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I'm in a crappy end of summer mood, mostly because I wasn't able to write anything for all these months and I'm sure I'll regret it as soon as uni starts again. Right now I'm considering dropping out of my two big bangs... I wrote only 5,000 words for the SPN one and the first draft if due in two weeks, and I'm thinking even if I submit something it'll be crap and nobody will comment on it. IDK

Cut because if you're not in HiH you might not care, and even then you might still not care. )

Now... uuuh... MEME! Stolen from [ profile] hiza_chan who has all the memes worth stealing, because it's been a while since I've done one of these.

Tropes fic meme: Below are some fandom cliches - pick one and give me a pairing (and some details if you want) and we'll see what I can come up with.

Each trope can only be picked once; pairings and fandoms can be re-used.

Preferred fandoms: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Merlin, Sherlock, SPN, Glee, Rizzoli & Isles, Castle, Hawaii Five-0, Suits, Inception, X-Men First Class, ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Locke Lamora and other minor fandoms, feel free to order off the menu though you might end up with a big OOC clusterfuck if it's a fandom I'm not confident writing in.

o1. genderswap (Charles/Erik for the crazy kitten person)
o2. bodyswap (Jean/Locke for Hiza)
o3. drunk!fic (Charles/Erik for Hiza)
o4. huddling for warmth
o5. pretending to be married (Jaime/Brienne for Iris)
o6. secretly a virgin
o7. amnesia (Steve/Danny for Iris)
o8. cross-dressing
o9. forced to share a bed (Castle/Beckett for Isa)
1o. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition (Ryan/Esposito for Isa)
13. apocalypse fic (Jon & Arya for Hiza)
14. telepathy
15. high school/college AU

ETA: feel free to request more, usually what happens is that I fill 80% of requests and then get distracted and wander off and never finish, but I'll try to at least fill one request for everyone. \o/
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After one year and a half, I changed the layout of my journal. I blame [ profile] scatteredintime. But not really, because she's the one person who won't judge me whenever I flail and rage about Pottermore. Which happens embarrassingly often. At least I don't flail on the Pottermore tag on Tumblr. Urrgh, srsly, the Pottermore tag on Tumblr. Just... no.

Works in the new house are progressing... probably. IDK, there seems to be a never-ending list of things that weren't up to safety standards and need to be replaced. Plus, the electrician is the father of the guy I used to give remedial maths lessons to. That guy was so stupid and arrogant. From what mum tells me, it might run in the family.
I'm faking enthusiasm every time mum talks about the house because she's worrying so much. Hopefully everything is fine and we can move next month as planned. I got the single room, even though the plan is I'll only stay there a couple of years and then move away when I finish uni. This means I can't paint the walls purple because my brother will get the room next. I told my mum I was fine with whatever she wanted to do, then I took it back when she said she wanted to do one wall in light blue and the other three white. She's been reading too many interior decorating magazines.
Last weekend we cleaned the basement. There was so much dust and cobwebs everywhere, I ended up trying a bandana in front of my mouth to avoid breathing in dust. I found out it doesn't work as well as in movies, because it kept slipping and felt suffocatingly hot. Also, there was no way to stop the dust from getting in my eyes. At least the basement is clean now.
The tiles in one room are red. They used to look grey from all the grime. I remember the previous owner said that we could use the basement as a bar, which only increases my suspicious about his non-existent hygiene standards.

I should get my shit together and do stuff for [ profile] hogwartsishome. The thing is, as much as I love most of the people there, the keyword is most. There's a couple of people I wouldn't mind avoiding for the next forever. Plus I have no idea what to do for the Hogsmeade tags, and Hogsmeade starts tomorrow. AGSHASGAHGSHASG;;

WHY DOES WHITE COLLAR HAVE A MID-SEASON FINALE. I HATE THAT. It's already bad enough to wait for Doctor Who. :(
Plus I don't like this season's plot. I don't even ship anyone aside from Neal/Sara, they better bring her back.
Anyway, now I'm left with only Suits. It's sad that all the shows start in September, when I won't have time any more.

I should also write Dean/Cas instead of ranting, but Dean/Cas eludes me. Urgh. I'm only at about 5k, how am I supposed to finish a big bang by the end of the month.
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Strange things are happening today. And I'm not talking about my submission for the pornathon this week, though, well, that's strange too. My muse derailed me into writing something totally different from what I had planned, which meant it came out all rambly and incoherent, and also 800 words so I had to cut 80 and I hate having to do cuts so I just kinda deleted paragraphs at random. Also when I realized I was at 700 words I hastily hurried to conclude but I'd barely written any porn, so. Basically, I wrote pornless porn. IDK IDK.

Also I found myself in my wips too derpworthy to live folder and found a complete fic. For Ace Attorney. I'm not even in the fandom any more. I think I wrote it for the kink meme over a year ago and then didn't post it because it went in a different way from the prompt. Or because I was ashamed of the porn. WHICH IDK SELF IT'S A KINK MEME. Whatever, I no longer have shame and I need the wordcount for [ profile] fiumidiparole so I'm doing some quick editing and posting.

But the point of this post is another. I might or might not have accidentally signed up for an X-Men Big Bang. (Hint: I did.)
[ profile] xmenbigbang. There should probably be a pretty banner but I can't find it and I'm sleepy and lol whatever, I can pimp properly later.

What else did I forget about? There's the Tourney of the Hand over at [ profile] westerosorting and I still haven't recovered from Hogsmeade, I'm all excited about Pottermore even though we know next to nothing about it yet, and I fell in love with One Cell In The Sea. It's probably the only album I've ever listened to in order, without skipping tracks, multiple times. Hearts in my eyes. ♥

Back to editing shameful porn now.
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From (which is the greatest plot source right after Texts From Last Night):
Today, I woke up next to my best friend after lots of drinking and the best sex I've ever had in my life. The only problem is we're both straight males. FML

My mind went there immediately, only I can't write this myself.

...Or can I?

ALSO: GLEE TONIGHT! I wonder if I can catch a livestream. I need the Warblers covering Animal.
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Iiit's link dump time! The new issue of SSBB is out and it's the steampunk one! I'm so excited about all the other stories~
Mine is this one lol obvious pseudonym is obvious and I'd tell everyone to read it because it's awesome good decent, but there's a R-rated scene at the end (obviously), so yeah. Typical of me, I never write stuff that I could, for example, show to my grandma with impunity.
Actually I did write a couple of PG-rated fics for Glee and Vampire Diaries, but they sucked so much I don't even feel like spamming those links and crossposting them around.

By the way, how awesome was Damon in the last episode? And everyone else too. I love them sfm.
And I decided that Ian Somerhalder is the other half of my dream Good Omens cast. There would be pictures here that prove my point, except I can't because it would be terribly distracting to look up pictures of him. Or pictures of anyone really, but particularly of him.

This Sherlock comic on DA made me laugh so much. WARNING - it's a crossover with Disney.

Looking forward to April 17th! )

Now for a bit of TMI. Skip this bit if talking about wet dreams squicks you. )
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The Despicable Me livewatch was fuuun! And we're doing it again next week. And the week after.
Though I doubt we'll be able to top this movie, because MINIOOONNNSSSSSSS!

I reached the conclusion that everything can become a crossover with Merlin. It's like the ultimate wild card, maybe because you can argue that the boys could be reincarnated into almost any couple.

My brother is learning how to cook. I feel like I'm not doing anything to better myself as a human being, though I did almost finish floor B09 on Etrian Odyssey.

Also I made the fanmix I was talking about. Long Live is so perfect for the trio, it makes me want to cry and pat myself on the back for a job well done. (I do that, on occasion.) Spamming this image everywhere because it took me forever to make.

Fun fact: at first I hated both prompts. How is it that the most hated prompts end up being the ones that produce the best results? Like when I wrote for "MPREG", or that random Placebo quote.

And when I like the prompts to start with, they are a bitch to write. Assignment for [ profile] sherlockmas, I'm glaring at you!
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So uhm, I accidentally wrote some porn. IDEK how it happened, the first (normal, for my standards) part was inspired by the maritombola prompt, the second (angsty) part by an email exchange with Pat, the third (porny) part possibly by a certain Italian community that shall go unnamed.
Everybody goes, leaving those who fall behind
Inception * Arthur/Eames * NC-17 * ~4,000 words

Still one month before the DVD comes out, Y U DO THIS TO ME ITALY?
This makes it my second longest fic ever. Say what you want, porn is an effective way of boosting word count. And look at how pretty my card has become.

Also I have a couple more tombola ficlets and my gifts for the [ profile] layton_exchange, but they can't hold a candle to my literary endeavour above.
Encyclopedia of reality shows * Sherlock * John, Sherlock * PG * ~550 words
The clockwork inefficiency * The Big Bang Theory * Penny, Sheldon * PG * ~600 words
Turnabout Puzzle * Phoenix Wright & Professor Layton * PG * ~1,000 words
A Gentleman and a Lady * Professor Layton * Layton, Claire * PG * ~600 words

Despicable Me Live Watch Spam ♥

No, I really don't have anything else to say that isn't Ren-centric. :(
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The house thing is still going through. Yesterday we went to see it and it's... well... it's okay I suppose. Honestly, the family who lives there now keeps the place awfully, there's dog droppings in the courtyard and the steps of the stairs are all chipped and there's the world's biggest spiderweb in the cellar. But mum's already planning a list of everything that needs to be fixed and my uncle says it can be done. He's going to help my parents with the contract and all.
I think the place would be nice too, once it's fixed up. It's a very old house and I love that. I've always wanted to live in a place that had an upstairs and a downstairs, don't ask why. Plus my parents really want their own place. I just don't want to think about how long it'll take to make the house inhabitable.
Plus I really don't feel like moving again. I say again though it's been 10 years already, but I remember last time we moved it was between December 1999 and January 2000 and we had New Year's Eve with cardboard boxes in the living room. Eurgh.

Writing my fic for [ profile] merry_merthur. I kind of regret signing up for this one because the minimum wordcount is 2,000 words and the prompts I got are all out of my comfort zone and I'm worried that it might come out forced.
At least I'm taking advantage of the fact that my thesis advisor hasn't replied to my mail yet so I have nothing better to do. Though I think next week I might have to start studying for January's exams. I just wish I knew which exams are in January and which in February. Oh well. When in doubt, write fic.
I just wish I wasn't so easily distracted by tvtropes.
Halfway through. Come on, me, the second half is the fun one. For a given value of fun.

Also I'm in dire need of new songs for my playlist, I'm in that depressing phase in which I play the same 5 songs over and over again and all the others sound just boring.
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Spoilerpalooza. )

In other news, I joined [ profile] maridichallenge (nah, totally not stalking anyone!) and I'm taking part in their annual tombola, which is the Italian version of bingo. Or is bingo the English/American version of... well, whatever.
The chance of customizing my card with trendy colours and a 1-in-6 chance of landing the "duck-shaped vibrator" prompt lured me in. So now I have yet another list of things to write, but they're all pretty awesome. Apart from the mpreg prompt that had me go "FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" and complain for an inordinate amount of time, but then it was the first one I wrote because I'm insane like that.

Worse than gay porn (SPN, Dean and Sam, ~2,000 words, PG-13)
I wrote mpreg without actual mpreg. But it still warrants a mpreg warning for discussing mpreg. I still find mpreg awfully icky but now I can't stop saying mpreg.

Click my awesome card for embiggening!

Click this cut to figure out what the prompts are! )

Also, I finally closed voting at [ profile] camelot_fics so I can de-anon for my own entry:
Fancy clothes (Merlin, Arthur and Merlin, ~600 words, PG)
Now... onwards to that Layton ficlet that's been plaguing me!
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My plans to write write write keep getting thwarted. Yesterday I missed my alarm, got up at 11am when my neighbours had a row that was even louder than usual, turned on my computer and ended up researching gay marriage law in the US. Then my muse deserted me and I ended up watching a couple of Castle episodes.

Then I had to leave for this Christmas dinner, which was... nice, I suppose, but not as memorable as the others (for better or worse). I was stuck at the far end of my group of friends, the two girls in front of me spent the evening locked in conversation with each other and I didn't know the girl next to me. Then I found out she was an Erasmus student from Germany and she clearly didn't know many people, so I thought it'd be nice to talk with her a bit. Except... I suck at making casual conversation with strangers. I spent most of the dinner staring at the ceiling and thinking of a good conversation opener. In the end I did manage to strike a conversation with her and we talked quite a lot, and after dinner was over we got up so I could talk to some people I hadn't seen in ages. But ugh, the awkwardness at the beginning.

Also, about awkwardness. While we were walking back (I slept at Irene's as usual) I accidentally hummed "Teenage Dream" and didn't know how to justify a sudden Katy Perry obsession. Then this morning I found out she watches Glee too. Which... unexpected, but cool.
On the train ride back I managed to write part of my [ profile] thegameison_sh entry and was about to finish it after I caught up with my flist... but then...

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It's over. Guys, remember my list of fics/fanmixes/etc that I was planning? I've just been assaulted by the thrid Kurt/Blaine plotbunny in as many days. Everything else is so not happening. I'm getting a couple of exchange fics out of the way, and then Kurt/Blaine it is. It's not as if I can do anything else before getting that out of my system.

By the way, anyone up for betaing one of my ficlets? They're ~1,000 words each. Fandoms are Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, Sherlock and Castle. Aaaand there's more crossovers than it's healthy for me to write. Thus, I have a problem finding betas.

By the by the way, Etrian Odyssey is fun.
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Since I got back into the ASOIAF fandom I decided to retrieve all my old fics from 2008-2009 and post them in my fanfic journal. And it's driving me mad. I'm now insanely happy that when I started writing fic fairly often I also started a fic journal and tagged everything. Because I used to just... post fics here and there, with no titles and no summaries and no coherence, and it's driving me mad. How did I even manage.

Anyway, I posted six fics today. I still have a document of 10,000 words with all the others. This is insane.

Also, ffff Vampire Diaries. It really got better around episode 5. Too bad a character I liked had to die in the meantime, but still. Awesome ep.
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So. I'm done posting the fic. I'm done posting the fanmix. I'm officially done with everything Woo-related. Damn, why didn't I think of making a Woo tag? I think I'm out of excuses and I should start working on some new project. Any new project. I have too many.

Anyway, I took the chance to gather all my plot bunnies together. They're really a lot. I love them all, of course, you can never have too many plot bunnies.
So, uhm, you get to tell me what to do. I expect about two people to take part in this poll, one of them being me, so it's your once in a lifetime chance to influence me FOREVER!
Also there's still a couple of minutes before dinner and I was bored.

[Poll #1646368]

Yeah, the Merlin/Power Rangers manip didn't make the poll because I'M DOING IT ANYWAY. It's srs bsns.

Also ffff when does Glee air? I need a new episode. Or fic recs. Or both.
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No more memeage. Sadness. Now I have to start thinking of what to post again. Man, this is hard. I don't even have new episodes to talk about... I did watch Togainu no Chi, not too brilliant so far but I'm giving it one more episode to impress me. Bakuman's still the best show of the season so far. Also finally finished Maid-sama: not too bad, all just as planned. I hate Hinata thought, the two idiot protagonists have enough problems getting together without him getting in the way too.

What else? Urgh, I don't know, I want to write something but I have no idea what. The commeentfic fest is great, but I kind of want to take a break from all things Merlin for a while. Especially since I decided to go ahead with that idea for a Merlin challenge fic comm, I just need to sort out all the boring organization details and recruit a couple more mods. It's gonna be brilliant.

But yeah, I could do with a breather before that. Only I don't really know what to write, I'm not into any other communities for other fandoms and all my plot bunnies are Merlin-related. Well, apart from that SPN RPF prompt, but that's more like an outline for a big bang challenge than a bunny. IDK WHAT TO WRITE! ALSO IDK WHAT TO WATCH. TV shows, not anime, I have too much anime on my watchlist already. But I don't feel like watching anime. So yeah... It's one of those days.
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Commentfic meme. Funfunfun. Blame it for this entry's shortness, I've been writing for that instead of finishing this meme. Oh well. I also think it's the first time in months I wrote het. Kinda sorta.

Day 29 - What ship had the best proposal?

Ed/Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist.

"I'll give you half my life, so give me half of yours!" Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
It helps that I've loved them from the get-go and I'd been praying for them to get together for about half the series. And Ed delivered an awesome proposal and they had epilogue babies and all was well with the world. ♥

Day 30 - Your favorite ship forever and ever and ever?

Merlin/Arthur. Three months isn't much to decide and I don't know if it'll be forever and ever because I don't see the future, but I do love those boys and given the extent to which they dragged me into the fandom I don't think I'm very likely to find another favourite ship any time soon. There isn't any other pairing I've written so much fic about, and soon there won't be any other pairing I've read so much fic about. There's just something about them. Ask me the same question next year and we'll see, but for now... I'm off writing more fic.
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But I'm cheating because I skipped some of the scenes in the middle, so now I have to go back.

Also this season's anime are distracting me with their fabulousness.
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Day 19 - A pairing you've rooted for since the beginning?

A picture is worth a thousand words, blah blah blah. As a bonus, have the same scene in Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Thai and Japanese. (Warning: don't watch the Thai version while drinking/eating. Actually, don't watch any of these while drinking/eating.)

Looked up the Japanese seiyuu. Well, Merlin is pretty obvious... But Arthur is Tomoaki Maeno and Uther is Takayuki Sugou. Now I'm making weird mental associations.
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Those things keep getting shorter. At least tomorrow's question should be fun. Plus I've just written another Holmes story, the third in the last few days. Writer block is down, y/y?

Oh, and [ profile] hiza_chan asked me my top 5 fics, so here we go! Keep in mind that I prefer one-shots or anyway stories that can be read in one sitting. If I have to stop midway, chances are that I didn't find the fic interesting enough to pick it up ever again.

1) Uncharted (Temeraire, Lawrence/Granby/Tharkay)
The BPW!verse in which Lawrence and Granby are shagging like bunnies, and then Tharkay joins in. Uh, I don't know how to make it sound any less embarrassing, it is just PWP. But the ficlets linked in the notes are just precious, and I'm sad at the idea that there's not a longer, plotty version of this story because it definitely has potential.

2) The Student Prince (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin)
You knew I had to say it. It's the ultimate modern AU for Merlin. It's brilliant, it's well-written, it had me laughing like mad or angsting for the boys at just the right point. It's got side characters, gods, Morgana and Morgause are brilliant! Gwen and Lance are the sweetest beta couple ever, and even Edwin shows up. And let's not talk about Lady Viva. Just barely short of 150,000 words, and I finished it in one single afternoon. Awesome.

3) The Colour of Cartoon Sunshine (RPF, Bradley/Colin)
I know I said I don't do RPF, but I'm willing to make an exception for [ profile] junkshop_disco. First RPF fic I ever read was The Middle of Nowhere, Wales by her and I'm a fan ever since. It's sweet and it's funny and it's full of references. My favourite part was maybe the first chapter, with Bradley and Colin goofing around, but it's really a good read.

4) The Girlfriend Experience (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel)
This is just... guh. It might be my Dean/Castiel canon. And I don't really know what sets it apart from all the other Dean/Castiel fics I read, it just is. Speshul. I read it twice, once as soon as Castiel appeared and the other after I watched the end of the series. Both times it was great. There's Castiel slowly becoming human, and Dean freaking out, and Sam is happy for them and acts like the biggest fangirl ever. It makes me happy.

5) My Immortal (Harry Potter... or so they say)

Day 13 - What is your favorite television pairing?

Yeah I know I'm repeating myself but there's no helping it since those are two of my favourite pairings overall. Arthur/Merlin, of course. Because it's destiny! The Slash Dragon said so. Then Dean/Castiel - I haven't forgotten about them, and wait a minute is the premiere in two days? Do need. And now for something different, I always liked Logan/Rory from Gilmore Girls. Unpopular opinion, so what. I'M STILL MIFFED THEY DIDN'T GET MARRIED!


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