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I'm kind of in a blah mood today. Cut for talk of doctors. )

Also, a friend of mine is in Milan and wants me to hang out tomorrow afternoon. I said yes because I haven't seen him in over a year and anyway I've got nothing to do, but now I'm not sure it's such a great idea. We were keeping in touch over MSN but then it got awkward because he made some sexist remarks and I called him out on it, but I don't think he even understood why I was mad. So I stopped going on MSN altogether. Now at least I get to talk to him face to face, but as someone might say, my "people skills" are a little "rusty" after the summer and if he pisses me off I am going to rip him a new one. Urgh, I hope he doesn't piss me off. I've known him for years.
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For [ profile] denija, who asked me about Accidental Superheroes (SPN, high school AU, vague Dean/Cas, PG, ~1,400 words). I apologize in advance for the last paragraph, I just have... a lot to say about this story.

The fic without commentary is here.

Batman and Superman )
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Strange things are happening today. And I'm not talking about my submission for the pornathon this week, though, well, that's strange too. My muse derailed me into writing something totally different from what I had planned, which meant it came out all rambly and incoherent, and also 800 words so I had to cut 80 and I hate having to do cuts so I just kinda deleted paragraphs at random. Also when I realized I was at 700 words I hastily hurried to conclude but I'd barely written any porn, so. Basically, I wrote pornless porn. IDK IDK.

Also I found myself in my wips too derpworthy to live folder and found a complete fic. For Ace Attorney. I'm not even in the fandom any more. I think I wrote it for the kink meme over a year ago and then didn't post it because it went in a different way from the prompt. Or because I was ashamed of the porn. WHICH IDK SELF IT'S A KINK MEME. Whatever, I no longer have shame and I need the wordcount for [ profile] fiumidiparole so I'm doing some quick editing and posting.

But the point of this post is another. I might or might not have accidentally signed up for an X-Men Big Bang. (Hint: I did.)
[ profile] xmenbigbang. There should probably be a pretty banner but I can't find it and I'm sleepy and lol whatever, I can pimp properly later.

What else did I forget about? There's the Tourney of the Hand over at [ profile] westerosorting and I still haven't recovered from Hogsmeade, I'm all excited about Pottermore even though we know next to nothing about it yet, and I fell in love with One Cell In The Sea. It's probably the only album I've ever listened to in order, without skipping tracks, multiple times. Hearts in my eyes. ♥

Back to editing shameful porn now.
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♥ I think I haven't posted in almost two months. It's all [ profile] hogwartsishome's fault. They kidnapped me! They did it nicely, but still. I was all I'M NOT GOING TO BE SUCKED IN and then got sucked in anyway because I have no self-control. But it's fuuun~ and btw, hello new awesome friends from the Hogsmeade friending meme! :D :D
Also, hi to the people from the [ profile] summerpornathon! I got in Team Lust, which is the team with the MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER including some of my favourite M/A authors ever, this is going to be fun. I even get to google sex toys and call it research.

♥ Speaking of writing. I joined [ profile] bigbangitalia, mostly because I want to get one of my long plots out of the way. It's just 10k words over the summer, so yeah. I already know I'm going to write in English and then translate it because I can't write in Italian. I just get stuck on the dialogue because I'm used to watching/reading things in English instead of the dub, I wrote some SPN/DW over the weekend and I was all BUT HOW DOES DEAN SAY "DUDE" IN ITALIAN? WHICH FUNNY WORDS CAN THE DOCTOR SAY IN ITALIAN?

Cut for talk of X-Men: First Class and veeery vague spoilers. Also my long-ass plot for an AU fic. )

♥ Yes, I needed to tell you that because 1) it's epic, 2) my brother contributed and 3) I hadn't written it down yet and I was in danger of forgetting. I'm also working on a fanmix for Charles and Erik, so I can get sad while listening to nice music too. I might need help in deciding what to write first. Or second, right after I finish this fic I've been working on since February. Numero Uno is the epic Dean/Cas post-S6 fix-it, or How Ren Wants S7 To Go. Like a proper Deus Ex Machina, God shows up to strip Cas of his pants his angelic powers after the events of S6's finale, so human!Cas is forced to roadtrip with Dean and Sam. Dean teaches him important human skills such as not getting his ass kicked by the monster of the week, showering, cheating at poker and blowjobs. Numero Due is a SPN high school AU. Don't judge me, though if you stuck with me through the rambles about Charles and Erik and kitties you probably won't. This can basically be summed up with Dean and Cas are high school students and they meet and they have sex. And I wrote a one-shot about them meeting here already, though obv it would need to be rewritten if I go with this story for the BB. Numero Tre is Harry/Draco, because idk. Apparently I've been cursed with plots for a pairing that I used to despise. Must be karma. It's just the typical post-book-7 EWE in which Harry and Ginny split up and Harry finds out that Malfoy isn't so evil after all and in the end they get together. So, f-list, if you stuck with Harry me until the very end, tell me what should I write. Numero Uno, Due, Tre or... idk, let's call it X?


Click me!

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So you know that one month ago I posted about possibly meeting up with a former bandmate and friend but we were both too busy? Or possibly you have forgot since it wasn't exactly this big life-changing event. Except now we're both exam-free and planning to meet tomorrow, time and place still unknown. For something that's not a date but just hanging out with an old friend and catching up without having to resort to facebook. I think the last time I arranged to meet with someone (for a reason not strictly related to mathematics) I was in high school. So I'm starting to panic. My two big conversation topics are mathematics and fandom. Awesome. I'm praying so hard that he's still into sci-fi, otherwise this is going to be so awkward. I'm trying to refrain from googling "conversation starters with people with zero social skills".

At least this explains why I spent Saturday night watching Camelot and looking for gifs on tumblr.
The first episode is... well... it's okay, I suppose. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I can't share everyone's excitement. I'll be watching and probably reading some fic, especially if I can be pointed towards Merlin/Arthur dub-con. (Yeah, I know, sorry. I have no shame.) It just didn't pull me in the way, for example, the first episode of H50 did.
Spoilery live reaction to the episode:
Copy-pasted from tumblr because I like to spam both my tumblr followers and you, but I'll save you the spoilers at least. There are gifs. )

ETA: I kind of forgot to mention I finally started watching Misfits. I'm currently at S01E01 because my siblings are being a pain and refuse to marathon it. Urgh. I really hope I can avoid spoilers for another while.
The last episode of Vampire Diaries was so awesome. Damon. Flame throwers. Caroline. Damon. ♥
SPN is... meh. They're running out of ideas, and they're trying to poke fun at themselves, but it's just kind of sad. The best part of the ep was the premise, pacing and dialogue and everything else just fell flat.
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Iiit's link dump time! The new issue of SSBB is out and it's the steampunk one! I'm so excited about all the other stories~
Mine is this one lol obvious pseudonym is obvious and I'd tell everyone to read it because it's awesome good decent, but there's a R-rated scene at the end (obviously), so yeah. Typical of me, I never write stuff that I could, for example, show to my grandma with impunity.
Actually I did write a couple of PG-rated fics for Glee and Vampire Diaries, but they sucked so much I don't even feel like spamming those links and crossposting them around.

By the way, how awesome was Damon in the last episode? And everyone else too. I love them sfm.
And I decided that Ian Somerhalder is the other half of my dream Good Omens cast. There would be pictures here that prove my point, except I can't because it would be terribly distracting to look up pictures of him. Or pictures of anyone really, but particularly of him.

This Sherlock comic on DA made me laugh so much. WARNING - it's a crossover with Disney.

Looking forward to April 17th! )

Now for a bit of TMI. Skip this bit if talking about wet dreams squicks you. )
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Not only I got a story idea for the next issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu... I got ideas for the next two issues. Three actually, considering I've known what to write for the Wild Wild West issue for months. Somehow, their deadlines are a great encouragement for me to actually write all the original plot bunnies I have sitting around. I just wish I had time to write.

I didn't even make a reaction post for tv shows this week, and I totally should have. Hawaii Five-0 was epic. Steve and Danno's bromance reached new levels of awesome. (This is totally not a spoiler because it happens IN EVERY EPISODE.) In the opening scene, you can't tell me that they weren't on a date. I might have a thing for disheveled!Danny. The scene in the pawn shop had me laughing so much, there were tears in my eyes.

Glee 2x13 spoilers and 2x14 preview. )


Feb. 15th, 2011 06:02 pm
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So you know the steampunk WIP, the one I've been talking about for the last two months? I finally finished it last night at a really embarrassingly late hour. I proofread it and checked it and sent it and felt pretty good since it's over 14,000 words of original story.

This morning I got up still feeling awesome, and stepped in the shower.

While in the shower I had two ideas for two other stories.


Have some random Matt Smith. I have decided he has to play Aziraphale in the Good Omens miniseries, though the jury is still out as to who the ideal Crowley could be. But Matt Smith would be just perfect. I have proof:
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Thank you everyone who replied to my post yesterday, it was a bad moment and you helped make it better. You guys are awesome. ♥

Now let's talk about happier things. Suddenly, new eps air! Gifs! Squee! Incoherent flailing!

Spoilers. )
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I just had a mini-heart attack since my exam's result appeared tonight instead of tomorrow morning. I got 19/30 on the written part which is barely a pass but at least I'm moving on to the oral part which is more than can be said for the last three times I tried this exam. My guesstimate of 20/30 wasn't too far off at least. I'm just berating myself because I didn't answer the last question because I ran out of time, while actually I just needed to write a matrix whose elements I already had from another question. And even worse, in another exercise I misread the question and I calculated the fundamental group of the wrong region. Obviously this wrong region was more complex than the ones we study usually because it wasn't connected and I had no idea what to do with regions that aren't connected because it's in the theory but never comes up during exercises so I ended up writing a lot of nonsense and I wouldn't be surprised if I get negative points for that question.

Just let me pass this exam and move on. Please.

ETA: And my dad's meeting with the guy selling the house tonight. He and my uncle want to make sure he's actually moving out in time as he said he would, since he doesn't exactly sound reliable.
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I feel like I'm duty-bound to extend some form of seasonal greetings to my flist. I don't want to go with Merry Christmas though, because 1) it's too Christian-centric, despite the rampant secularization of this holiday, and 2) Merry Christmas is what I tell my mum to avoid getting into the whole atheist discussion.

So, I wish you all a happy end-of-December/early-January, including but not limited to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Yule, Winter-een-mas, Winter Solstice, and all other winter festivals listed here. If your holiday of choice is not listed here, I apologize and I will make an effort to include it next time.
This greeting extends to your family, friends, significant others, pets and everyone else important in your life.
You're not required to accept or return this greeting if you don't celebrate any winter festivities or if I've pissed you off recently, but I sincerely hope I didn't piss you off and we can continue to be friends in the upcoming year too (or for the rest of the year if you don't follow the commonly used but sadly Christian-centric Gregorian calendar).

As for me... )
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Hi new friends from the Kurt/Blaine friending meme! Or possibly friend, there were lots of comments but few actual friend requests. Damn social awkwardness extending to the internet too. Anyway.

I finished S1 of the Vampire Diaries tonight and I have a few (non-spoilery) things to say.
First, how can Damon be so awesome?
Second, I don't know why but I read some spoilers that turned out to be actually wrong. Derp derp. Well, it helped with the suspense I guess.
Third, I think I have a crush on Damon. My sister might too. At the very least she agrees he's awesome. And my brother agrees (on the awesome, not on the crush part, or at least so I think; I'm still doing the bi-until-otherwise-proved thing). In short, when we agree on something, it means it's really really awesome.
Fourth, I felt sad for Damon in this ep, whenever he tries to to something nice life screws him no Kurt damn you it's not fair if your songs come up in my playlist and make me emo and holy cliffhanger Batman, I'm glad I can start on S2 straight away.
Fifth, Stefan's not as boring as I was afraid at first but he's still nobody compared to Damon.
Sixth, I ran out of things to say that aren't related to Damon.
Seventh, I ship Damon/mostly anyone. Seriously. Alaric, Elena, Sheriff Forbes, Stefan, anyone who can get him to drop his shirt.

Progress on my epic to-do list is going slow but steady. My thesis, which is not on there but is nevertheless a constant boring presence in my life, is kinda sorta moving forward too. And I got the 2 Layton ficlets out of the way.
I was going to write some Inception, only my first attempt sucked so much I don't think it'll ever get published. And I usually post all kinds of crap as long as it's complete, but this really sucks. You know when you have an idea and think "oooh, this is gonna be awesome!" and then it turns out to be a bitch to write and you hate the end result? Yeah, that.
So I moved to my [ profile] merry_merthur prompt (did I mention that I hate portmanteau names already?) since I finally figured out what to write, got an outline and everything.

I was going to start writing it this afternoon but then I got this idea for a steampunk original story and I was all "oooh, this is gonna be awesome!" again... yeah, I never learn from my mistakes. But this time I had all the scenes playing out in my mind one by one until I went from "it would be cool to have a duel on top of a zeppelin" to something with a beginning and a middle part and characters, and then I thought of an ending scene which is the hardest part for me, and then I thought up the backstories of the minor characters and then I just had to at least outline it. The outline alone was 750 words, that's more than my usual ficlets. This thing is getting written. And I'm kinda... happy about it, I haven't written anything original in years because I kept going back to my one original plot and that's an epic saga with a dozen characters and plots that I'll never be able to write in one lifetime. But now I have my plot, which is totally an excuse for the two leads to get together with steampunk!London in the background, and it's still better than nothing and I'm gonna stop rambling and go write this.
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I know I'm breaking the unwritten rule about not making two posts in the same day, but this is kinda big. Tonight at dinner my mum said that, by the way, she and dad were thinking about buying a house. Which doesn't really come as a huge surprise since I know they'd been talking about it and I'd seen a flyer from the agency floating around, but I had no clue my mum was so much into it.

She has already seen the house, and so has my dad, my uncle and my granddad. And she thinks there would be a lot of remodeling to do, especially with the bathrooms, but my uncle says it can be done relatively easily. (He's... I don't honestly know, a mix between a plumber and an electrician? He fixes houses for a living so he'd know about this stuff.)

I've got a feeling mum likes this place. Last time she said there was a house they might want to see, the place was a total dump and she never brought it up again. This was maybe two years ago. Now she just wouldn't stop talking about it. I kind of want to see the place for myself now since it's sounds ridiculous. For example: it's on four five floors. I thought she was joking around but she really wasn't. From what I understood there's just a couple of rooms on each floor so... tall and narrow house. House, not even apartment, and I think mum's fixated on the fact that it has a garden. She always wanted more space for her flowerpots.

This place has, from the bottom up: a cellar with a vaulted ceiling, laundry/spare bathroom + garage, kitchen + living room, master bedroom + huge bathroom, two bedrooms right under the ceiling. Plus the garden, which is more of a courtyard since it's paved with flagstones, but they can be removed and there's ivy on the walls and an old oven that used to be for making bread like two hundred years ago. And a fireplace in the living room. And then we ran away because the more mum kept talking the more things were getting ridiculous and I was afraid she'd tell me that one of the wardrobes is the door to Narnia.

So. I'm all for changes, in general principles, I didn't think I'd have to move before I got my degree and moved away, but if my parents decide to, so be it. But this time I'm lobbying to give my brother the single room, it'd be pointless for me to get it since then they'd have to rearrange everything when I leave in just a couple of years. Besides, this way my sister ends up with the largest room, and I like my sister much better than my grumpy brother who doesn't even want to watch Glee. Obviously this might end up being just a castle in the sky, but still.

I also braved the snow storm outside (which totally stopped once I got back home, of course) and went to see my thesis advisor. I completely bullshitted about reading both books he gave me, I skipped a hundred pages or so because it was kind of deathly boring so I just flipped through all of the proofs of sections 5 and 6. But apparently I can bullshit well, at least with him, since he told me to make a list of formulas that I could study for my thesis. Which I'll do, after tomorrow's Christmas (we're early this year, apparently) dinner with the rest of the class.
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Yeah, the return of the inane journal entries in which I talk about the shows I'm watching. Which is not the shows that are airing right now since I'm behind with a lot of shows, but bear with me. Or skip this entry entirely.

Speaking of too many shows... )

♠ For the first time since I don't know how long, I laughed out loud at Supernatural. Even though Castiel wasn't in this episode. Even though I didn't think much of the plot. Is it just me or the dialogue was way more fun that usual? Or maybe it's because the big damn plot for S6 had been shelved for once. Though it seems like it'll be back with a vengeance next Friday, but you can't have everything. I kind of... have mixed feelings towards SPN. It was my happy creepy summer show, I burned through 5 seasons in a couple of months and I'm left with a show in its final season. Sad. I should just give up and force my sister to watch the first two seasons again with me.

♠ Speaking of creepy, supernatural jerks: The Vampire Diaries is awesome. And by The Vampire Diaries I mean Damon. But also everyone else. Who are also awesome. Damn, Stefan and Elena did take some levels in badass. I'm now hooked on the show and trying not to get spoiled about any more plot points. If they keep it up through S1's finale, I might have a new OT3.

♠ I still haven't watched episode 3x11 of Merlin. It's just... Morgana makes me a sad panda. And the Arthur/Merlin abuse. WTF, show writers. Hoping that watching the finale together will make up for a sub-par season, especially since I've heard good things about 3x12.

♠ OMGWTFBBQGLEE T-14 HOURS! Yeah, I know it airs in less than 3 hours but it'll be in the dead of the night here and I have to wait until my sister gets home from school to actually watch it. FFFF. MUST RESIST SPOILERS! MUST NOT DIE OF ANTICIPATION!
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I'm reduced to a whimpering pile of goo and even hugging Ducky for comfort isn't helping. Why can't it be next week now. I don't even know why I'm so hooked on Glee.

Lots and lots and lots of spoilers for Furt. )

I'll shut up now and go do something productive.


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