, which was... nice, I suppose, but not as memorable as the others (for better or worse). I was stuck at the far end of my group of friends, the two girls in front of me spent the evening locked in conversation with each other and I didn't know the girl next to me. Then I found out she was an Erasmus student from Germany and she clearly didn't know many people, so I thought it'd be nice to talk with her a bit. Except... I suck at making casual conversation with strangers. I spent most of the dinner staring at the ceiling and thinking of a good conversation opener. In the end I did manage to strike a conversation with her and we talked quite a lot, and after dinner was over we got up so I could talk to some people I hadn't seen in ages. But ugh, the awkwardness at the beginning.

Also, about awkwardness. While we were walking back (I slept at Irene's as usual) I accidentally hummed "Teenage Dream" and didn't know how to justify a sudden Katy Perry obsession. Then this morning I found out she watches Glee too. Which... unexpected, but cool.
On the train ride back I managed to write part of my [ profile] thegameison_sh entry and was about to finish it after I caught up with my flist... but then...

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I know I'm breaking the unwritten rule about not making two posts in the same day, but this is kinda big. Tonight at dinner my mum said that, by the way, she and dad were thinking about buying a house. Which doesn't really come as a huge surprise since I know they'd been talking about it and I'd seen a flyer from the agency floating around, but I had no clue my mum was so much into it.

She has already seen the house, and so has my dad, my uncle and my granddad. And she thinks there would be a lot of remodeling to do, especially with the bathrooms, but my uncle says it can be done relatively easily. (He's... I don't honestly know, a mix between a plumber and an electrician? He fixes houses for a living so he'd know about this stuff.)

I've got a feeling mum likes this place. Last time she said there was a house they might want to see, the place was a total dump and she never brought it up again. This was maybe two years ago. Now she just wouldn't stop talking about it. I kind of want to see the place for myself now since it's sounds ridiculous. For example: it's on four five floors. I thought she was joking around but she really wasn't. From what I understood there's just a couple of rooms on each floor so... tall and narrow house. House, not even apartment, and I think mum's fixated on the fact that it has a garden. She always wanted more space for her flowerpots.

This place has, from the bottom up: a cellar with a vaulted ceiling, laundry/spare bathroom + garage, kitchen + living room, master bedroom + huge bathroom, two bedrooms right under the ceiling. Plus the garden, which is more of a courtyard since it's paved with flagstones, but they can be removed and there's ivy on the walls and an old oven that used to be for making bread like two hundred years ago. And a fireplace in the living room. And then we ran away because the more mum kept talking the more things were getting ridiculous and I was afraid she'd tell me that one of the wardrobes is the door to Narnia.

So. I'm all for changes, in general principles, I didn't think I'd have to move before I got my degree and moved away, but if my parents decide to, so be it. But this time I'm lobbying to give my brother the single room, it'd be pointless for me to get it since then they'd have to rearrange everything when I leave in just a couple of years. Besides, this way my sister ends up with the largest room, and I like my sister much better than my grumpy brother who doesn't even want to watch Glee. Obviously this might end up being just a castle in the sky, but still.

I also braved the snow storm outside (which totally stopped once I got back home, of course) and went to see my thesis advisor. I completely bullshitted about reading both books he gave me, I skipped a hundred pages or so because it was kind of deathly boring so I just flipped through all of the proofs of sections 5 and 6. But apparently I can bullshit well, at least with him, since he told me to make a list of formulas that I could study for my thesis. Which I'll do, after tomorrow's Christmas (we're early this year, apparently) dinner with the rest of the class.
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Yeah, the return of the inane journal entries in which I talk about the shows I'm watching. Which is not the shows that are airing right now since I'm behind with a lot of shows, but bear with me. Or skip this entry entirely.

Speaking of too many shows... )

♠ For the first time since I don't know how long, I laughed out loud at Supernatural. Even though Castiel wasn't in this episode. Even though I didn't think much of the plot. Is it just me or the dialogue was way more fun that usual? Or maybe it's because the big damn plot for S6 had been shelved for once. Though it seems like it'll be back with a vengeance next Friday, but you can't have everything. I kind of... have mixed feelings towards SPN. It was my happy creepy summer show, I burned through 5 seasons in a couple of months and I'm left with a show in its final season. Sad. I should just give up and force my sister to watch the first two seasons again with me.

♠ Speaking of creepy, supernatural jerks: The Vampire Diaries is awesome. And by The Vampire Diaries I mean Damon. But also everyone else. Who are also awesome. Damn, Stefan and Elena did take some levels in badass. I'm now hooked on the show and trying not to get spoiled about any more plot points. If they keep it up through S1's finale, I might have a new OT3.

♠ I still haven't watched episode 3x11 of Merlin. It's just... Morgana makes me a sad panda. And the Arthur/Merlin abuse. WTF, show writers. Hoping that watching the finale together will make up for a sub-par season, especially since I've heard good things about 3x12.

♠ OMGWTFBBQGLEE T-14 HOURS! Yeah, I know it airs in less than 3 hours but it'll be in the dead of the night here and I have to wait until my sister gets home from school to actually watch it. FFFF. MUST RESIST SPOILERS! MUST NOT DIE OF ANTICIPATION!
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I think I'm (not so) slowly losing my mind. Having Teenage Dream in loop might or might not factor into it. I swear I wasn't so obsessed when I watched 2x06. It's just, I have no clue, it's like a virus. My sister isn't helping either. Usually when I'm on Planet Squee and start flailing like a madwoman she glares at me and makes me stop. Instead this time she made me watch the original video and this video of Chris Colfer being kind of a ninja. This from the lady who used to viciously steal the mouse away from me whenever I tried to go on Youtube. So, yeah, now we're teaming up and doing twice the flailing.

Eeepic slooo-mooo ruuunniiiiiiiiiiing!

There were other relevant things in my life, like an exam and watching Rapunzel and it's my sister's birthday tomorrow. Oh, and I'm trying to compile all entries for R1 of [ profile] camelot_fics and it's taking me way longer than I thought. Meh. I guess I should get the voting post up before starting to write one of the two Kurt/Blaine ehpeek fluff plots that I'm concocting. Yeah, not even trying any more to pretend I'm not a shipper, though it's weird to start shipping them during an episode where Blaine didn't even appear. It's marginally weirder than starting to ship Merlin and Arthur before watching a single episode.
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Fucking Real Life

Okay, I'm stressed over this fucking exam. So. Fucking. Much.
There just isn't enough time. And I've tried but I can't concentrate, and I know why. I'm just sick and tired of studying and I don't care about physics and I just want out. London needs to happen. Or something. I need to go somewhere, have a change of pace some time soon, or I'll lose my mind.


The fucking huge fandom

The only thing keeping me sane lately has been tea and Glee. Seriously. (It kind of rhymes but that wasn't the point.) There are no words to describe just how much I love that show and its cliché-riddled cast. I can just turn off my brain and hum along when I know the songs. And I kind of watched 5 episodes today with my sister because I knew stuff would happen on 1x12, and then 1x13 was Sectionals and we just needed to finish, and we were supposed to watch two episodes on Merlin tonight but after the failboat that was 3x09 (though I liked the punch-to-the-arm scene) I didn't really want to watch 3x10 so switching back to Glee seemed like a good alternative and then 1x15 was the Madonna episode... So yeah.

We're officially marathoning it. Late to the party and everything, but I don't really care. I just think I'll stay clear of the fandom because I don't really care for unnecessary drama and I miiight just have some unpopular opinions about characters/ships. (I also want to adopt Brittany, but that's beside the point.)
And I have a new favourite song. Lately I change favourite songs a bit too often. I have the attention span of a deranged rabbit. Unless it's time to watch another episode of Glee. Honestly I think this show might just have brainwashed me into some kind of mindless minion but I don't really care.


The small fandom that makes me happy

I've signed up for [ profile] yuletide and I've got a feeling nobody else is offering or requesting Locke Lamora. Which makes me sad, because, seriously. The author is cool too, personal problems aside, he's got a livejournal and pulled his main character's name from a Final Fantasy game and said he was okay with fanfiction as long as he didn't have to read any of it. And he's got the full prologue from his first book online here, I don't remember if it's the part about little Locke or the start of their highly entertaining con, but either way it's a good read.

There are conmen and witty remarks and badassness and female pirate captains. There's also much use of the word "fuck" and similar, but if you read my entries I suppose it doesn't bother you too much. Oh, and he tends to create characters and make you love them and then kill them off brutally. But apart from this, the books are cool. So, uhm. Read them? Please?
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First things first, this is so much relevant to my interests, it's ridiculous. My sister now hates me because I keep singing along to Lady Gaga, but it's okay. Even she had to admit that it was an awesome video.

Speaking of awesome, you know what's awesome? Castle. And by Castle I mean Beckett, because seriously. I might have a sliiight crush on Beckett. Okay, huge crush. And new OTP. I love this series, I'm so glad I decided I needed a police procedural in my life. I'm watching a lot of new shows lately since I still can't find my muse.

And we're almost caught up with both Doctor Who and Torchwood, and it depresses me to no end. I think I'll write an epic Torchwood AU starting from 2x13, because my canon is better than their canon. And has a pterodactyl. And I'm delusional. And I think whenever I get around to watching Children of Earth it's going to kill me.

Anyway, it's Saturday so here's another week's worth of recs from [ profile] merlin_muses.

Serendipitous * Arthur/Merlin * PG-13 * 13,562 words
Loosely based on the movie Serendipity. If you've watched it, great! If you haven't, this fic is still adorable!
Arthur and Merlin meet for the first time just before Christmas in NYC. It's love at first sight (or almost), but Fate conspires to keep them apart. Will they be able to meet again before Arthur marries someone else? (Hint: the movie's a comedy so obviously there's a happy end.)
Leon is the best supporting character ever. Gwen is lovely and makes tea. And, in the end, it's all Morgana's fault.

Party of Four * Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen, slight Gwen/Morgana * NC-17 * 2,252 words
Proof can I can recommend things other than Arthur/Merlin. If there were more fics like this one, I think I'd be a much bigger Merlin/Morgana shipper. I didn't even mind the Arthur/Gwen bits, because it fit with the story. This is mostly PWP but their characters are just perfect.
Modern AU, starts with a drinking game. There's smut, some femslash, exhibitionism, and Arthur dares Morgana to masturbate in front of the others,. If I haven't squicked you away yet, this fic deserves a read.

All Things Are Ours * Arthur/Merlin * PG-13 * 24,436 words
Modern AU set in Carmarthen, which according to the legends was Merlin's birthplace. Arthur is Merlin's hot new boss, Merlin sometimes insults him in Welsh but Arthur doesn't understand, and they gaze longingly at each other for the best part of the fic before finally getting together.
It's probably better than my summary makes it sound and there are a lot of other secondary characters around, though they're sadly underdeveloped. There are some points where this fic is very much tell, don't show.
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I wish I had a DW icon. Castiel is still the most relevant thing that I have. And I refuse to use the drunk!Dean icon because whatever anyone says this is srs bsns.

I don't exactly know why, but after dinner I was attempting an experiment to measure just how big the human field of vision is. Or rather, my own field of vision. I might not be an ideal test subject, my vision is less than perfect and I wasn't working under optimal circumstances.

Anyway, my sister (who always gets roped into this kind of things because she's too nice to say no and my brother always says no) suggested a practical (kind of) use for this: we can now determine the minimum number of humans (or humanoids) required to fend off an attack of the Weeping Angels. Of course, you could just get with your back into a corner and wait to be rescued, but that's not effective at all. Four people can cover all of the surroundings and move around, getting themselves to a place of safety. This excludes the possibility of flying Angels ninjaing you from above, so actually you'd need to be in a team made by eight people to be certain of survival. Provided that none of them blinks.

So, eight people, my sister reckons the Doctor would never manage that unless he went on a massive recruitment spree. Then I suggested he teams up with Torchwood, it's just five people but they have a Pterodactyl! (We're very big on Terry, me and my sister. We have an ongoing graph of character popularity and she's always in the #1 spot. It's a thing of beauty, that graph.) So with the Doctor, one companion, five people from Torchwood and a Pterodactyl, they can take on the Angels no problem.

Except that my sister pointed out that Pterodactyls maybe can't see right in front of them, so here goes my foolproof plan. We needed an alternative. What wouldn't work is setting up a CCTV system, because if you watch the angels through a screen you're not actually watching the Angels, you're watching a series of frozen images, and in the interval between the frames the Angel would so get you and send you to some awful place before the invention of the Internet.

Then an alternative plan was suggested. It involves setting up mirrors in strategical positions. The only unknown factor here is whether watching angels reflected in a mirror would still work, but I think the answer to that is positive. I even wrote some equations to prove my point, confirming that the Angels do indeed move at a speed that's strictly less than the speed of light, but I won't add them here because I'm about to watch the episode with Georgia Moffett, and also I'm not sure I got the units of measure right. That's why I hate physics.

Well, whatever, now we're fully equipped to face an Angel attack. This post was brought to you by spare time, that episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon tells Leonard "You know what's the problem with Time Travel?" and the fact that my sister refused to continue our conversation. But I'll need to remember the details of this for when I update TvTropes debunking the theory that the viewer counts in deciding whether the Angels are being watched or not.
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So, I FINALLY watched Inception. And I gotta say, that film's totally worth the hype. I'm used to getting disappointed after waiting too long for something (like with Deathly Hallows, or more recently the SPN premiere) but this time all I have to say is... awesome.

I kind of figured out halfway through that spoilery bit for the poor souls who haven't watched it yet but plan to ) but it was still awesome. Like, in some parts I blacked out and missed some seconds of film because I was busy thinking "crap this is really awesome".

Also, Arthur's fight scene. Just Arthur's fight scene. Zero gravity. Badass. Enough said.

I don't think I ship anyone, not really, which is kind of surprising coming from me. Well I might be shipping the couple sitting beside me, they seemed nice and laughed at the right moments and went "oh crap" at the right moment at the end. But that's just me confusing porn with real life as usual. Anyway. Not really that much shipping material, we only really got Cobb's backstory and personality. Everyone else is just an accessory. On the other hand, this means any pairing is free go should anyone be so inclined.

And apparently the fandom did, which is great, but honestly I'd be more interested in the possibilities of mindscrew gen fic. Because, seriously, I haven't seen such potential for world-building since The Matrix. This is, basically, The Matrix on more levels. Awesome. I'm saying "awesome" a lot today, aren't I? I kind of wish, dunno, there should be a TV series exploring the personalities of the other team members (especially Arthur) and about other jobs and stuff. But that's just wishful thinking. I'm afraid what we will get is Inception 2, which will be crap like most sequels and force me to discontinue it.

Meanwhile I'm all hyped up and I'm going to download it in English while I wait for the DVD to come out (needs moar wintermas presents) because I want to listen to everyone's original voices. And watch it again. And then write some fic. Gah, the world-building possibilities! Just think of the possibilities!

Now for something freakish and loosely related

We (me and my brother and my sister) went to a late afternoon showing and it finished late so we went to the McDonald's next to the cinema. They were redecorating or something, half of the restaurant had been walled off and it seemed all crammed despite it being emptier than usual. There was nobody at the counter when we arrived while usually there's a long wait.

The bathrooms were in the walled-off section so my brother and sister went to investigate while I placed our orders (3 McChicken menus with fries and cola - we're boring, boring people). And while I was there a couple of guys got in line behind me and they actually tried to hit on me. It was kind of unreal, considering that they seemed straight out of a bad comedy movie, including elbowing each other conspiratorially and offering to carry my tray. Dude. Seriously? Seriously. To which, having watched Gintama, I said "No, thank you!" - except I'm not a character from Gintama so I couldn't punch him. Instead I gave him my trademark creepy grin and hope he'll be as creeped out as I was.

I'd have thought it was some kind of joke, only afterwards I saw one of the guys hitting on another two girls. So, freaky stuff. The subject of today's dinner was, strange stuff is happening so maybe we're actually in a dream. Also awesome film. Also the fries are cold and taste awful. Also awesome film.
Also, the popcorns and/or the fries were way too salty and I think I had a cut on my lip or something because it's still itching. Damn junk food. Damn delicious junk food.

SPN 6x02

Spoiler for the newest episode of SPN )

Merlin Gwaine

Just as planned, today's newsletter is full of shirtless gratuitous fanservice Gwaine. He's in about a dozen fics with different pairings. I've seen Merlin and Gwen (which kind of make sense), Morgana and Lancelot (which don't really make sense but should have been expected), Leon (which makes no sense at all and wtf fandom I know you love him and I do too but do you have any justification apart that Leon's pretty?)... but no Arthur.

Nobody has written Arthur/Gwaine yet, and somebody needs to rectify this mistake. Needs more pretty shirtless boys. Needs new OT3, maybe, since the old one kind of shriveled up and died when Morgana went dark side.
Speaking of Arthur. I feel oh so tempted to add Gwaine to my [ profile] merlin_muses fic, and the only thing stopping me is that I set it before S3 because otherwise I'd have to remove Morgana. Sad, sad thing.


Sep. 30th, 2010 02:17 am
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This link might save lives.

Or at least stop my sister from watching this crap. It's for the greater good.
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❧ I'm plagued by weird dreams. And when I'm asleep I get even weirder ideas. It just occurred to me that it would be an AWESOME idea to make a fanmix for Robot Unicorn Attack (just because) and even more AWESOME is the fact that there are already two entries tagged "robot unicorn attack" in [ profile] fanmix. Clearly this needs to happen.

❧ Attempts to recruit my sister into the project have so far failed. I started off with "hypothetically speaking" and she said "this can't end well" and I thought of unicorns crashing into stars and got an attack of the giggles. Further attempts at explaining my idea were met with scepticism and a refusal to contribute any trashy and sparkly songs she might have lying around. Whatever. I'm so going to do this.

❧ ETA; my efforts are met with success! I have a semi-definitive list of songs and now I just need to slap together some cover art. I'm awesome. I'm also ditching study for this. Maybe I should put the unicorns on hold for a couple of hours.
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❧ Back. The film was, as expected, kind of mediocre. I'd already seen all of the funny scenes in the trailers anyway. Plus, it being a children's film, the theatre was full of... duh, children. Which reminded me that, yes, they're cute when they're little, but then they grow up into little monsters. Do Not Want. (Or maybe it's just that people around here are terrible parents, idk.)

❧ While waiting to start anime time, I took over my sister's computer to look for a clip of SPN in Japanese to see how the anime will sound. I ended up learning lots of things. Most dubs are awful and can't get Dean's voice right. The Italian one is crap because Sam sounds wrong too. The Japanese one is actually good. Also I'm now banned from going on Youtube from my sister's computer, because I ended up searching for a bunch of clips and showing them to my sister. She was Not Impressed, which makes me sad because I have to squee with someone and I can't. Sadface.

❧ I need a SPN icon and/or a Sherlock icon and/or a Sengoku Basara icon.

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It's 3am and I'm about to head to bed. At last. But I felt that finding one good, lengthy fanfic definitely makes up for the loss of sleep.

Now there's only to hope that tomorrow morning my sister doesn't turn on my computer before I get up. 'Cause I've got another dozen tabs open on slash fics and... yeah. I mean, she probably knows I read slash, and I know she probably reads slash, but it's better when we pretend that we don't. Ew, embarrassment.

Will probably make up for this crap/spam with a more substantial post later.


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