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A long, long time ago (like a hundred or so) mathematicians were having fun and creating set theory, and then some smartass like Mr Russel and his friends came along and started saying things like "what happens if I take the set of alllllll sets ever?" and "what happens if I take the set of all sets that don't belong to themselves?" and "lol paradoxes" AND THEY BROKE THE MATHEMATICS. People were very sad and they had to build up the mathematics again, only this time they made it better so it wouldn't be broken any more.

So in this course I am studying how to build stuff like natural numbers (which are 1, 2, 3, etc...) and then addition and then multiplication and so on and so on. EXCEPT THAT I AM BUILDING THE ADDITION WITHOUT THE ZERO BECAUSE OOOPS I'M NOT CONSIDERING ZERO AS A NATURAL NUMBER. It makes no sense to leave the zero out because all of the beautiful properties of the zero? Out of the window. My prof said we could include the zero, or start from one, and it was a matter of preference, but I think I'd very much prefer to keep the zero tysm. Suddenly I remember why I stopped going to her lessons.

Among my (few) pages of notes there's scribbles in the margins that look suspiciously like "PROVE THIS THEOREM BECAUSE YOU WERE SLEEPING WHILE SHE TALKED" and "NOT ENOUGH COFFEE TODAY".
So I figured I'd use the provided material instead of relying only on my awesome notes. Except the materials are a dozen or so handwritten and scanned pdfs that the prof put online, which are also not in order, unless you count "ZF, 1, 3, 4', 4, 5, 6a, 6b, 7, 10a, 10b, reals, math system" to be an order. (It's not, math system comes before chapter 1 from what gathered.) In a course about numeration systems. The irony is killing me.

This is a fucking puzzle worth 1000 picarats.

Except, wait, it's one of my exercises taken from the awesome pdfs of not awesome. I'd give cookies to anyone who can solve it, except I'm fairly sure it's impossible because each letter is a different digit (from 0 to 9) and the letters are A, B, C, D. WHY IS THERE AN E. THERE CANNOT BE AN E. WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN.
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Last night, I was so nervous about my impending exam that I my stomach was upset and to calm down I did exercises until midnight. It didn't really work. I think it wasn't the nervousness, it was the chili I had for dinner.
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Today I missed my train for the second Monday in a row. I hate having lessons at 11am, there's nobody at home when I wake up and so there's nobody to wake me up if I oversleep or to point out that I'm spending hours in the bathroom. Plus, if I miss the 10:18 train there's nothing for the next three hours. I'm already planning to skip classes tomorrow afternoon to catch up, since those other classes aren't as important. By the way, this meme is so relevant:

By the way, my uni's online system to choose courses is a wreck. We were supposed to fill this online form in October but they kept pushing the date back because the system wasn't ready, and they pushed it back week by week until now the deadline is November 25th, and I figured that by now it would work so I tried to fill this magical form. IDK who did their coding but it sucks, it's a dozen steps long and I couldn't find the courses I wanted because they're listed in a weird order, and when I finally found it the system glitched and had me start from scratch. I hope their support email is quick to answer, otherwise I have the name of a person in my faculty who deals with these forms and I can ask her. But I'd rather not, since she's also the teacher for the class that I'm skipping.
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Also, Glee was awesome.

I'm going to make some kind of spam post later on to celebrate. So happy, guys, I don't even.
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I just had a mini-heart attack since my exam's result appeared tonight instead of tomorrow morning. I got 19/30 on the written part which is barely a pass but at least I'm moving on to the oral part which is more than can be said for the last three times I tried this exam. My guesstimate of 20/30 wasn't too far off at least. I'm just berating myself because I didn't answer the last question because I ran out of time, while actually I just needed to write a matrix whose elements I already had from another question. And even worse, in another exercise I misread the question and I calculated the fundamental group of the wrong region. Obviously this wrong region was more complex than the ones we study usually because it wasn't connected and I had no idea what to do with regions that aren't connected because it's in the theory but never comes up during exercises so I ended up writing a lot of nonsense and I wouldn't be surprised if I get negative points for that question.

Just let me pass this exam and move on. Please.

ETA: And my dad's meeting with the guy selling the house tonight. He and my uncle want to make sure he's actually moving out in time as he said he would, since he doesn't exactly sound reliable.
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So before I started drooling on that picture I was quite happy about life already. Even though my legs hurt so much and I forgot my umbrella so of course it rained, but only in the ten minutes while I was walking to the bus stop.

In short: blah blah blah. )

Of course, photos of Arthur and his knights are far more interesting than my day.
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Yesterday I found out that my professor, the one I'd been trying to contact unsuccessfully for a week, was totally fine with letting me and my friend take his exam in the date I suggested. Just a tiny problem: the date is November 16th and now I'm stuck with less than one week to prepare this exam instead of two. And I'm really hoping this course is as easy as it seems because otherwise I'm screwed.
Also hoping people will be quick to reply to my Facebook plea asking for questions asked during past exams, because again, I thought I'd have more time for this.

And just as I got another negative answer from somebody who hasn't got those questions on hand right now, I got a call from my cousin. She wants help with maths and possibly needs to ask me something about English too. WHY CAN'T I CLONE MYSELF SO MAYBE I'LL HAVE TIME TO DO EVERYTHING AND STILL SLEEP AND EAT.
I'm kicking myself for this but I told her sure, just wait until after my exam. Which totally doesn't help because I think there will be another exam right after this one so it's not as if my schedule will ever clear up before April.

Then I'll really need to run off to London before I explode.

I'm sorry everyone if I don't keep up with your entries, I'm not used to having so many people on my flist updating daily, plus it's a really crappy moment so yeah. I'm usually better with commenting. :/
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Yesterday sucked beyond expectations. I got a mail at 11am telling me I had to be in my professor's office at 4pm to register my vote, so there went my afternoon. I had to move my student's lesson one hour earlier (it's weird to call him my student, he's more like my constant nuisance whose attention span is shorter than mine) but at least we're doing derivatives now so there's not much to explain, I just have to check that he's not making any mistakes in his exercises.

So at 3pm I hopped on the train, walked to the physics department, got lost in the physics department, found the office (on the 2nd floor, first door in the corridor, too bad I'd walked up to the far end by mistake and had to walk back), found a message taped to the office door saying "I'm in A107", walked down to ground floor to room A109 by mistake so I had to double back to A107... By the way, obviously A109 is on the far end of the corridor while A107 is right next to the entrance. I walked for about 20 minutes just to find my professor in the room next to the door I'd come in from. I was completely out of breath by then. His (nicer) colleague seemed worried I might collapse. And from the look on his face, I totally didn't need to come back and could have registered the vote last week. :/

Anyway, after this colossal waste of time I got home. I'd contacted about ten people to ask if they were interested in asking for an exam in November, and all the answers I got were negative. I asked anyway, figuring I've got nothing to lose, but until I get a reply I don't know what to study.

I also got a faculty-wide mail about doing a year-long internship in Japan that sounds awesome, but I don't think I have the qualifications. My grades are decent but not stellar and they only take about 3% of all applicants. I don't even have any English certification. (I kind of see my mum's point about them now, though I still think FCE is too low-level.) I still wish to look up who's in charge of applications for this internship and ask for more info, if only because my parents would go spare if I sent in an application.

And, to conclude, my brother broke my favourite mug. I probably shouldn't whine so much about it, but it was my mug and it had a cute cats pattern and I liked it. :(
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It's not a good time for fic. Must be this gloomy autumn weather getting to me, but I just can't find good reads this week. Voting is up again at [ profile] thegameison_sh and there are some stellar entries, but the vast majority of them are so dull. The theme was dark fics and it went just as I was afraid it would. A bunch of entries just take a character and give us the surprise twist that he/she has been a serial killer all along. Or he/she snaps and tortures someone. And in 90% of the cases it's wildly OOC, and it's why I don't read dark fic usually. Don't get me wrong, Sturgeon's Law and all, there's a couple of awesome fics in there, but urgh. I still have to muster the willpower to slog through the last dozen or so.

As for writing, meh. The meme went largely neglected, I got one awesome song for one awesome character (thanks [ profile] hiza_chan!) but it's for one of those fandoms with 10 fics the last of which was posted in 2008. So I'd feel bad if I just wrote a drabble and I'm going for something longer, and it'll take time. And most of my plot bunnies aren't bunnies, they're just monsters waiting to take over my life. And they're too many, I wouldn't even know which one to pick.

So I'm just sitting around and wasting time without writing anything. And occasionally I study Physics. Exam's Friday and my goal is scraping a pass. Every time I go through my notes I have new insights and stuff starts to make sense. It's depressing to think that maybe if I'd had good professors I'd have understood all of this months ago and maybe I'd like the subject. But I hadn't, and I don't. Physics sucks. I can't wait to put this behind me and go back to good old maths.
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It's cold and damp and I've got a hell of a cold and probably a slight fever too, and I'm marathoning the first series of The Big Bang Theory and I'm laughing so much my throat hurts. A lot. But it was hurting already because of the cold so it's okay.
At least now I get why the guys in my year are so obsessed with it. Well, guys and girls. And one girl anyway. A subset of the guys in my year. Which includes at least one guy and at least one girl. Scary part is, we actually talk like that. Er.

Before getting sucked into this I also watched Merlin 3x06 and it was... okay, I suppose. Not memorable. I liked Elaine, though I don't get why she's the daughter of a lord and gets called princess while Vivian was the daughter of a king and was called lady. It makes no sense at all. Oh, and Vivian was prettier by far, but that's obvious.

I also feel compelled to add that I'm a mathematician, not a physicist. Or at least I'd be if I got my degree, which is not going to happen until I pass the damn physics exam, which might explain part of my resentment towards physicists. Though obviously mathematicians are superior to physicists. Everyone says so. Apart from the physicists, but they're just delusional. And the engineers probably disagree but their opinion doesn't amount to anything. And there's probably a lot of people who don't give a damn. But if you ask me, mathematicians are better.
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❧ Incredibly, yesterday I was too busy for LJ. Okay, not really busy-busy, I went up to uni in the morning for an exam which I totally flunked since one question (out of two) was "describe in details Chaum's protocol", and with 600 pages of cyphers you can't really expect me to remember. Every. Single. One. I had no clue what Chaum's protocol even was, and it turned out to be the last one covered in class, it's like one paragraph in the last chapter. We were all betting one of the important codes would come up, like DES, but of course it's never that easy.

❧ As I was getting out earlier after turning in my half-blank test paper, I met Paola who was coming back from flunking another exam. We wept over the cruel, cruel uni world and since I didn't have a train for a while and had time to waste I went with her to, uh, my vocabulary fails me. Administrative office, specifically for students, where poor students can queue up for hours waiting to get an answer to important questions like "what do I have to do to graduate in March?" Answer: pray for a miracle. Then she invited me to buy toilet paper, then she invited me for lunch and we also went shopping for her flatmate's graduation dress. So I, uh, pretty much didn't do anything all day, apart from borrowing an Algebra book. Which will be useful if I'll ever read it before next week.

❧ Obviously, my sister had her cellphone turned off so she didn't get my message saying I'll be late. My mum was freaking out again. Then she said I can't just accept a low grade for the sake of passing the exam, and okay, it pisses me off too, but I want to graduate some time before I turn 30. I wish she'd notice how much she's stressing me. I'm tempted to move away for my last 2 years. As in, "am seriously going to look up other unis with a good Maths department" tempted.

❧ Will do the meme later. I should probably just do two days since I skipped yesterday. I'm not really in a mood for fanthings, though I have a fanmix and a ficlet due in a couple of days. At least I got my first Sherlock fic betaed and posted so that's one off the list. Which reminds me, I've started watching Doctor Who and it's even more awesome and narmtastic than I'd thought. And Inception is coming out this week, finally!
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10) "The proof of this theorem is omitted because it's trivial." (And then it takes two hours and several pages to figure it out.)

9) "Refer to Theorem 6.6.4." (And there's no Theorem 6.6.4 in the book.)

8) "Here we apply X's Theorem." (And X gave his name to about 15 theorems, none of which have been mentioned in the book before.)

7) (From notes.) "Lesson was not clear, see the book for this part." (And it's not in the book.)

6) "Let's call this variable X. Then let's change our mind and call it Y. Then let's call this other variable X."

5) Anything involving apices, pedices and indicized variables. Especially if the end result is something like (x(i)_l)^j.

4) Especially when there is a mistake in the text. (And there always is.)

3) Russian mathematicians whose name is spelled in 3 different ways in as many times they're mentioned. (And they never show up on Wikipedia or Google either.)

2) Anything that mentions differential forms.

1) Studying, in general.


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