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The phone company said they'd fix it in 72 hours, not counting weekends because they're not working on weekends ofc, this was one week ago and I'm starting to remember why I hate living in this country. Also my train today was 45 minutes late and freezing cold. Right now I'm in uni because I needed to tell my prof that I'm a failboat and I'll try his exam again in a couple of months. TBH I think if I winged it he would have given me high marks all the same because he gives 30/30 to everyone unless you make blatantly huge mistakes, I could've probably winged 27/30, but it's one of the big important exams and I want to at least know this subject better than so-so. He was happy with my reasoning. I'm less happy that I'm sitting here in uni and it's so cold I have to keep my coat and scarf inside, but at least there's free wifi. Which is slow as fuck, but any port in a storm. So far I've also mooched internet access from one of my mum's friends, and dad bought one of those USB internet thingies but it's slow as fuck and has such a low limit that really I can't use it for more than reading/writing mail. I had to download a largish pdf for my next exam and I didn't do it last night because it would have taken forever. Largish here is 120 pages. I cannot. All I want is Glee's cover of Smooth Criminal which gives me all the feelings for Santana and makes me forget I'm straight. At least if I had TV shows I would be distracted. Instead I've almost finished ADWD which gives me all the feelings BUT IN A VERY BAD WAY. SRSLY HE IS WHO?! AND SHE DID WHAT?! WTF IS GOING ON WHERE'S THE NEXT BOOK.

ETA: Also I acknowledge I'm the worst flister ever since I never ever comment and I have an awful ego and always talk about my stuff anyway, so if you want to defriend me I won't mind and tbh I probably won't notice because I'm ditzy so yay defriending amnesty is go!
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