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  • idk I felt I haven't updated in ages. I'm still around, I've just been increasingly annoyed by LJ's new features, like why the fuck did they have to take away the old posting page. But I'm braving it to post fics and mixes, so I might as well try and update? I'm more active on Tumblr and Twitter lately anyway (as you know, Bob). And on Goodreads. I love having a Kindle, I've probably read more in the past two months than in the past two years.

  • Real life is, as usual, uneventful and boring. Started my last semester yesterday. I won't actually finish until next spring (if I pass all exams, if I get an internship for the last three credits, if I finish my thesis) but it's the last two courses I'll take. Ever. Uuurgh I can't wait to be done. Pls do not mention real life to me because giving out more details would be painful.

  • I got my hair cut yesterday, went to the Chinese hairdresser's for the first time. It's awesome and cheap and quick and cheap. Pony (aka [ profile] scatteredintime for the uninitiated) asked me for pics, and I was like NO WAY because ew my face, but then she posted pics and I got jealous so here you go. Here I am baffling at how do I take pictures, here I figured it out, here I'm just being a cam whore and glorying on the fact that it's the one day of the year when I don't have a bad hair day. (Wow I look a lot like my sister from this angle.) As a bonus this is actually how I am in the evenings. Classy and sexy at the same time.

  • Uhm that's all. NO WAIT THAT'S NOT ALL. Meme. Stolen from [ profile] koorime_yu, it's her birthday today! Whoo! Everyone give her well wishes and/or cake and/or strippers. So anyway, meme.
    Go to my fanfic archive and choose a sentence from one of my stories. Must be a whole sentence, not a fragment or a word of dialogue or stuff like that. I'll reply saying which story of mine I think that sentence is from. If I get it wrong, you get a drabble. (Unless I get distracted by the other stuff I have to write first.) (Ahem.)

    There's also stories on LJ or SSBB, I always forget what's posted where. Anyway.
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