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So Peyton's been bothering me to update my LJ but I felt like RL was too boring and sad and derpy to talk about that and I've already got Tumblr for fandom squee. Which mostly equates to writing inane strings of letters in the tags of gifsets that give me feels, but still. Isa posted this meme thingy today and I thought YES GOOD SHE'S GOING TO TELL ME WHAT TO TALK ABOUT. And thus an update was born.

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal.

7 questions )

Oh, also before I forget, Teen Wolf has eaten my mind.

Come join [ profile] beacon_hills, an interactive challenge comm for Teen Wolf. The very first Phase is starting soon STARTED A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO ACTUALLY and it'd be great fun to have some new member join in the fun.

There are two teams: team_argent and team_hale. They're both great teams, and which ever team you join EVEN THOUGH TEAM HALE IS TOTES THE BEST BECAUSE IT'S REN'S TEAM, you will be sure to have a great time competing.

Apply for a team and be sure to tell them I sent you.
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Today I missed my train for the second Monday in a row. I hate having lessons at 11am, there's nobody at home when I wake up and so there's nobody to wake me up if I oversleep or to point out that I'm spending hours in the bathroom. Plus, if I miss the 10:18 train there's nothing for the next three hours. I'm already planning to skip classes tomorrow afternoon to catch up, since those other classes aren't as important. By the way, this meme is so relevant:

By the way, my uni's online system to choose courses is a wreck. We were supposed to fill this online form in October but they kept pushing the date back because the system wasn't ready, and they pushed it back week by week until now the deadline is November 25th, and I figured that by now it would work so I tried to fill this magical form. IDK who did their coding but it sucks, it's a dozen steps long and I couldn't find the courses I wanted because they're listed in a weird order, and when I finally found it the system glitched and had me start from scratch. I hope their support email is quick to answer, otherwise I have the name of a person in my faculty who deals with these forms and I can ask her. But I'd rather not, since she's also the teacher for the class that I'm skipping.
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Kids, peer pressure is awful. Never give in to peer pressure. Today I gave in to peer pressure and, instead of going straight home after classes, I was dragged to a talk about mean field games. All because I couldn't say no and was bribed with pizza.
...Okay, well, it was interesting because it's the first time I heard a maths seminar in English and I'm happy to say I understood just as much as I would have if it was in Italian. Which means I understood nothing at all, because lol I don't know about PDEs and who is Nash and what's this equilibrium everyone talks about. :D I kind of gave up after the first half and stopped taking notes altogether, and why do mathematicians from all around the world insist on using handwritten slides and a projector from before the war, idgi.

Oh well. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH ONCE UPON A TIME because I say so and because it's about fairytales and because the sheriff is hot and the protagonist kicks ass. It's kind of cheesy, especially the parts set in the land of the stories, but I got my sister to watch it so we make fun of the conspicuous CGI together. And I am convinced that the Evil Queen and Snow White had a torrid love story, let's see what the next episode has to say about that. Also, hot sheriff. Kick ass protagonist. She had a chainsaw in the last episode and I cheered.

Also, Castle keeps having meh plots this season but who cares, everyone is so cute and I love them sfm. Please get together before you die of old age.
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Funny story.

Last night P. and I. and G. had a housewarming party. I'm trying this new thing where I try to talk to people and act like a social person (even though it makes me awfully tired) so it was kinda fun. There were five mathematicians, a couple of physicists, and a dozen other people studying more artsy subjects like biology. If you're a biologist: I kid. Mostly.

The actual party was at their place (obvs) but after midnight almost everyone went home and we moved to a pub because otherwise the noise would bother the neighbours. Then things went downhill because the two guys next to me started talking about tentacles. By which I mean tentacle porn, I swear I heard mentions of 4chan too, I don't even. I thought I'd act like a "normal" person and engage in "normal" conversations for one night but lol no. So one of the guys noticed my face and idk, maybe he wanted to scare the impressionable girl? Because he started with YOU SEE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE'S DREAM WHICH IS THIS PRINT... and I was like LOL YES I KNOW EXACTLY WHICH PRINT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Cue the usual reactions of BUT YOU'RE AN INNOCENT LITTLE BLONDE GIRL, WHY WOULD YOU KNOW THAT and whoops my cover as a normal person is blown.

This guy, uh, I'll call him M., even though almost every guy I know is an M. and yes it stands for the same name because there was a fad when I was born and every kid was named M.
Anyway, we started talking because apparently I can't engage in conversations with quasi-strangers unless tentacle porn is involved. He's a nice guy, even though he's a physicist. I might have tried to flirt with him, but in my defence I was drunk and he probably didn't notice anyway because lol what is flirting anyway. Also I displayed way too much knowledge of tentacles.

Also relevant to the story is the Creeper. He's creepy. He's tall and HUGE and looms over everybody and has no concept of personal space. He tends to get in your face and then tell something in a deadpan expression. This something is usually a quote from any possible source (I recognized a couple of modified Peanuts quotes) and you never know if he's serious or he's making a joke, because his jokes aren't very funny. Sometimes he just says random stuff. Anyway, I was trying to avoid him because he makes me uncomfortable and when I'm drunk I tend to say whatever's on my mind, which means if we talked I would have insulted him to his face.

Everyone at our table knew the Creeper from high school so they're used to him being, well, creepy. Me and M. were the only ones who didn't know him and I was like OMG SO GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE TRYING TO AVOID THE CREEPER. P. told me I was mean for trying to avoid the Creeper. I am mean, but idk why she was so surprised to learn that. It's like I'm not supposed to be mean because I'm an innocent little blonde girl. IDK IDK. Some time past 2am we were thrown out of the pub because they were closing, so M. said he knew a pizzeria that stays open all night and we got pizzas at 3am. It was equal parts awesome and crazy. We were sitting outside and the Creeper said he wanted to piss on a car to mark his territory. (Thankfully he didn't actually do it.) There was a moment where everyone looked at each other and went like DID HE REALLY SAY THAT and LOL CREEP and WHAT DID HE SAY, I DON'T THINK I HEARD THAT RIGHT.

So M. made a joke about "golden showers", he used the English term, and ofc nobody else got it and I was the only one who understood and cracked down with laughter, and then M. went all LOL I KNEW YOU'D KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. M.'s friend (who is also a physicist and G.'s brother) told me YOUR NIGHTS MUST BE ~INTERESTING and I kept thinking LOL PORN NO WAIT UUUH BE COOL BE COOL but idk if my poker face was any good. I wish I knew if M. has a girlfriend, but he probably does and anyway it's a moot point, I blew my chances with the tentacle porn already.

Best night in a long time, even though I went to sleep at 5am and had classes at 9am and with my favourite professor too. I hope my yawns weren't very noticeable.
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So I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning in the new house, cleaning up. Yesterday we all went (minus my dad who's in Israel for work this week) and me and my sister brushed away tons of dust from four floors while my mum and my brother cleaned all the rotten leaves and branches in the courtyard. We threw away so much junk, it's ridic. The previous owner had some pretty low hygiene standards, by the way. We were all wearing plastic gloves because everything was so filthy and there were cobwebs everywhere. Also it was. So. Damn. Hot.
Aaand today I woke up early to do stuff so my mum recruited me to go and cut off some more ivy from the courtyard. There's a wall that's almost covered with ivy, which is pretty, but nobody has cut it for years and the ivy was spreading across the pavement, which is less pretty and more wtf how am I supposed to walk here. But we cut it back a lot and cleaned away all the dry leaves and now it looks way nicer. Aside from the... you know... HUGE AMOUNT OF DRY LEAVES AND DEAD BRANCHES NEATLY PILED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURTYARD THAT WE NEED TO GET RID OF.

Not much else to say. I should write my big bangs, but CERTAIN OTHER STUFF holds me back. Also the stupid kitten story has passed 4,000 views on AO3 and officially ruined me. Whatever else I write, no matter how much I like it or how well it's received, I'll always look back and be like YEAH BUT REMEMBER WHEN ONE NIGHT YOU WROTE A FIC ABOUT CHARLES AND ERIK AND KITTENS AND IT'S THE MOST POPULAR THING YOU'LL EVER WRITE. Kittens, man. I don't even have a cat.

Also I need to figure out what to do with those kittens links but later because now I want to be lazy.
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Not only I got a story idea for the next issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu... I got ideas for the next two issues. Three actually, considering I've known what to write for the Wild Wild West issue for months. Somehow, their deadlines are a great encouragement for me to actually write all the original plot bunnies I have sitting around. I just wish I had time to write.

I didn't even make a reaction post for tv shows this week, and I totally should have. Hawaii Five-0 was epic. Steve and Danno's bromance reached new levels of awesome. (This is totally not a spoiler because it happens IN EVERY EPISODE.) In the opening scene, you can't tell me that they weren't on a date. I might have a thing for disheveled!Danny. The scene in the pawn shop had me laughing so much, there were tears in my eyes.

Glee 2x13 spoilers and 2x14 preview. )
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I'm so sorry to everyone on [ profile] merlin_land's RP for being MIA but I'm just not up to it this week. I know, my timing sucks. What sucks even more is being ill in the few days before my big exams, I kept freaking out and drinking tea and taking medicines in the hope it'd go away in time for today. (Hint: it didn't.)

I did pass the exam, somehow. I just can't even feel relieved about it because I feel so woozy. Talking for 30 minutes was a pain. Now I communicate using gestures and my dry-erase whiteboard. At least tomorrow I can sleep in, hopefully it'll get better.

Is Monday's livewatch still on? I'm trying to keep up with my flist but if your entry is longer than a paragraph I'm probably skipping parts of it because reading too much is difficult.
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Some weeks ago I ran into this guy who played clarinet with me in middle school and I hadn't seen him in a while so we said hi and I'd have asked him to get a coffee with me and catch up if it wasn't that he was late, I was late and we were in the middle of nowhere. (Thanks, campus comfortably located outside of civilization.) Then yesterday he sent me a message on Facebook asking how is my thesis going and we should meet up sometimes to catch up. And the only reason I'm bringing this up at all is because this is the closest I've gotten to a date in the past year. Which, needless to say, is sad. I need to meet new people, except I hate meeting new people.

My exam got pushed back to next week due to one of the professors being sick. Again. Poor man, I actually like him a lot. He's a decent person. But it's so difficult to be organized when the dates get moved around so much, and of course the more they push back the date the more I procrastinate.

Also it'd reeeally help if you went here and said "I support Team Point Man". It takes about 30 seconds and makes me happy and if you want I'll write you a drabble in exchange. Spread the word, I'm not beyond whoring myself out for the team. If that came out wrong, it was exactly my intention.
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I don't even care about awards but I'd have been willing to give up sleep and pull an all-nighter if I didn't have an exam this week. Also there was no reliable live-stream to be found. But I was so happy to wake up this morning and see all the interviews. TEARS IN MY EYES.

Cheered me up from the crap that is life around exam time, that and my daily episode of Criminal Minds. Oh hey, I think I might be obsessed with yet another show.
Though not as obsessed as with Hawaii Five-0, which HAS A NEW EP AIRING TONIGHT. The wait is over! \o/

Yes they are married. There is evidence of it. Also Kono is badass.

Lastly: LAYDEEZ! IT'S MONDAY NIGHT AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. If you don't I'm going to tell you anyway.

It's our weekly movie livewatch, and this week it's Ninn's turn and she picked Anastasia. Click the gif to get to her open post and join the squee. It's at 8pm GMT, in a bit less than three hours, but there's the ever-helpful countdown if you're timezone-challenged like moi.
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For the sake of my sanity, everything is on hold until I finish my exams. Everything I've promised to do or write... it's still on my to-do list, I just don't want to see my to-do list until February. I guess you'll understand why, though this is also a warning that I might not update often (or at all) and if I fall off the face of the Earth in the next few weeks, this is why.

There's just two very important things that I'll still do. Flail over Glee (dammit, winter hiatus!) and write Sandor/Sansa for [ profile] redcandle17 who is awesome for several reasons, though I don't think it's safe for her to encourage my cracktastic Disney tendencies.


I wish it was still December.
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So... my thesis advisor said that what I've written so far is okay. As I said last time, either I'm more brilliant than I thought or he doesn't really care about what I write as long as I do write something. I'll have to juggle my thesis and the remaining three exams though, so starting from next week I need to go back to super-depressing super-study mode. Woe is me.

Also my parents randomly brought up that there's some kind of doctorate in some university in Austria that's on the same subject as my thesis. I asked them what was the point of telling me since I won't get my master's degree for the next two years anyway but didn't get a decent answer. Didn't have the guts to tell them I don't even want to get a master's degree, let alone a doctorate.

Now let me whine a bit: pleeease, go vote on [ profile] camelot_fics! D=
My fic is once again tied for 3rd place which means I can't break the tie myself and IDK what to do so please please please I need more votes.
Also I've got this Glee fic for [ profile] gleesecretsanta that's 3 days late already and I can't get anyone willing to beta it. Is anyone willing to at least check it for random bouts of OOCness that might have crept in?
If I sound desperate don't worry, I am desperate.


Now I'd really, really like to tell you once again how much I love Hawaii Five-0, and by Hawaii Five-0 I mean the team, and by the way I found some hilarious fics, but I'm busy. I need to write porn for a certain someone.
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I feel like I'm duty-bound to extend some form of seasonal greetings to my flist. I don't want to go with Merry Christmas though, because 1) it's too Christian-centric, despite the rampant secularization of this holiday, and 2) Merry Christmas is what I tell my mum to avoid getting into the whole atheist discussion.

So, I wish you all a happy end-of-December/early-January, including but not limited to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Yule, Winter-een-mas, Winter Solstice, and all other winter festivals listed here. If your holiday of choice is not listed here, I apologize and I will make an effort to include it next time.
This greeting extends to your family, friends, significant others, pets and everyone else important in your life.
You're not required to accept or return this greeting if you don't celebrate any winter festivities or if I've pissed you off recently, but I sincerely hope I didn't piss you off and we can continue to be friends in the upcoming year too (or for the rest of the year if you don't follow the commonly used but sadly Christian-centric Gregorian calendar).

As for me... )
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So eurgh. I'm here with a mug of tea and a thesis that's advancing at snail's pace. The big accomplishments of the day are:
1) I remembered how to write integrals with Latex,
2) me and my sister got (almost) all of our Christmas shopping done.

Almost because obviously I couldn't get her a present while she was with me, and conversely she couldn't either. Though honestly neither of us care much since we agreed that presents are a bothersome social convention BUT IF I'M DOING THIS SILLY PRESENTS THING I'M DOING IT PROPERLY, DAMMIT.
So I'm hoping to find out that there's a shop here selling earmuffs, or possibly find her Alice on DVD if mum didn't get it for one of us already. Earmuffs. I'm not calling her weird only because I told her I wanted a life-size replica of Longclaw or a Tardis. (Or a plushie, or something striped like a scarf. But whyyy can't I have a Tardis?)

ETA: After a quick enquiry with mum I think I'm going with the DVD for my sister since it's easier than locating cute earmuffs.
Mum also wanted to know what my brother might want, to which I replied: I don't have the foggiest. There didn't seem to be any interesting books in the bookstore. (We checked.) His only other interest are games, so unless she wants to get him a new game... Me and my sister got him a game too, by the way, because otherwise I'd have no idea.


The fun part is actually finding the presents. Walking around for a couple of hours between the same three shops because we live in this sad little town... not so much.
At least with our combined powers we managed to get presents for five (5) different people. Three of which are friends of hers so I was all IDK dude don't ask me, I have problems with presents for my own friends. But we made it and I also got these awesome 30 rainbow-coloured scrunchies that are just I was looking for. I mean, I probably have a scrunchy-eating monster living under my bed, the rate these things disappear. Also while at the bookstore my sister got two new Neil Gaiman books. I approve of Neil Gaiman but we both have huge piles of unread books. Derp derp.

In unrelated news:
Yahoo says they're not shutting down Delicious after all.
But since my bookmarks got imported with Diigo, I'm going to keep both accounts in the meantime just in case. :|
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The house thing is still going through. Yesterday we went to see it and it's... well... it's okay I suppose. Honestly, the family who lives there now keeps the place awfully, there's dog droppings in the courtyard and the steps of the stairs are all chipped and there's the world's biggest spiderweb in the cellar. But mum's already planning a list of everything that needs to be fixed and my uncle says it can be done. He's going to help my parents with the contract and all.
I think the place would be nice too, once it's fixed up. It's a very old house and I love that. I've always wanted to live in a place that had an upstairs and a downstairs, don't ask why. Plus my parents really want their own place. I just don't want to think about how long it'll take to make the house inhabitable.
Plus I really don't feel like moving again. I say again though it's been 10 years already, but I remember last time we moved it was between December 1999 and January 2000 and we had New Year's Eve with cardboard boxes in the living room. Eurgh.

Writing my fic for [ profile] merry_merthur. I kind of regret signing up for this one because the minimum wordcount is 2,000 words and the prompts I got are all out of my comfort zone and I'm worried that it might come out forced.
At least I'm taking advantage of the fact that my thesis advisor hasn't replied to my mail yet so I have nothing better to do. Though I think next week I might have to start studying for January's exams. I just wish I knew which exams are in January and which in February. Oh well. When in doubt, write fic.
I just wish I wasn't so easily distracted by tvtropes.
Halfway through. Come on, me, the second half is the fun one. For a given value of fun.

Also I'm in dire need of new songs for my playlist, I'm in that depressing phase in which I play the same 5 songs over and over again and all the others sound just boring.
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My plans to write write write keep getting thwarted. Yesterday I missed my alarm, got up at 11am when my neighbours had a row that was even louder than usual, turned on my computer and ended up researching gay marriage law in the US. Then my muse deserted me and I ended up watching a couple of Castle episodes.

Then I had to leave for this Christmas dinner, which was... nice, I suppose, but not as memorable as the others (for better or worse). I was stuck at the far end of my group of friends, the two girls in front of me spent the evening locked in conversation with each other and I didn't know the girl next to me. Then I found out she was an Erasmus student from Germany and she clearly didn't know many people, so I thought it'd be nice to talk with her a bit. Except... I suck at making casual conversation with strangers. I spent most of the dinner staring at the ceiling and thinking of a good conversation opener. In the end I did manage to strike a conversation with her and we talked quite a lot, and after dinner was over we got up so I could talk to some people I hadn't seen in ages. But ugh, the awkwardness at the beginning.

Also, about awkwardness. While we were walking back (I slept at Irene's as usual) I accidentally hummed "Teenage Dream" and didn't know how to justify a sudden Katy Perry obsession. Then this morning I found out she watches Glee too. Which... unexpected, but cool.
On the train ride back I managed to write part of my [ profile] thegameison_sh entry and was about to finish it after I caught up with my flist... but then...

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I know I'm breaking the unwritten rule about not making two posts in the same day, but this is kinda big. Tonight at dinner my mum said that, by the way, she and dad were thinking about buying a house. Which doesn't really come as a huge surprise since I know they'd been talking about it and I'd seen a flyer from the agency floating around, but I had no clue my mum was so much into it.

She has already seen the house, and so has my dad, my uncle and my granddad. And she thinks there would be a lot of remodeling to do, especially with the bathrooms, but my uncle says it can be done relatively easily. (He's... I don't honestly know, a mix between a plumber and an electrician? He fixes houses for a living so he'd know about this stuff.)

I've got a feeling mum likes this place. Last time she said there was a house they might want to see, the place was a total dump and she never brought it up again. This was maybe two years ago. Now she just wouldn't stop talking about it. I kind of want to see the place for myself now since it's sounds ridiculous. For example: it's on four five floors. I thought she was joking around but she really wasn't. From what I understood there's just a couple of rooms on each floor so... tall and narrow house. House, not even apartment, and I think mum's fixated on the fact that it has a garden. She always wanted more space for her flowerpots.

This place has, from the bottom up: a cellar with a vaulted ceiling, laundry/spare bathroom + garage, kitchen + living room, master bedroom + huge bathroom, two bedrooms right under the ceiling. Plus the garden, which is more of a courtyard since it's paved with flagstones, but they can be removed and there's ivy on the walls and an old oven that used to be for making bread like two hundred years ago. And a fireplace in the living room. And then we ran away because the more mum kept talking the more things were getting ridiculous and I was afraid she'd tell me that one of the wardrobes is the door to Narnia.

So. I'm all for changes, in general principles, I didn't think I'd have to move before I got my degree and moved away, but if my parents decide to, so be it. But this time I'm lobbying to give my brother the single room, it'd be pointless for me to get it since then they'd have to rearrange everything when I leave in just a couple of years. Besides, this way my sister ends up with the largest room, and I like my sister much better than my grumpy brother who doesn't even want to watch Glee. Obviously this might end up being just a castle in the sky, but still.

I also braved the snow storm outside (which totally stopped once I got back home, of course) and went to see my thesis advisor. I completely bullshitted about reading both books he gave me, I skipped a hundred pages or so because it was kind of deathly boring so I just flipped through all of the proofs of sections 5 and 6. But apparently I can bullshit well, at least with him, since he told me to make a list of formulas that I could study for my thesis. Which I'll do, after tomorrow's Christmas (we're early this year, apparently) dinner with the rest of the class.
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So one of my professors is pregnant and we were hoping that her course would be taken over by a colleague next semester. Because she's a complete bitch and likes to make us suffer by making everyone fail her exam. No, seriously, a friend of mine already tried her exam six times and it's the only one she still needs to graduate. So we were all hoping she'd get out of the way and her course would go to someone who'd give us the chance to take the exam both in January and February, like we can for all other courses. And we'd talked with her replacement who seemed fine with it.

Except I just got a mail saying that she put her foot down and said we absolutely can't have more than one date. Shouldn't she be feeling, dunno, motherly and nice and things like that? It's not even as if we like taking her exam multiple times just to waste her time, I'd be more than happy to pass it at my first try and move on. Bitch.

On a definitely happier note, EW published 10 promo photos for A Game of Thrones and I approve of them. Especially this one of Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, who's just fuelling my obsession for pretty men with swords.

Actually all the photos look great, apart from the ones of Kit Harrington. I can't say I'm a fan of his moustache, but maybe he'll grow on me. He does play one of my favourite characters.

I hope there's some hi-res version coming soon. I need to find the fandom, it's finally time to start iconing my heart out.

With all this flailing, I almost forgot: I got my assignment from [ profile] sherlockmas and it looks awesome. Can't wait to start writing. ♥
I miiight need some help with police procedures though, is anyone willing to help a girl?
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So before I started drooling on that picture I was quite happy about life already. Even though my legs hurt so much and I forgot my umbrella so of course it rained, but only in the ten minutes while I was walking to the bus stop.

In short: blah blah blah. )

Of course, photos of Arthur and his knights are far more interesting than my day.
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Fucking Real Life

Okay, I'm stressed over this fucking exam. So. Fucking. Much.
There just isn't enough time. And I've tried but I can't concentrate, and I know why. I'm just sick and tired of studying and I don't care about physics and I just want out. London needs to happen. Or something. I need to go somewhere, have a change of pace some time soon, or I'll lose my mind.


The fucking huge fandom

The only thing keeping me sane lately has been tea and Glee. Seriously. (It kind of rhymes but that wasn't the point.) There are no words to describe just how much I love that show and its cliché-riddled cast. I can just turn off my brain and hum along when I know the songs. And I kind of watched 5 episodes today with my sister because I knew stuff would happen on 1x12, and then 1x13 was Sectionals and we just needed to finish, and we were supposed to watch two episodes on Merlin tonight but after the failboat that was 3x09 (though I liked the punch-to-the-arm scene) I didn't really want to watch 3x10 so switching back to Glee seemed like a good alternative and then 1x15 was the Madonna episode... So yeah.

We're officially marathoning it. Late to the party and everything, but I don't really care. I just think I'll stay clear of the fandom because I don't really care for unnecessary drama and I miiight just have some unpopular opinions about characters/ships. (I also want to adopt Brittany, but that's beside the point.)
And I have a new favourite song. Lately I change favourite songs a bit too often. I have the attention span of a deranged rabbit. Unless it's time to watch another episode of Glee. Honestly I think this show might just have brainwashed me into some kind of mindless minion but I don't really care.


The small fandom that makes me happy

I've signed up for [ profile] yuletide and I've got a feeling nobody else is offering or requesting Locke Lamora. Which makes me sad, because, seriously. The author is cool too, personal problems aside, he's got a livejournal and pulled his main character's name from a Final Fantasy game and said he was okay with fanfiction as long as he didn't have to read any of it. And he's got the full prologue from his first book online here, I don't remember if it's the part about little Locke or the start of their highly entertaining con, but either way it's a good read.

There are conmen and witty remarks and badassness and female pirate captains. There's also much use of the word "fuck" and similar, but if you read my entries I suppose it doesn't bother you too much. Oh, and he tends to create characters and make you love them and then kill them off brutally. But apart from this, the books are cool. So, uhm. Read them? Please?
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Yesterday I found out that my professor, the one I'd been trying to contact unsuccessfully for a week, was totally fine with letting me and my friend take his exam in the date I suggested. Just a tiny problem: the date is November 16th and now I'm stuck with less than one week to prepare this exam instead of two. And I'm really hoping this course is as easy as it seems because otherwise I'm screwed.
Also hoping people will be quick to reply to my Facebook plea asking for questions asked during past exams, because again, I thought I'd have more time for this.

And just as I got another negative answer from somebody who hasn't got those questions on hand right now, I got a call from my cousin. She wants help with maths and possibly needs to ask me something about English too. WHY CAN'T I CLONE MYSELF SO MAYBE I'LL HAVE TIME TO DO EVERYTHING AND STILL SLEEP AND EAT.
I'm kicking myself for this but I told her sure, just wait until after my exam. Which totally doesn't help because I think there will be another exam right after this one so it's not as if my schedule will ever clear up before April.

Then I'll really need to run off to London before I explode.

I'm sorry everyone if I don't keep up with your entries, I'm not used to having so many people on my flist updating daily, plus it's a really crappy moment so yeah. I'm usually better with commenting. :/


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