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For [ profile] denija, who asked me about Accidental Superheroes (SPN, high school AU, vague Dean/Cas, PG, ~1,400 words). I apologize in advance for the last paragraph, I just have... a lot to say about this story.

The fic without commentary is here.

Batman and Superman )
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So as I miiight have mentioned already, I wrote fic with kittens. This is that fic. I'm going to slip in a couple of recs for fics that aren't mine, too, so I don't look like the huge comment whore that I really am.

Of kittens and teacups and love (X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik, PG-13, ~5,000 words)
Modern AU in which Charles and Erik are flatmates. Charles studies psychology and likes tea and chess and keeps bringing home stray kittens, and Erik lets him because he's maybe perhaps a little bit sort of in love with him.

Half-light (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, ~750 words)
Arthur, Merlin, a pair of handcuffs and no plot whatsoever. My entry for week 1 of the [ profile] summerpornathon. (I figured since I keep bothering you and talking about it I might as well show the ~results.)

Planet of the undead (Doctor Who, Amy/Rory, PG, ~700 words)
Amy and Rory survive a zombie attack. Because obviously I needed to go back and write more zombie AUs. Except it's DW so everything can work in canon! Yay! This fic turned out surprisingly well, considering it was written for a challenge in which I needed to use 5 different prompts chosen at random.

When a good man goes to war (Doctor Who/SPN, Dean, Sam and Eleven, PG, ~600 words)
When a good man goes to war, he calls in some owed favors from an old acquaintance. Someone prompted "DW/SPN, When a good man goes to war" and I just had to write this. Commentfic again, and this was written during a ficcing all-nighter so quality is what it is, but I like the outcome.

And now, other people's stuff!

Technicolor (X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik, PG, ~1,500 words)
Charles, Erik, and an appliance store. More domestic schmoop, because clearly I'm not satisfied with just my own. IT'S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE.

The Evening Broadcast (X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik, NC-17, ~1,100 words)
Sometimes, no matter how hard Charles is focusing his thoughts inwards, things still manage to get out.
That one where Charles accidentally broadcasts his orgasm to the whole house.

Exactly what it says on the tin. Hilarious.

And some fanart too! It makes me squee so much to see artists that I like joining the First Class squee. There seems to be a lot of them coming over from the Inception and the SPN fandoms.
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The house thing is still going through. Yesterday we went to see it and it's... well... it's okay I suppose. Honestly, the family who lives there now keeps the place awfully, there's dog droppings in the courtyard and the steps of the stairs are all chipped and there's the world's biggest spiderweb in the cellar. But mum's already planning a list of everything that needs to be fixed and my uncle says it can be done. He's going to help my parents with the contract and all.
I think the place would be nice too, once it's fixed up. It's a very old house and I love that. I've always wanted to live in a place that had an upstairs and a downstairs, don't ask why. Plus my parents really want their own place. I just don't want to think about how long it'll take to make the house inhabitable.
Plus I really don't feel like moving again. I say again though it's been 10 years already, but I remember last time we moved it was between December 1999 and January 2000 and we had New Year's Eve with cardboard boxes in the living room. Eurgh.

Writing my fic for [ profile] merry_merthur. I kind of regret signing up for this one because the minimum wordcount is 2,000 words and the prompts I got are all out of my comfort zone and I'm worried that it might come out forced.
At least I'm taking advantage of the fact that my thesis advisor hasn't replied to my mail yet so I have nothing better to do. Though I think next week I might have to start studying for January's exams. I just wish I knew which exams are in January and which in February. Oh well. When in doubt, write fic.
I just wish I wasn't so easily distracted by tvtropes.
Halfway through. Come on, me, the second half is the fun one. For a given value of fun.

Also I'm in dire need of new songs for my playlist, I'm in that depressing phase in which I play the same 5 songs over and over again and all the others sound just boring.
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Spoilerpalooza. )

In other news, I joined [ profile] maridichallenge (nah, totally not stalking anyone!) and I'm taking part in their annual tombola, which is the Italian version of bingo. Or is bingo the English/American version of... well, whatever.
The chance of customizing my card with trendy colours and a 1-in-6 chance of landing the "duck-shaped vibrator" prompt lured me in. So now I have yet another list of things to write, but they're all pretty awesome. Apart from the mpreg prompt that had me go "FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" and complain for an inordinate amount of time, but then it was the first one I wrote because I'm insane like that.

Worse than gay porn (SPN, Dean and Sam, ~2,000 words, PG-13)
I wrote mpreg without actual mpreg. But it still warrants a mpreg warning for discussing mpreg. I still find mpreg awfully icky but now I can't stop saying mpreg.

Click my awesome card for embiggening!

Click this cut to figure out what the prompts are! )

Also, I finally closed voting at [ profile] camelot_fics so I can de-anon for my own entry:
Fancy clothes (Merlin, Arthur and Merlin, ~600 words, PG)
Now... onwards to that Layton ficlet that's been plaguing me!
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The next couple of meme ficlets have been posted! This time I filled both Castle prompts. I loved the Beckett one, but the Castle one ended up being one of the longest. I don't even know why. Uh, whatever. I even managed to avoid spoilers, am I awesome or what?
Kate Beckett - All the Right Moves by OneRepublic for [ profile] gallifreycalls
Richard Castle - Hurricane Drunk by Florence and the Machine for [ profile] bizarre_esque
With this I'm halfway through, and it took me just a month! So maybe I'll be done in another month and then I can do this Christmas prompts thing... Except I don't do Christmas, so it'd be for New Year. Whatevs. I'm rambling now.

Watched Inception again, in English - finally managed to download a nice clean rip! Obviously I'm getting the DVD too, but I'm bad at waiting. Anyway, Inception. ♥
Yeah, most likely the next fills will be the two Inception ones.

Lastly, if you're a Merlin fan you reeeally should head over to [ profile] camelot_fics and vote so I can break the three-way tie that I have. It's really bothering me and I can't (for example) say that there is a tie for third place because my own fic is one of those tied. :/
So, either the tie get broken or the tie gets broken.


ETA: I finally made a custom icon for my layout so I wouldn't have to suffer LJ's ugly default one that always stretched the text. I totally still have pixel skillz.

Also I'm sad because I wrote this awesome fic for [ profile] thegameison_sh's challenge but it might not fit the monthly theme.

And I don't know if I'm signing up for next round because I like Sherlock but I'd like to write other stuff too but it's short and usually the themes inspire me but I want more time for Glee but IDK.
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It's over. Guys, remember my list of fics/fanmixes/etc that I was planning? I've just been assaulted by the thrid Kurt/Blaine plotbunny in as many days. Everything else is so not happening. I'm getting a couple of exchange fics out of the way, and then Kurt/Blaine it is. It's not as if I can do anything else before getting that out of my system.

By the way, anyone up for betaing one of my ficlets? They're ~1,000 words each. Fandoms are Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, Sherlock and Castle. Aaaand there's more crossovers than it's healthy for me to write. Thus, I have a problem finding betas.

By the by the way, Etrian Odyssey is fun.
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Since I got back into the ASOIAF fandom I decided to retrieve all my old fics from 2008-2009 and post them in my fanfic journal. And it's driving me mad. I'm now insanely happy that when I started writing fic fairly often I also started a fic journal and tagged everything. Because I used to just... post fics here and there, with no titles and no summaries and no coherence, and it's driving me mad. How did I even manage.

Anyway, I posted six fics today. I still have a document of 10,000 words with all the others. This is insane.

Also, ffff Vampire Diaries. It really got better around episode 5. Too bad a character I liked had to die in the meantime, but still. Awesome ep.
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So. I'm done posting the fic. I'm done posting the fanmix. I'm officially done with everything Woo-related. Damn, why didn't I think of making a Woo tag? I think I'm out of excuses and I should start working on some new project. Any new project. I have too many.

Anyway, I took the chance to gather all my plot bunnies together. They're really a lot. I love them all, of course, you can never have too many plot bunnies.
So, uhm, you get to tell me what to do. I expect about two people to take part in this poll, one of them being me, so it's your once in a lifetime chance to influence me FOREVER!
Also there's still a couple of minutes before dinner and I was bored.

[Poll #1646368]

Yeah, the Merlin/Power Rangers manip didn't make the poll because I'M DOING IT ANYWAY. It's srs bsns.

Also ffff when does Glee air? I need a new episode. Or fic recs. Or both.
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Reveals went up at [ profile] merlin_muses, so I can say it now: mine was How To Woo Your Manservant. Though I think it was obvious, what with the abuse of the word "woo" and the reference to chicken and destiny in the summary. I'm predictable.
I finally got to post it under my own name then, and as soon as I'm done with the cover there will be a soundtrack for it. Featuring Lady Gaga, so you know it's all srs bsns and stuff.

Thing is, after all fics were posted I went back and checked, and nobody wrote the fic for Merlin and Morgana falling under a love spell. It was actually my first choice but someone claimed it before me. And then they didn't write it in time. I was really looking forward to it, but meh. At least I got to write Woo.

And now, kind of late but here's the last part of the fic recs. (The first two are under my fic recs tag, since my tags are organized, really. I just like to give them confusing names.) Just one because... I don't know, either I've become incredibly picky in the last month, or all the best fics were posted at the beginning and the last ones didn't live up to their standards.

Deny Thy Father * Arthur/Merlin * R * 26,624 words
Modern AU. Arthur walks out from his society wedding and Uther cuts him off from the inheritance. Arthur moves in with Morgana and her "plebeian" flatmates and falls in love with Merlin. You know the story. It's a decent read, though the plot isn't exactly original, it wins points because of the cat.

I can't believe it's over. Sadface. I'm even all caught up with Glee. ffff Kurt why so adorable? No idea what I'm going to watch next.
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Seriously, real life can go fuck itself at the moment.

I'm finally done with [ profile] hiza_chan's ficlet from the song meme! Character #13 was Locke Lamora and I'll be very surprised if there's anyone else on my flist who's into the books, but I'm happy I got to write him. :D Plus you get a second character (I WONDER WHO THAT WILL BE!) so you don't get to complain. *insert evil cackle here*
I found the song strangely appropriate for Locke, plus the fandom is sadly non-existent so I had to do something longer than a comment-fic. Set before The Lies of Locke Lamora which is the first book in the series, very minor spoilers for the first chapters. Everyone should read the books because they are awesome.
Posted separately because it got longish and I decided it deserved full fic status so it goes into my archive.

Locke Lamora (from the Gentleman Bastard Sequence)
Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns for hiza_chan
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It's not a good time for fic. Must be this gloomy autumn weather getting to me, but I just can't find good reads this week. Voting is up again at [ profile] thegameison_sh and there are some stellar entries, but the vast majority of them are so dull. The theme was dark fics and it went just as I was afraid it would. A bunch of entries just take a character and give us the surprise twist that he/she has been a serial killer all along. Or he/she snaps and tortures someone. And in 90% of the cases it's wildly OOC, and it's why I don't read dark fic usually. Don't get me wrong, Sturgeon's Law and all, there's a couple of awesome fics in there, but urgh. I still have to muster the willpower to slog through the last dozen or so.

As for writing, meh. The meme went largely neglected, I got one awesome song for one awesome character (thanks [ profile] hiza_chan!) but it's for one of those fandoms with 10 fics the last of which was posted in 2008. So I'd feel bad if I just wrote a drabble and I'm going for something longer, and it'll take time. And most of my plot bunnies aren't bunnies, they're just monsters waiting to take over my life. And they're too many, I wouldn't even know which one to pick.

So I'm just sitting around and wasting time without writing anything. And occasionally I study Physics. Exam's Friday and my goal is scraping a pass. Every time I go through my notes I have new insights and stuff starts to make sense. It's depressing to think that maybe if I'd had good professors I'd have understood all of this months ago and maybe I'd like the subject. But I hadn't, and I don't. Physics sucks. I can't wait to put this behind me and go back to good old maths.
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Ah, first of all, welcome all new friends from the friending meme! ♥ I actually made some new friends this time, maybe because since it was my meme I felt I couldn't just lurk like I usually do. Uhm, yay me. So the first entry you'll get from me is something with a misleading title that's actually a meme.
Stolen from [ profile] hiza_chan because she's like the queen of memes or something:

1. Make a list of 15 characters.
3. Let the people of your FList comment one (1) number and one song they've chosen.
4. WITHOUT SHOWING YOUR LIST, write something about the character, using the song to inspire yourself.
5. You done? Good. Now you can go and show which character or couple it was.
6. It's a meme with a twist!!

Fandoms are: Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, SPN, The Big Bang Theory, Inception, ASOIAF, Temeraire, Locke Lamora. I've even tried to pick characters outside of my comfort zone. It is a pain to leave out Arthur and Petyr...

Maybe this'll get me writing before the next round of [ profile] thegameison_sh and the start of [ profile] camelot_fics.
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No more memeage. Sadness. Now I have to start thinking of what to post again. Man, this is hard. I don't even have new episodes to talk about... I did watch Togainu no Chi, not too brilliant so far but I'm giving it one more episode to impress me. Bakuman's still the best show of the season so far. Also finally finished Maid-sama: not too bad, all just as planned. I hate Hinata thought, the two idiot protagonists have enough problems getting together without him getting in the way too.

What else? Urgh, I don't know, I want to write something but I have no idea what. The commeentfic fest is great, but I kind of want to take a break from all things Merlin for a while. Especially since I decided to go ahead with that idea for a Merlin challenge fic comm, I just need to sort out all the boring organization details and recruit a couple more mods. It's gonna be brilliant.

But yeah, I could do with a breather before that. Only I don't really know what to write, I'm not into any other communities for other fandoms and all my plot bunnies are Merlin-related. Well, apart from that SPN RPF prompt, but that's more like an outline for a big bang challenge than a bunny. IDK WHAT TO WRITE! ALSO IDK WHAT TO WATCH. TV shows, not anime, I have too much anime on my watchlist already. But I don't feel like watching anime. So yeah... It's one of those days.
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Fun trivia: I have decided that Bad Romance is the unofficial soundtrack to the fic.
I can't talk about the story now, there's all this ~*~secrecy~*~ thing, but it'll be posted sometime after the 15th at [ profile] merlin_muses. Hint: mine is the long stupid one.
Just need to get it back from beta #2 (because ffs if I have to write an ehpeek love story I'm doing things properly) and then I can submit it and kick back.

...or not since I'm already busy with my entry for [ profile] thegameison_sh. It's quite the mood whiplash, going from my usual cracky fluff to a dark fic, but I didn't pick the bloody theme. Meh.
And I have a crapload of books that I need to read, like, last summer.
Oh. And was there a meme that was left unfinished at some point?

Also, photos of last weekend made their way on Facebook. I have red eyes. In. Every. Single. One.

ETA; All sent. The good part is, now I'm so used to churning out 2,000 words like nothing, I sat down and wrote the Sherlock fic and didn't even have to think much about it. I still think it's crap, but at least it's done and I can move on to other things, and hopefully next month we'll get a better theme.
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❧ For the first time in forever, I'm working on multiple fics at the same time. The material proof are the three drafts I have lying around my desk (it's good to have a desk again, btw). On the plus side, I almost feel like a writer. On the minus side, I don't because none of them is in any way close to finished.

❧ Both of my attempts at writing for the first challenge at [ profile] thegameison_sh have so far been thwarted by Sherlock, who went off on a tangent with complete disregard for the word count. Typical of the man. I'm left wondering if it wouldn't be better to write about someone sane, like Lestrade, or John, or even Moriarty.
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This week for me is "fic review week", meaning I'll leave a review for every fic I read, good or bad. Ohgodsohgodsohgods if I ever step into the Pit endless drama will ensue. Oh well.


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