Sep. 12th, 2011 06:51 pm
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I'm kind of in a blah mood today. Cut for talk of doctors. )

Also, a friend of mine is in Milan and wants me to hang out tomorrow afternoon. I said yes because I haven't seen him in over a year and anyway I've got nothing to do, but now I'm not sure it's such a great idea. We were keeping in touch over MSN but then it got awkward because he made some sexist remarks and I called him out on it, but I don't think he even understood why I was mad. So I stopped going on MSN altogether. Now at least I get to talk to him face to face, but as someone might say, my "people skills" are a little "rusty" after the summer and if he pisses me off I am going to rip him a new one. Urgh, I hope he doesn't piss me off. I've known him for years.
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After one year and a half, I changed the layout of my journal. I blame [ profile] scatteredintime. But not really, because she's the one person who won't judge me whenever I flail and rage about Pottermore. Which happens embarrassingly often. At least I don't flail on the Pottermore tag on Tumblr. Urrgh, srsly, the Pottermore tag on Tumblr. Just... no.

Works in the new house are progressing... probably. IDK, there seems to be a never-ending list of things that weren't up to safety standards and need to be replaced. Plus, the electrician is the father of the guy I used to give remedial maths lessons to. That guy was so stupid and arrogant. From what mum tells me, it might run in the family.
I'm faking enthusiasm every time mum talks about the house because she's worrying so much. Hopefully everything is fine and we can move next month as planned. I got the single room, even though the plan is I'll only stay there a couple of years and then move away when I finish uni. This means I can't paint the walls purple because my brother will get the room next. I told my mum I was fine with whatever she wanted to do, then I took it back when she said she wanted to do one wall in light blue and the other three white. She's been reading too many interior decorating magazines.
Last weekend we cleaned the basement. There was so much dust and cobwebs everywhere, I ended up trying a bandana in front of my mouth to avoid breathing in dust. I found out it doesn't work as well as in movies, because it kept slipping and felt suffocatingly hot. Also, there was no way to stop the dust from getting in my eyes. At least the basement is clean now.
The tiles in one room are red. They used to look grey from all the grime. I remember the previous owner said that we could use the basement as a bar, which only increases my suspicious about his non-existent hygiene standards.

I should get my shit together and do stuff for [ profile] hogwartsishome. The thing is, as much as I love most of the people there, the keyword is most. There's a couple of people I wouldn't mind avoiding for the next forever. Plus I have no idea what to do for the Hogsmeade tags, and Hogsmeade starts tomorrow. AGSHASGAHGSHASG;;

WHY DOES WHITE COLLAR HAVE A MID-SEASON FINALE. I HATE THAT. It's already bad enough to wait for Doctor Who. :(
Plus I don't like this season's plot. I don't even ship anyone aside from Neal/Sara, they better bring her back.
Anyway, now I'm left with only Suits. It's sad that all the shows start in September, when I won't have time any more.

I should also write Dean/Cas instead of ranting, but Dean/Cas eludes me. Urgh. I'm only at about 5k, how am I supposed to finish a big bang by the end of the month.
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After one longfic is done, the only possible thing to do is... procrastinate before starting the next longfic. I'm juggling two plots for [ profile] bigbangitalia, drafts are due on September 1st and I only have the outlines so far. (The SPN one is ~4,000 words and the HP one is ~2,700 so it's A LOT of plots. But still.)
I have no idea what I'll do for [ profile] xmenbigbang because I suck at keeping on track.
Note to self: it might be useful in the future to stick to a single fandom, so you don't have to scramble for a new beta every time you start working on a new fic.

It's. So. Hot. I hate August. Right now there's that stupid weather right before a storm, when it's stifling and humid and it threatens rain but doesn't actually rain. Please make it rain.

Also there's some rl stuff, but rl stuff is boring. I need to enrol for my master's degree. But I'd rather get my letter from Hogwarts Pottermore.
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Not only I got a story idea for the next issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu... I got ideas for the next two issues. Three actually, considering I've known what to write for the Wild Wild West issue for months. Somehow, their deadlines are a great encouragement for me to actually write all the original plot bunnies I have sitting around. I just wish I had time to write.

I didn't even make a reaction post for tv shows this week, and I totally should have. Hawaii Five-0 was epic. Steve and Danno's bromance reached new levels of awesome. (This is totally not a spoiler because it happens IN EVERY EPISODE.) In the opening scene, you can't tell me that they weren't on a date. I might have a thing for disheveled!Danny. The scene in the pawn shop had me laughing so much, there were tears in my eyes.

Glee 2x13 spoilers and 2x14 preview. )

Comic rant

Jan. 20th, 2011 05:04 pm
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My newest thread on [ profile] fanficrants has more replies than anything I ever wrote. Also I pissed off more people today than during the debate about crucifixes. The subject? Comic sans.


Oh yeah, the original point of this post was that Chris and Darren are going to be on the cover of EW and I can't wait for scans, but in the meantime this is keeping me pretty amused.
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So... my thesis advisor said that what I've written so far is okay. As I said last time, either I'm more brilliant than I thought or he doesn't really care about what I write as long as I do write something. I'll have to juggle my thesis and the remaining three exams though, so starting from next week I need to go back to super-depressing super-study mode. Woe is me.

Also my parents randomly brought up that there's some kind of doctorate in some university in Austria that's on the same subject as my thesis. I asked them what was the point of telling me since I won't get my master's degree for the next two years anyway but didn't get a decent answer. Didn't have the guts to tell them I don't even want to get a master's degree, let alone a doctorate.

Now let me whine a bit: pleeease, go vote on [ profile] camelot_fics! D=
My fic is once again tied for 3rd place which means I can't break the tie myself and IDK what to do so please please please I need more votes.
Also I've got this Glee fic for [ profile] gleesecretsanta that's 3 days late already and I can't get anyone willing to beta it. Is anyone willing to at least check it for random bouts of OOCness that might have crept in?
If I sound desperate don't worry, I am desperate.


Now I'd really, really like to tell you once again how much I love Hawaii Five-0, and by Hawaii Five-0 I mean the team, and by the way I found some hilarious fics, but I'm busy. I need to write porn for a certain someone.
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The Despicable Me livewatch was fuuun! And we're doing it again next week. And the week after.
Though I doubt we'll be able to top this movie, because MINIOOONNNSSSSSSS!

I reached the conclusion that everything can become a crossover with Merlin. It's like the ultimate wild card, maybe because you can argue that the boys could be reincarnated into almost any couple.

My brother is learning how to cook. I feel like I'm not doing anything to better myself as a human being, though I did almost finish floor B09 on Etrian Odyssey.

Also I made the fanmix I was talking about. Long Live is so perfect for the trio, it makes me want to cry and pat myself on the back for a job well done. (I do that, on occasion.) Spamming this image everywhere because it took me forever to make.

Fun fact: at first I hated both prompts. How is it that the most hated prompts end up being the ones that produce the best results? Like when I wrote for "MPREG", or that random Placebo quote.

And when I like the prompts to start with, they are a bitch to write. Assignment for [ profile] sherlockmas, I'm glaring at you!
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So I actually had a pretty good day after my previous derp-filled entry, up until a couple of minutes ago when I finished the third fic of the day and my f-list told me that Yahoo is shutting down delicious. To which I can only say, why?
I've exported my bookmarks and waiting for fandom to reach some general consensus as to where to migrate. I liked delicious because almost everyone had an account and it was easy to save, tag and rec fics. Damn you Yahoo for killing off services that actually work.

I started this morning with a file full of random bits of characterization and vague mentions of what would be going on in the fic in no chronological order, and the finished fic was betaed and submitted to the archive before dinner. Maybe karma thought it was time I found a competent beta again. Dunno.
But whew, that's one more story done and I like the result. And that's the last I'll say about Yuletide before 2011, otherwise I'll slip and reveal what I wrote.

Also: song meme, v. Merlin.
Gwaine(/Lancelot[/Gwen]) - Every little thing she does is Magic by The Police [ profile] redjumper
Vivian(/Morgana) - Falling by Florence + The Machine [ profile] teaboytoaliens

It's... probably best if you don't ask me about the pairings. Gwen isn't actually in the first one but I needed a "she" somewhere. Also I made myself sad by making Viv sad.
(Only 2 fics to go now.)
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Since I got back into the ASOIAF fandom I decided to retrieve all my old fics from 2008-2009 and post them in my fanfic journal. And it's driving me mad. I'm now insanely happy that when I started writing fic fairly often I also started a fic journal and tagged everything. Because I used to just... post fics here and there, with no titles and no summaries and no coherence, and it's driving me mad. How did I even manage.

Anyway, I posted six fics today. I still have a document of 10,000 words with all the others. This is insane.

Also, ffff Vampire Diaries. It really got better around episode 5. Too bad a character I liked had to die in the meantime, but still. Awesome ep.
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Yesterday I found out that my professor, the one I'd been trying to contact unsuccessfully for a week, was totally fine with letting me and my friend take his exam in the date I suggested. Just a tiny problem: the date is November 16th and now I'm stuck with less than one week to prepare this exam instead of two. And I'm really hoping this course is as easy as it seems because otherwise I'm screwed.
Also hoping people will be quick to reply to my Facebook plea asking for questions asked during past exams, because again, I thought I'd have more time for this.

And just as I got another negative answer from somebody who hasn't got those questions on hand right now, I got a call from my cousin. She wants help with maths and possibly needs to ask me something about English too. WHY CAN'T I CLONE MYSELF SO MAYBE I'LL HAVE TIME TO DO EVERYTHING AND STILL SLEEP AND EAT.
I'm kicking myself for this but I told her sure, just wait until after my exam. Which totally doesn't help because I think there will be another exam right after this one so it's not as if my schedule will ever clear up before April.

Then I'll really need to run off to London before I explode.

I'm sorry everyone if I don't keep up with your entries, I'm not used to having so many people on my flist updating daily, plus it's a really crappy moment so yeah. I'm usually better with commenting. :/
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Long, long day. Due to a malfunctioning ticket machine and a very rude member of staff, I'm now about to personally test the efficiency of the trains' complaint forms. Frankly I'm not expecting much, or anything at all, but I really needed some way to vent or I'd have gone postal on the man. I really didn't need that in my day. Anyway.

I FINALLY HAVE A SUBJECT FOR MY THESIS! I also have a professor who will follow my work, but I have no idea of what to call him in English. Meep.
For those who might be interested, it's about numerical methods for approximating multi-dimensional integrals. And it's a mouthful but it's really much easier than it sounds, I'm going to read a couple of books on the subject, summarize the main existing methods and then write a program to implement one or more of them. Meaning that yes, I went the applied maths way. Blasphemy, but pure mathematicians don't do well in the real world and I have no intention of staying in academia.

It didn't even take me much to decide on a subject, the professor I had an appointment with asked me if I already had something in mind and we went over everything covered during his course. I told him integrals and he said "you could study these methods a bit more in depth, maybe since the course was just about one-dimensional integrals study the methods for more dimensions?" and I said okay and I'm going back next week to get more info and books to read.

Since I was in the building already I tried to see the other professor whose exam I need to take this month or the next, but he wasn't around. And he still hasn't replied to my mails. I later learned that he's got a story of going MIA. Derp derp.
Classmate of mine who lives closer to uni will try to get a hold of him tomorrow morning when he's got classes.

And. In more exciting news. I had tea with Paola after this whole ordeal and it came out that she's planning to go to London for a month after graduation too! My plan was to stay for the 4-5 months between graduation and the start of autumn semester (May to September), get a temp job and all, and it'd be great to go together with the group of April graduates. Now that's some good motivation for me to get all exams and thesis done in time.
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Yesterday sucked beyond expectations. I got a mail at 11am telling me I had to be in my professor's office at 4pm to register my vote, so there went my afternoon. I had to move my student's lesson one hour earlier (it's weird to call him my student, he's more like my constant nuisance whose attention span is shorter than mine) but at least we're doing derivatives now so there's not much to explain, I just have to check that he's not making any mistakes in his exercises.

So at 3pm I hopped on the train, walked to the physics department, got lost in the physics department, found the office (on the 2nd floor, first door in the corridor, too bad I'd walked up to the far end by mistake and had to walk back), found a message taped to the office door saying "I'm in A107", walked down to ground floor to room A109 by mistake so I had to double back to A107... By the way, obviously A109 is on the far end of the corridor while A107 is right next to the entrance. I walked for about 20 minutes just to find my professor in the room next to the door I'd come in from. I was completely out of breath by then. His (nicer) colleague seemed worried I might collapse. And from the look on his face, I totally didn't need to come back and could have registered the vote last week. :/

Anyway, after this colossal waste of time I got home. I'd contacted about ten people to ask if they were interested in asking for an exam in November, and all the answers I got were negative. I asked anyway, figuring I've got nothing to lose, but until I get a reply I don't know what to study.

I also got a faculty-wide mail about doing a year-long internship in Japan that sounds awesome, but I don't think I have the qualifications. My grades are decent but not stellar and they only take about 3% of all applicants. I don't even have any English certification. (I kind of see my mum's point about them now, though I still think FCE is too low-level.) I still wish to look up who's in charge of applications for this internship and ask for more info, if only because my parents would go spare if I sent in an application.

And, to conclude, my brother broke my favourite mug. I probably shouldn't whine so much about it, but it was my mug and it had a cute cats pattern and I liked it. :(
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Don't you just hate it when you read and re-read a fic, and have it betaed, and then have it betaed by someone else just to be 100% sure, and then you read it again a couple of weeks later and find there's still a couple of typos that somehow managed to elude you?

It drives me mad.

And here's the weekly dose of spoilerific squee. )
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It's not a good time for fic. Must be this gloomy autumn weather getting to me, but I just can't find good reads this week. Voting is up again at [ profile] thegameison_sh and there are some stellar entries, but the vast majority of them are so dull. The theme was dark fics and it went just as I was afraid it would. A bunch of entries just take a character and give us the surprise twist that he/she has been a serial killer all along. Or he/she snaps and tortures someone. And in 90% of the cases it's wildly OOC, and it's why I don't read dark fic usually. Don't get me wrong, Sturgeon's Law and all, there's a couple of awesome fics in there, but urgh. I still have to muster the willpower to slog through the last dozen or so.

As for writing, meh. The meme went largely neglected, I got one awesome song for one awesome character (thanks [ profile] hiza_chan!) but it's for one of those fandoms with 10 fics the last of which was posted in 2008. So I'd feel bad if I just wrote a drabble and I'm going for something longer, and it'll take time. And most of my plot bunnies aren't bunnies, they're just monsters waiting to take over my life. And they're too many, I wouldn't even know which one to pick.

So I'm just sitting around and wasting time without writing anything. And occasionally I study Physics. Exam's Friday and my goal is scraping a pass. Every time I go through my notes I have new insights and stuff starts to make sense. It's depressing to think that maybe if I'd had good professors I'd have understood all of this months ago and maybe I'd like the subject. But I hadn't, and I don't. Physics sucks. I can't wait to put this behind me and go back to good old maths.

SPN 6x01

Sep. 25th, 2010 03:04 pm
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Okay, self. Breathe. Breathe. Don't die of fangirling.

Reactions to the new SPN episode.

lol spoilers )

Oh the whole, my reaction was: meh. I suppose we can't go back to S1 ever again.
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❧ HAI NEW FRIENDS FROM MEMES! I hope my random entries won't scare you too much.

❧ So pissed off at the moment... Mostly with my computer that started to crash randomly when I use wordpad of all programs, but also with myself. Seriously, self, how could you misspell the name of one of your favourite characters? Now I have to correct all images I made, plus edit the posts, plus I feel like a moron. Because with all the time I spent obsessing over it during last week, you'd think at some point I'd have noticed. Brain, I need a new one because the one I've got isn't working.

❧ Also pissed off at myself at the world in general because it's September and I can see my exams looming closer already. On the plus side I'm done tutoring the kid for the summer since his exam was yesterday - gods, I hope he didn't say anything too stupid. But I heard from my aunt that he's enthusiastic about me and how patient and helpful and friendly I've been (I'm not a people's person, but I'm good at pretending) and he might come back for more lessons during the next schoolyear. Joy.

❧ I'm wondering just why I have a playlist since I end up listening to the same 3 tracks over and over anyway. GAIZ, I NEED MUSIC RECS NAO!
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I think there must be something wrong with me. I'm trying to fix my sleep. And by fix I mean stay up until 2am because it doesn't feel right that I'm on summer break and go to sleep way before midnight. Uh, really. And it took me a couple of months to get into socially acceptable sleeping patterns too.
So I suppose I'm almost glad we leave in a couple of days for the land of potatoes and glaciers and I gather nothing else much. No time for me to completely turn into some nocturnal sloth.
Urgh I still have to wake up in what, 6 hours? I'm giving a lesson tomorrow (again!) and it's not even as if I forgot. Oh, hell. I'm going to be a wreck. Why do I do this to myself?
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All right, as much as I'd like to claim that I'm virtually unsquickable, I'm not. But the list of things that do squick me is relatively short. Let's see: parent/child incest, mpreg, watersports, age play, most kinks related to food...
I think that's it, pretty much.

Why did I have to stumble on a mpreg fic without warnings? Why? It was even decent up to the last paragraph when, haha, surprise baby bump! Do not want.
It's not even worth being ranted about since hell knows there's already too many rants about lack of proper warnings already, but still.

I mean, really, why? How would you, slash author, who are most likely female if only because statistics say so, how would you rationalize the presence of a baby inside a person born, I would hope, without ovaries?
Because if Merlin has ovaries, then he's facing some embarrassing personal problems. And the guy really doesn't need any more.

My mood isn't really improved by the fact that there's this NOISE coming in from the windows, and it's not-so-slowly driving me insane. I hate summer concerts, they play music from decades ago and it's NOISY and they keep it up until insane hours of the night. I want to sleep already but there's too much damn NOISE.
So instead I'm reading sucky fanfic and wondering if I can manage to write a lengthy piece this time around. Something like 5,000 words, which would mean (gasp!) plot. Which means I'll need a beta, because I don't trust myself not to screw things up.

Incidentally, the icon I picked reminds me: FMA ended, but it's not the end of the world (yet) because a movie was announced. Gah, I loved this series so badly. They even managed not to screw up the ending, and I don't know what was the last time I saw an anime that ended in a not!cringeworthy way. Excluding those who left things hanging for the sake of a next season, of course. Emma did it right, but that was years ago.
So. FMA was awesome. I'm probably going to make a more useful post soon(ish) with a top ten of most awesome scenes, I just need some time to collect the screenshots.


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