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Happy new year, f-list! I assume everyone's following the Gregorian calendar here, though you never know. My high school history and philosophy teacher used to be a fan of the French Revolution's calendar. That man is awesome. Anyway that's neither here nor there.

There would sparkly text here but I can't be arsed to find the code because I spent the last forever putting up voting for [ profile] camelot_fics. Actually it'd be helpful if you voted too, you can vote even if you're not a member. Though, well, the entries are all kind of depressing. My fault for choosing a depressing theme, I suppose.
The littlest Pendragon * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin, Uther * PG * ~3,000 words

Also I finally can de-anon for [ profile] thegameison_sh's challenge... I wrote a zombie!fic for it. IDK why since I'm not much a fan of zombies but it was the first thing that came to my mind.
Hold on for your life * Sherlock * John Watson * PG * ~800 words

I'd steal the long-ass end-of-year fanfic meme but it's long and I have stuff to do (like sleeping) so I'll just do this instead. Stolen from [ profile] hiza_chan because she steals my memes so turnabout's fair play. ♥

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you:
1. When or if I started shipping them:
2. What I think their challenge is:
3. What makes me happy about them:
4. What makes me sad about them:
5. What moment I wish had never happened:
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
7. My happily ever after for them:

There was a second meme here but I forgot I'd already done it. Haha fail.
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So. I'm done posting the fic. I'm done posting the fanmix. I'm officially done with everything Woo-related. Damn, why didn't I think of making a Woo tag? I think I'm out of excuses and I should start working on some new project. Any new project. I have too many.

Anyway, I took the chance to gather all my plot bunnies together. They're really a lot. I love them all, of course, you can never have too many plot bunnies.
So, uhm, you get to tell me what to do. I expect about two people to take part in this poll, one of them being me, so it's your once in a lifetime chance to influence me FOREVER!
Also there's still a couple of minutes before dinner and I was bored.

[Poll #1646368]

Yeah, the Merlin/Power Rangers manip didn't make the poll because I'M DOING IT ANYWAY. It's srs bsns.

Also ffff when does Glee air? I need a new episode. Or fic recs. Or both.
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It's not a good time for fic. Must be this gloomy autumn weather getting to me, but I just can't find good reads this week. Voting is up again at [ profile] thegameison_sh and there are some stellar entries, but the vast majority of them are so dull. The theme was dark fics and it went just as I was afraid it would. A bunch of entries just take a character and give us the surprise twist that he/she has been a serial killer all along. Or he/she snaps and tortures someone. And in 90% of the cases it's wildly OOC, and it's why I don't read dark fic usually. Don't get me wrong, Sturgeon's Law and all, there's a couple of awesome fics in there, but urgh. I still have to muster the willpower to slog through the last dozen or so.

As for writing, meh. The meme went largely neglected, I got one awesome song for one awesome character (thanks [ profile] hiza_chan!) but it's for one of those fandoms with 10 fics the last of which was posted in 2008. So I'd feel bad if I just wrote a drabble and I'm going for something longer, and it'll take time. And most of my plot bunnies aren't bunnies, they're just monsters waiting to take over my life. And they're too many, I wouldn't even know which one to pick.

So I'm just sitting around and wasting time without writing anything. And occasionally I study Physics. Exam's Friday and my goal is scraping a pass. Every time I go through my notes I have new insights and stuff starts to make sense. It's depressing to think that maybe if I'd had good professors I'd have understood all of this months ago and maybe I'd like the subject. But I hadn't, and I don't. Physics sucks. I can't wait to put this behind me and go back to good old maths.
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Ah, first of all, welcome all new friends from the friending meme! ♥ I actually made some new friends this time, maybe because since it was my meme I felt I couldn't just lurk like I usually do. Uhm, yay me. So the first entry you'll get from me is something with a misleading title that's actually a meme.
Stolen from [ profile] hiza_chan because she's like the queen of memes or something:

1. Make a list of 15 characters.
3. Let the people of your FList comment one (1) number and one song they've chosen.
4. WITHOUT SHOWING YOUR LIST, write something about the character, using the song to inspire yourself.
5. You done? Good. Now you can go and show which character or couple it was.
6. It's a meme with a twist!!

Fandoms are: Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, SPN, The Big Bang Theory, Inception, ASOIAF, Temeraire, Locke Lamora. I've even tried to pick characters outside of my comfort zone. It is a pain to leave out Arthur and Petyr...

Maybe this'll get me writing before the next round of [ profile] thegameison_sh and the start of [ profile] camelot_fics.
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I'm officially going to ignore the 30 days meme until I'm done with my Merlin/Arthur fic for [ profile] merlin_muses. I passed 5,000 words yesterday, not counting whatever I have on notebooks and haven't typed yet) and this monster isn't anything close to done. At least I got an extension until the 8th, I hope it'll be enough. So much for "writing a ficlet or two in the summer". At least I have a beta and most of what I've written has already been checked so I won't have to do last-minute mad dashes or anything. Or so I hope.

By the way, I don't remember who asked me about my Sherlock fic for [ profile] thegameison_sh: voting is done and I've posted it in my comm. I'm excited for this month's theme though of course there will be no writing anything but the monster for the next week.
I'm also in half a mind to start something like this for Merlin -- monthly ficlet writing challenge. [ profile] audiopineapple brought it up yesterday at 1am and by 2am I was set on doing it. It sounds like something I might regret, but... Merlin! fanfic! squee! Thus since nobody else is doing it I might as well.

Though I forgot I was invited to a friend's friend's grad party Saturday night, which means sleeping out and possibly getting drunk. This is so not conductive to fanfic. Nor were the couple of visits to the doctor in the last few days. I swear, everything is conspiring against me. But I'm quite happy about this fic, even if I'll have to ask for another extension to get it done. I don't want to rush it since I'm actually writing a long story that I like, and it's not for the sake of wordpadding like during NaNo.

Okay, lunchtime and then time to get a couple more scenes down.

ETA; I lied and went to change my journal layout instead. After 8 months I think the change was overdue. Yay rainbow vomit! On my to-do list: make a header, find a background, fix italic/bold/underline/strikethrough text, remove icons next to lj usernames, fill empty space in top bar, fix tag cloud.
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❧ Incredibly, yesterday I was too busy for LJ. Okay, not really busy-busy, I went up to uni in the morning for an exam which I totally flunked since one question (out of two) was "describe in details Chaum's protocol", and with 600 pages of cyphers you can't really expect me to remember. Every. Single. One. I had no clue what Chaum's protocol even was, and it turned out to be the last one covered in class, it's like one paragraph in the last chapter. We were all betting one of the important codes would come up, like DES, but of course it's never that easy.

❧ As I was getting out earlier after turning in my half-blank test paper, I met Paola who was coming back from flunking another exam. We wept over the cruel, cruel uni world and since I didn't have a train for a while and had time to waste I went with her to, uh, my vocabulary fails me. Administrative office, specifically for students, where poor students can queue up for hours waiting to get an answer to important questions like "what do I have to do to graduate in March?" Answer: pray for a miracle. Then she invited me to buy toilet paper, then she invited me for lunch and we also went shopping for her flatmate's graduation dress. So I, uh, pretty much didn't do anything all day, apart from borrowing an Algebra book. Which will be useful if I'll ever read it before next week.

❧ Obviously, my sister had her cellphone turned off so she didn't get my message saying I'll be late. My mum was freaking out again. Then she said I can't just accept a low grade for the sake of passing the exam, and okay, it pisses me off too, but I want to graduate some time before I turn 30. I wish she'd notice how much she's stressing me. I'm tempted to move away for my last 2 years. As in, "am seriously going to look up other unis with a good Maths department" tempted.

❧ Will do the meme later. I should probably just do two days since I skipped yesterday. I'm not really in a mood for fanthings, though I have a fanmix and a ficlet due in a couple of days. At least I got my first Sherlock fic betaed and posted so that's one off the list. Which reminds me, I've started watching Doctor Who and it's even more awesome and narmtastic than I'd thought. And Inception is coming out this week, finally!
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❧ For the first time in forever, I'm working on multiple fics at the same time. The material proof are the three drafts I have lying around my desk (it's good to have a desk again, btw). On the plus side, I almost feel like a writer. On the minus side, I don't because none of them is in any way close to finished.

❧ Both of my attempts at writing for the first challenge at [ profile] thegameison_sh have so far been thwarted by Sherlock, who went off on a tangent with complete disregard for the word count. Typical of the man. I'm left wondering if it wouldn't be better to write about someone sane, like Lestrade, or John, or even Moriarty.
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❧ My day started at 10am when my dad woke me up and I realized that I'd overslept and I went all fuck fuck fuck no time to shower what about breakfast argh!
Luckily my favourite student (who's also my only student, thank goodness) didn't mind waiting an extra 10 minutes while I got my tea and something to eat, he started talking about his friend who just came back from America and how the coffee there sucks, and about other stuff, and really didn't want to do anything at all.
I had to teach him anyway, and he's coming tomorrow too. Must. Wake. Up.

❧ I also had this really weird dream about trekking on blue ice and coming up to the shores of the sea to find a shipwreck, and there was a man on the shore who was freezing to death. I think he was someone important but I don't remember who, I kept thinking he was a moron for going out on the ice with bare feet, but I tried to save him anyway.
...Compared to other dreams, this one almost makes sense.

❧ However... The 2011 ASOIAF calendar was just delivered! Yay! My sister (who's still in bed) told me to "go flail elsewhere" but there's nobody else awake so here I am. It's really gorgeous, with art by Ted Nasmith of the great castles in Westeros. They're all illustrations I've seen around since they were made a couple of years ago, but still they're gorgeous and the images that I'd found online don't do the colours any justice. Highgarden is particularly lovely. And having my favourite castle (The Eyrie) both on the cover and on my birth month is great. Can't wait for 2011.

❧ I still have a bunch of photos to sort. And fic to write. Which reminds me! Sherlock-loving part of my flist, if you haven't already you need to join [ profile] thegameison_sh, which is a Sherlock writing comm and is gonna be awesome. I'm on Team Sherlock, by the way.

❧ Aaaand there's also [ profile] sherlockland (because I fail at restraining myself and I was all OMG I can't just join one of the two!) which is also shaping up to be awesome. I mean, it's a Sherlock land comm. Related to Sherlock. This implies the awesome. I'm probably going to end in Team Lestrade there, and I can already feel the confusion incoming, but whatever.


Aug. 17th, 2010 03:01 pm
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Urgh urgh urgh. That short ficlet, 2,000 words at most, that I was going to write for [ profile] merlin_muses has turned into a monster. I ended up being forced to write a synopsis for it to keep track of all scenes. So I'm kind of forcing myself to write it because I can't do anything else fandom-related until I get this out of the way.

Regarding the other BBC-related fandom that I'm getting myself tangled into, holy cliffhanger Sherlock! At least I knew already that there would have been a cliffhanger, but still. I want a second season nao.
Also, fandom, it's unfunny to hate Sarah just because she gets in the way of your OTP.

ETA; the picspam challenge is up at [ profile] merlin_land - darn it, everything just has to happen at once!
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So it's 2am and I need to be really quick with this post and then go to sleep. Or else it'll be 4:30am like yesterday and then I won't wake up unless mum comes to tell me that lunch is ready. On the flip side, my "sleeping issues" have happily solved themselves, and once again I'm awake during the wrong half of the day. Too bad this morning I really needed to get out and do all those things I never get around to do, like getting a new bag since I'm still using the one with Hedwig's plushie attached to it. At least my sister got me some scrunchies today while she was out and I was snoring. Might be kindness towards her no-good elder sister, might be that I'd started stealing hers. It's not my fault. I swear, the things just keep disappearing. There's probably some scrunchie-eating monster under my bed. It's just, urgh, I'm sleepy in the morning. But I can't go to sleep. Too many things to catch up with. (On that note... Need to let uni friends know I'm still alive. Need to ask about exams. Need to text guy I give lessons to.)

Now, let me tell you how and why Sherlock is AWESOME. )
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In the middle of watching the Sherlock Holmes movie. Alone. Because nobody else wanted to watch it with me. Baww.

Actually there's lots of movies I never watched because nobody would watch them with me... mostly stupid movies that I want to watch just for the lulz anyway. Though I think it's not fair, my mum went and watched Transformers and recently expressed her interest in the Twilight saga. And she wouldn't go to the movies with me when Wolverine came out.


So I'm watching Sherlock Holmes on my own, taking a break every 30 minutes because clearly anime has been imprinted into my system and watching 2 hours of movie is a bit too much. Well, I can do 45 minutes of Merlin just fine, but that's because Merlin's much better. And I can understand it without subs. This, not so much. I need to come to terms that understanding spoken English might be more useful that picking up random Japanese. Anyway.

I ought to stop procrastinating and study more, but I'm so failing my next exam because my willpower-meter has hit an all-time low.

I lost track of what I was trying to say, which happens too often lately. And is part of why I don't write fiction right now, I start with an idea and then the plot wanders off somewhere. Holmes, I was saying about Holmes.

It's not too bad, I mean, the characters are a mess and totally different from my mental image. Plus, I saw 221B Baker Street only last year and like hell it was that big. Then I thought I could pretend it was two completely different characters that just happened to be called Holmes and Watson, and they just happened to be a detective and a doctor, and they just happened to live in London at that time...

Suddenly, everything was much more better. I now have two separated Holmes canons and I feel quite happy, thank you very much.

There's something else I've been meaning to post but I think writing this much is enough already... my slowpoke-ness prevents me from going further.

But I might have to strangle my sister if she doesn't want to play AAI tomorrow, because, seriously. She keeps putting it off and I want to finish the damn game already. Why do we even play it together... Oh, yes, the funny comments. But it's not quite that funny if she stops me from finding out who the murder is nevermind I've got a suspect already because it's always rather obvious.


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