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After one year and a half, I changed the layout of my journal. I blame [ profile] scatteredintime. But not really, because she's the one person who won't judge me whenever I flail and rage about Pottermore. Which happens embarrassingly often. At least I don't flail on the Pottermore tag on Tumblr. Urrgh, srsly, the Pottermore tag on Tumblr. Just... no.

Works in the new house are progressing... probably. IDK, there seems to be a never-ending list of things that weren't up to safety standards and need to be replaced. Plus, the electrician is the father of the guy I used to give remedial maths lessons to. That guy was so stupid and arrogant. From what mum tells me, it might run in the family.
I'm faking enthusiasm every time mum talks about the house because she's worrying so much. Hopefully everything is fine and we can move next month as planned. I got the single room, even though the plan is I'll only stay there a couple of years and then move away when I finish uni. This means I can't paint the walls purple because my brother will get the room next. I told my mum I was fine with whatever she wanted to do, then I took it back when she said she wanted to do one wall in light blue and the other three white. She's been reading too many interior decorating magazines.
Last weekend we cleaned the basement. There was so much dust and cobwebs everywhere, I ended up trying a bandana in front of my mouth to avoid breathing in dust. I found out it doesn't work as well as in movies, because it kept slipping and felt suffocatingly hot. Also, there was no way to stop the dust from getting in my eyes. At least the basement is clean now.
The tiles in one room are red. They used to look grey from all the grime. I remember the previous owner said that we could use the basement as a bar, which only increases my suspicious about his non-existent hygiene standards.

I should get my shit together and do stuff for [ profile] hogwartsishome. The thing is, as much as I love most of the people there, the keyword is most. There's a couple of people I wouldn't mind avoiding for the next forever. Plus I have no idea what to do for the Hogsmeade tags, and Hogsmeade starts tomorrow. AGSHASGAHGSHASG;;

WHY DOES WHITE COLLAR HAVE A MID-SEASON FINALE. I HATE THAT. It's already bad enough to wait for Doctor Who. :(
Plus I don't like this season's plot. I don't even ship anyone aside from Neal/Sara, they better bring her back.
Anyway, now I'm left with only Suits. It's sad that all the shows start in September, when I won't have time any more.

I should also write Dean/Cas instead of ranting, but Dean/Cas eludes me. Urgh. I'm only at about 5k, how am I supposed to finish a big bang by the end of the month.
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For [ profile] denija, who asked me about Accidental Superheroes (SPN, high school AU, vague Dean/Cas, PG, ~1,400 words). I apologize in advance for the last paragraph, I just have... a lot to say about this story.

The fic without commentary is here.

Batman and Superman )
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So as I miiight have mentioned already, I wrote fic with kittens. This is that fic. I'm going to slip in a couple of recs for fics that aren't mine, too, so I don't look like the huge comment whore that I really am.

Of kittens and teacups and love (X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik, PG-13, ~5,000 words)
Modern AU in which Charles and Erik are flatmates. Charles studies psychology and likes tea and chess and keeps bringing home stray kittens, and Erik lets him because he's maybe perhaps a little bit sort of in love with him.

Half-light (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, ~750 words)
Arthur, Merlin, a pair of handcuffs and no plot whatsoever. My entry for week 1 of the [ profile] summerpornathon. (I figured since I keep bothering you and talking about it I might as well show the ~results.)

Planet of the undead (Doctor Who, Amy/Rory, PG, ~700 words)
Amy and Rory survive a zombie attack. Because obviously I needed to go back and write more zombie AUs. Except it's DW so everything can work in canon! Yay! This fic turned out surprisingly well, considering it was written for a challenge in which I needed to use 5 different prompts chosen at random.

When a good man goes to war (Doctor Who/SPN, Dean, Sam and Eleven, PG, ~600 words)
When a good man goes to war, he calls in some owed favors from an old acquaintance. Someone prompted "DW/SPN, When a good man goes to war" and I just had to write this. Commentfic again, and this was written during a ficcing all-nighter so quality is what it is, but I like the outcome.

And now, other people's stuff!

Technicolor (X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik, PG, ~1,500 words)
Charles, Erik, and an appliance store. More domestic schmoop, because clearly I'm not satisfied with just my own. IT'S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE.

The Evening Broadcast (X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik, NC-17, ~1,100 words)
Sometimes, no matter how hard Charles is focusing his thoughts inwards, things still manage to get out.
That one where Charles accidentally broadcasts his orgasm to the whole house.

Exactly what it says on the tin. Hilarious.

And some fanart too! It makes me squee so much to see artists that I like joining the First Class squee. There seems to be a lot of them coming over from the Inception and the SPN fandoms.
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Strange things are happening today. And I'm not talking about my submission for the pornathon this week, though, well, that's strange too. My muse derailed me into writing something totally different from what I had planned, which meant it came out all rambly and incoherent, and also 800 words so I had to cut 80 and I hate having to do cuts so I just kinda deleted paragraphs at random. Also when I realized I was at 700 words I hastily hurried to conclude but I'd barely written any porn, so. Basically, I wrote pornless porn. IDK IDK.

Also I found myself in my wips too derpworthy to live folder and found a complete fic. For Ace Attorney. I'm not even in the fandom any more. I think I wrote it for the kink meme over a year ago and then didn't post it because it went in a different way from the prompt. Or because I was ashamed of the porn. WHICH IDK SELF IT'S A KINK MEME. Whatever, I no longer have shame and I need the wordcount for [ profile] fiumidiparole so I'm doing some quick editing and posting.

But the point of this post is another. I might or might not have accidentally signed up for an X-Men Big Bang. (Hint: I did.)
[ profile] xmenbigbang. There should probably be a pretty banner but I can't find it and I'm sleepy and lol whatever, I can pimp properly later.

What else did I forget about? There's the Tourney of the Hand over at [ profile] westerosorting and I still haven't recovered from Hogsmeade, I'm all excited about Pottermore even though we know next to nothing about it yet, and I fell in love with One Cell In The Sea. It's probably the only album I've ever listened to in order, without skipping tracks, multiple times. Hearts in my eyes. ♥

Back to editing shameful porn now.
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Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg and EVERYONE ELSE EVER pales in front of the combined powers of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. I mean, I can't even. Just watch this interview. (*) Or bask in the glory of the gifs that invaded my dashboard this morning. No cut because why wouldn't you want to watch them. Seriously. Just. I don't even.

(*) Video might be kind of spoilery for X-Men First Class. But why wouldn't you have watched that glorious, glorious movie yet?

Also, I want screencaps of the movie so I can make the cover for my ~awesome fanmix. And pics of Lyanna for my other fanmix, but she isn't even in the series so agshagshsahsgh;;

ETA: Where is all the RPF. I swore I'd never write RPF myself, but come ooon. This is just begging to be written. Like. Five times they have sex, and the fifth they cuddle. IDK IDK. I HAVE PRINCIPLES. WHICH INVOLVE READING RPF BUT NOT WRITING IT. YET.
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♥ I think I haven't posted in almost two months. It's all [ profile] hogwartsishome's fault. They kidnapped me! They did it nicely, but still. I was all I'M NOT GOING TO BE SUCKED IN and then got sucked in anyway because I have no self-control. But it's fuuun~ and btw, hello new awesome friends from the Hogsmeade friending meme! :D :D
Also, hi to the people from the [ profile] summerpornathon! I got in Team Lust, which is the team with the MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER including some of my favourite M/A authors ever, this is going to be fun. I even get to google sex toys and call it research.

♥ Speaking of writing. I joined [ profile] bigbangitalia, mostly because I want to get one of my long plots out of the way. It's just 10k words over the summer, so yeah. I already know I'm going to write in English and then translate it because I can't write in Italian. I just get stuck on the dialogue because I'm used to watching/reading things in English instead of the dub, I wrote some SPN/DW over the weekend and I was all BUT HOW DOES DEAN SAY "DUDE" IN ITALIAN? WHICH FUNNY WORDS CAN THE DOCTOR SAY IN ITALIAN?

Cut for talk of X-Men: First Class and veeery vague spoilers. Also my long-ass plot for an AU fic. )

♥ Yes, I needed to tell you that because 1) it's epic, 2) my brother contributed and 3) I hadn't written it down yet and I was in danger of forgetting. I'm also working on a fanmix for Charles and Erik, so I can get sad while listening to nice music too. I might need help in deciding what to write first. Or second, right after I finish this fic I've been working on since February. Numero Uno is the epic Dean/Cas post-S6 fix-it, or How Ren Wants S7 To Go. Like a proper Deus Ex Machina, God shows up to strip Cas of his pants his angelic powers after the events of S6's finale, so human!Cas is forced to roadtrip with Dean and Sam. Dean teaches him important human skills such as not getting his ass kicked by the monster of the week, showering, cheating at poker and blowjobs. Numero Due is a SPN high school AU. Don't judge me, though if you stuck with me through the rambles about Charles and Erik and kitties you probably won't. This can basically be summed up with Dean and Cas are high school students and they meet and they have sex. And I wrote a one-shot about them meeting here already, though obv it would need to be rewritten if I go with this story for the BB. Numero Tre is Harry/Draco, because idk. Apparently I've been cursed with plots for a pairing that I used to despise. Must be karma. It's just the typical post-book-7 EWE in which Harry and Ginny split up and Harry finds out that Malfoy isn't so evil after all and in the end they get together. So, f-list, if you stuck with Harry me until the very end, tell me what should I write. Numero Uno, Due, Tre or... idk, let's call it X?


Click me!

renrenren3: (Glee * Kurt & Blaine)'s 1:17am and I'm watching a crappy livestream waiting for Glee. Yep, I caved in. My sister told me it's a bad idea. It probably is. It's not even the Regionals episode, but what can I say. I'm in love with Animal and I'm tired of keeping healthy sleeping habits. I'll pay for this in the morning. Meanwhile, live reactions! And really live this time!


It could be because I missed the first 10 minutes, but I still can't believe it's over. This episode was... IDEK GUYS I HAVE ABUSED EVERY EXPRESSION OF JOY AND SURPRISE ALREADY. 3AM. I'M GOING TO SLEEP AND DREAM OF BABY PENGUINS.
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So you know that one month ago I posted about possibly meeting up with a former bandmate and friend but we were both too busy? Or possibly you have forgot since it wasn't exactly this big life-changing event. Except now we're both exam-free and planning to meet tomorrow, time and place still unknown. For something that's not a date but just hanging out with an old friend and catching up without having to resort to facebook. I think the last time I arranged to meet with someone (for a reason not strictly related to mathematics) I was in high school. So I'm starting to panic. My two big conversation topics are mathematics and fandom. Awesome. I'm praying so hard that he's still into sci-fi, otherwise this is going to be so awkward. I'm trying to refrain from googling "conversation starters with people with zero social skills".

At least this explains why I spent Saturday night watching Camelot and looking for gifs on tumblr.
The first episode is... well... it's okay, I suppose. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I can't share everyone's excitement. I'll be watching and probably reading some fic, especially if I can be pointed towards Merlin/Arthur dub-con. (Yeah, I know, sorry. I have no shame.) It just didn't pull me in the way, for example, the first episode of H50 did.
Spoilery live reaction to the episode:
Copy-pasted from tumblr because I like to spam both my tumblr followers and you, but I'll save you the spoilers at least. There are gifs. )

ETA: I kind of forgot to mention I finally started watching Misfits. I'm currently at S01E01 because my siblings are being a pain and refuse to marathon it. Urgh. I really hope I can avoid spoilers for another while.
The last episode of Vampire Diaries was so awesome. Damon. Flame throwers. Caroline. Damon. ♥
SPN is... meh. They're running out of ideas, and they're trying to poke fun at themselves, but it's just kind of sad. The best part of the ep was the premise, pacing and dialogue and everything else just fell flat.
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As much as I love [ profile] kurt_blaine for being my primary source of spoilers and set photos, I wish they weren't so damn quick to delete posts. Especially when they delete a post because the same photos/links/whatever because the same stuff has been posted in a comment to another earlier entry. Not everyone is keeping track of all posts, yanno. :|

Also, everyone should go join [ profile] hawaii50_land because it's awesome and because I say so. There will be another pimping as soon as they post their pimping challenge (all land comms usually do so it's a safe bet) but I just wanted to tell you. The pimping challenge is a-go. There were banners. Look at the pretty banner.

It's H50. It's epic. Also I'm on Team Chin, but I weep at the thought of 3 other awesome teams I'm not in, Team Kono, Team Danny and Team Steve.

And, because I eventually was going to, I made a tumblr account:
I thought of the name while I was doing one last frantic re-read of some theorem or other just before my exam, the words were swimming in front of my eyes and couldn't read properly. I thought if I passed I was going to make a tumblr account with that name, so yeah. Everyone with an account, I want to follow you! ♥

ETA: I also finished my Torchwood fanmix, the one I've been working on ever since seeing S1. Oddly enough, the thing I'm most proud of is the back cover with the tracklisting, so I wanted to show everyone:
Img. )
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Iiit's link dump time! The new issue of SSBB is out and it's the steampunk one! I'm so excited about all the other stories~
Mine is this one lol obvious pseudonym is obvious and I'd tell everyone to read it because it's awesome good decent, but there's a R-rated scene at the end (obviously), so yeah. Typical of me, I never write stuff that I could, for example, show to my grandma with impunity.
Actually I did write a couple of PG-rated fics for Glee and Vampire Diaries, but they sucked so much I don't even feel like spamming those links and crossposting them around.

By the way, how awesome was Damon in the last episode? And everyone else too. I love them sfm.
And I decided that Ian Somerhalder is the other half of my dream Good Omens cast. There would be pictures here that prove my point, except I can't because it would be terribly distracting to look up pictures of him. Or pictures of anyone really, but particularly of him.

This Sherlock comic on DA made me laugh so much. WARNING - it's a crossover with Disney.

Looking forward to April 17th! )

Now for a bit of TMI. Skip this bit if talking about wet dreams squicks you. )
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Not only I got a story idea for the next issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu... I got ideas for the next two issues. Three actually, considering I've known what to write for the Wild Wild West issue for months. Somehow, their deadlines are a great encouragement for me to actually write all the original plot bunnies I have sitting around. I just wish I had time to write.

I didn't even make a reaction post for tv shows this week, and I totally should have. Hawaii Five-0 was epic. Steve and Danno's bromance reached new levels of awesome. (This is totally not a spoiler because it happens IN EVERY EPISODE.) In the opening scene, you can't tell me that they weren't on a date. I might have a thing for disheveled!Danny. The scene in the pawn shop had me laughing so much, there were tears in my eyes.

Glee 2x13 spoilers and 2x14 preview. )
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Thank you everyone who replied to my post yesterday, it was a bad moment and you helped make it better. You guys are awesome. ♥

Now let's talk about happier things. Suddenly, new eps air! Gifs! Squee! Incoherent flailing!

Spoilers. )
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You know how most times I'll look forward to an episode and read spoilers as they trickle in and watch teasers and speculate what might happen and think it'll be epic?

And I get my hopes too high and when the episode airs it's never ever nearly as epic as I expected.

Well, screw that. I just watched the Glee Superbowl episode and it was beyond epic.

Spoilers, gifs and whatnot. )
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This is hilarious - one of my Merlin fics was translated into Chinese. A couple of girls contacted me on weeks ago and I'd almost forgot about it, and then yesterday they emailed me the link. It's almost surreal. And it makes me feel guilty because I'm not posting on any more. But then again I'm almost not even writing any more so yeah.

Apart from the crack!Disney/ASOIAF crossover. I promised I'd write that one and I'm writing that one. And the steampunk short, obv. And [ profile] kurt_blaine just started posting fics from their exchange and I've written for that too. But apart from that, nothing, I swear.

Speaking of Glee, it kills me that the new ep is airing tonight. Can't wait for it, the hiatus has been killing me. I'm so glad we're back to a normal schedule again, I missed all my regular shows. Plus the latest eps of SPN and Big Bang Theory killed me of funny. ♥
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This afternoon I'm saying "screw you" to study. Hawaii Five-0 aired last night. I cannot concentrate if there's epic shit sitting on my hard disk waiting to be seen.

When was the last time I made a reaction post? )

I wish I could have watched Castle already too. They've been teasing us with the BIG SPOILER for months, though I bet in the end they'll go with Status Quo Is God.

After a year, I finally finished Empire of Ivory. I read it in one sitting too, though I found myself liking the minor characters more and more. I wept for the lack of Granby through most of the book. And please tell me that Riggs reappears at some point and didn't just fall off the face of Earth. Novik has this alarming tendency of forgetting about some characters, whenever she bothers to give them a personality at all. I need to find solace in fanfic.
I expect it'll take me a year or so to get to Victory of Eagles. I already cheated and read most of the Granby bits though.

In totally unrelated news I'm still laughing at the fact that Chris Colfer it tweeting to Nina Dobrev. I want a Glee/Vampire Diaries crossover now. Possibly with Damon and Stefan facepalming at the impromptu musical numbers that keep happening.


Jan. 21st, 2011 07:50 pm
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So my exam was today. The written part went... well, I'd say meh. I've been trying four times to pass it already, it's just that crazy. This time I might have done okay, if I haven't accidentally borked up something. Fingers crossed for the results on Wednesday, meanwhile I'll be studying for the oral part.

Meanwhile I wanted to pimp a couple of land comms that might be relevant to your interests~ [ profile] gleeverse (I'm in Team New Directions) and [ profile] inception_land (Team Badass Point Man ftw, and I'm instructed to say that the other teams are Architect, Extractor and Forger, though you can call them Team Badass too). Obv, refer me if you join so I get pointsss!
I know I keep complaining about being busy and then join new comms and all, but I need some distractions dammit. All my former high school classmates keep uploading photos to facebook that show they're doing nothing but going on holiday or getting drunk and I'm pissed off that I chose such a difficult degree and need fun stuff. So yeah. Join me.
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I don't even care about awards but I'd have been willing to give up sleep and pull an all-nighter if I didn't have an exam this week. Also there was no reliable live-stream to be found. But I was so happy to wake up this morning and see all the interviews. TEARS IN MY EYES.

Cheered me up from the crap that is life around exam time, that and my daily episode of Criminal Minds. Oh hey, I think I might be obsessed with yet another show.
Though not as obsessed as with Hawaii Five-0, which HAS A NEW EP AIRING TONIGHT. The wait is over! \o/

Yes they are married. There is evidence of it. Also Kono is badass.

Lastly: LAYDEEZ! IT'S MONDAY NIGHT AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. If you don't I'm going to tell you anyway.

It's our weekly movie livewatch, and this week it's Ninn's turn and she picked Anastasia. Click the gif to get to her open post and join the squee. It's at 8pm GMT, in a bit less than three hours, but there's the ever-helpful countdown if you're timezone-challenged like moi.
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First of all, I blame this on [ profile] fanficrants. There was this rant posted earlier today about someone taking a SGA fanfic and replacing the names and posting it as an Hawaii Five-0 fanfic, turning everyone OOC, and I wondered what would happen if I tried that. So, uhm, I took a couple of my shorter stuff and gave them a spin on the search-and-replace rollercoaster of life. I might also talk funny because I'm sleep deprived.
So, below the cut are 5 awesome new stories for Castle, Supernatural, Psych, Sherlock, Hawaii Five-0 that are actually old stories with the names replaced but sssh it's not plagiarism if I recycle my old stories! See, even if I don't have time to write because of exams, I can still produce new fic. They took about 5 minutes each because I actually went and fixed some small details that might have been too much of a dead giveaway. Like a patronus in a pretend!Supernatural fic. Trololol.
Cookies if you can guess the original fandom, though it doesn't count if you remember the original fandom from having read the original fic when I posted it. Usually I get told I have a good grasp of characterization so this should be easy. Ish.


Look at that, 5 fics in just one night! I'm awesome, Y/Y? Also I watch too many cop shows.


Jan. 10th, 2011 01:42 pm
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Beauty and the Beast livewatch spam

Tonight at 8pm GMT! Click here for a countdown.

Bring your friends, popcorns, gifs and whatever you might need for an evening (or afternoon or morning or whatever the time is in your timezone) of good old-fashioned Disney squee.
This post will stay open for comments and spammage so you can link to it with this code:

SPAM I mean, advertise to your friends.
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Happy new year, f-list! I assume everyone's following the Gregorian calendar here, though you never know. My high school history and philosophy teacher used to be a fan of the French Revolution's calendar. That man is awesome. Anyway that's neither here nor there.

There would sparkly text here but I can't be arsed to find the code because I spent the last forever putting up voting for [ profile] camelot_fics. Actually it'd be helpful if you voted too, you can vote even if you're not a member. Though, well, the entries are all kind of depressing. My fault for choosing a depressing theme, I suppose.
The littlest Pendragon * Merlin * Arthur/Merlin, Uther * PG * ~3,000 words

Also I finally can de-anon for [ profile] thegameison_sh's challenge... I wrote a zombie!fic for it. IDK why since I'm not much a fan of zombies but it was the first thing that came to my mind.
Hold on for your life * Sherlock * John Watson * PG * ~800 words

I'd steal the long-ass end-of-year fanfic meme but it's long and I have stuff to do (like sleeping) so I'll just do this instead. Stolen from [ profile] hiza_chan because she steals my memes so turnabout's fair play. ♥

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you:
1. When or if I started shipping them:
2. What I think their challenge is:
3. What makes me happy about them:
4. What makes me sad about them:
5. What moment I wish had never happened:
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
7. My happily ever after for them:

There was a second meme here but I forgot I'd already done it. Haha fail.


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