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Overall thoughts.
HOLYSHIT I WROTE A LOT. Taking a semester off after graduating really gave me time to write, though my busiest months were January and February because I had finished almost all exams and hadn't made a serious start on my thesis yet.
But quantity =/= quality and a lot of those stories are admittedly crap. I did also manage to write a few stories that I like, though.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?
X-Men and Suits are new fandoms, so obvs I wouldn't have been able to predict that. I guess I would have been surprised that I'd write three original stories. There's not much else to be surprised about, mostly I stuck to my favourites: Arthur/Merlin and Dean/Cas.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
I wrote my longest original story ever, not counting the NaNo novels that are crap anyway. It's only 14,000 words but it took me quite a lot of time, I had to start from scratch with characters, setting, backstories... While the end result could stand a rewrite or three, it was an interesting experience.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?
Write another 100k words. Contribute to at least a couple of issues for [ profile] bb_shousetsu. Finish the anonymous Merlin fic for the kink meme, the ASOIAF/SPN crossover, the longish Castle fic. Translate the SPN/HP crossover and the fest ficlets I have sitting around.

My best story of this year:
Green planet. Maybe I'm biased because I had a great beta and the finished story is way better than my messy first draft, and it is porn with plot, but I think it's my strongest piece.

My most popular story of this year.
Of kittens and teacups and love, which makes no sense because it's just this thing that I wrote one night and then suddenly everyone was like KITTENS! and it's got 100+ comments on my journal when I'm usually lucky to get 5. Not complaining, I like the story too, but it's so not my best piece and I'm just wondering why.

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion.
Black Hair and Bullets or A Matter of Honour. It has its flaws, but given SSBB's readership and the fact that it's a long story and I put a lot of effort into it, only 4 comments is more than a bit disheartening.

Most fun story to write:
An indecent proposal, because it's just mindless fluff with my favourite angel and hunter, and because Gabriel is ridic and I love writing him. I've written a bunch of fluffy Dean/Cas drabbles, but this one makes me happy because the prompt was hard but once I got the idea the words just flowed.

Hardest story to write:
Beauty and the Hound took me months (January to July) because it was for a charity auction and I wanted to make sure that I got it right. In the end, I think I did.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
Hear the sigh of the trees. Bestiality. Why, self? I'll never know.

Biggest Disappointment:
My big bang story, Scarlet and Gold. It's just a hot mess, so much that I haven't bothered translating it all into English yet. There's just no pacing and the plot is all wonky because I lost interest in the big bang halfway through.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story:
Of cabbages and kings, though I'd rather not elaborate.

A story I want remembered:
Black Hair and Bullets or A Matter of Honour. I'm just very attached to these characters. But I'm fine with Of kittens and teacups and love being my most read/recced/remembered story too.

Story I wrote to fix things:
Not many fixes because fixes require require plots and plots require effort, but I think Of kittens and teacups and love qualifies since I wrote it to fix my heart that was broken by the godawful beach divorce.

Oddest story:
Of cabbages and kings, which makes sense because it was meant to be odd or surreal.

Most mining of your own history in one story:
A lot of quirks in Of kittens and teacups and love, especially those related to tea: I have multiple mugs and most feature cats, I can't function without tea, I'm prone to switching sugar and milk around...
Other things are stuff I've seen family and friends do.

Sexiest moment (excerpt):
Tough one because my writing is usually as sexy as baby penguins, despite my foray into the Pornathon. I'm going with Steve harassing Danny in Ties:

"Okay," Danny replies, crossing his arms. "But unfortunately for you, I chose to wear a tie, so unless you want to forcibly remove it..."

Obviously, as Danny realizes at once, this is a very very bad thing to say. Curse his large mouth, how is it that even after he's known Steve for months he hasn't yet learned that you never, ever tell Steve that he can't do something?

Because Steve, with his limited Super Seal brain, takes Danny's words as an invite to step into his personal space and slip two fingers in the tie's knot, until the two of them are almost crushed together, less than an inch of air between their bodies.

"You could have said it sooner," Steve says in a low voice, and he's so close that Danny can feel his breath on his face. He smells like black coffee and heat and Steve, and Danny forgets to complain. He wants to say something about sexual harassment at a workplace but his words get lost somewhere when Steve kisses him. Because, as Danny found out some time ago, Steve is really damn good at kissing. Maybe it's all part of Seal training.

Crackiest moment (excerpt):
The morning after, Arthur panicked. There were plenty of reasons for panicking, like the fact that he'd just slept with Merlin of all people, and he hated Merlin, and besides he was straight. Arthur firmly believed that a couple of drunken fumbles weren't enough to make him gay or bi, they just meant he should stop drinking so much. Arthur felt very much cross because, while he occasionally had dreams about tearing off Merlin's clothes with his teeth, he thought that ravishing Merlin would have gotten rid of what Morgana called the unresolved sexual tension between them. Besides, Arthur had vague recollections of Merlin on top of him asking him if it was his first time and promising to be gentle. This bothered Arthur because he was most certainly not gay, but if he had been he would have been on top. The worst part was that, while Arthur was having this perfectly legitimate freakout, Merlin was puttering around Arthur's flat wearing nothing but his boxers and making pancakes, which made Arthur angry because he felt that Merlin should stop being so unreasonably reasonable and panic a little too. Arthur ate the pancakes anyway. They were good.

(The rest of In which Arthur and Merlin are dating even though Arthur says that they aren't, and they get married in the end. Also they have sex. qualifies too.)

Favorite dialogue (excerpt):
"Las Vegas?" Sam interjects.

The Doctor's smile widens. "Yes, what an adventure that had been!" he exclaims.

Dean isn't exactly in the mood to reminisce that adventure, since he still has the scars, but for Sam's benefit he explains, "It was when you were at college. Aliens."

Sam's eyebrows rise up to his hairline. "Aliens?" he exclaims. "You told me that they didn't exist!"

"Rubbish, of course they exist," the Doctor says. "There are a load of aliens. You're aliens, for example. Well, to you I'm the alien. Same difference."

Sam seems even less convinced. "Okay, but we're hunting a werewolf and tonight is a full moon. If you can wait until tomorrow..."

"Trust him," Dean says. "Time isn't a problem around him..."

Then he turns to the Doctor. "I suppose we can't take the Impala?"

"It's a tad bit too far," he says apologetically. And to Sam's quizzical stare he replies, "About a couple hundred light years, give or take."

Dean sighs and gets his duffel bag. "Better not to ask questions. And leave your gun here, he doesn't like guns."

Favorite Opening Line:
Dean learned long ago that the answer to the question "whose fault is it?" is in ninety nine percent of cases "it's Gabriel's fault". (An indecent proposal)

Favorite Closing Line:
"Who'd have thought it," said Coach Sylvester who was passing by just then. "As they say: beware the quiet ones. Though personally I prefer to say: beware Sue Sylvester. Girls' bathroom is down there on the left, Sugarplum." (Beware the quiet ones)

Favorite Line from Anywhere:
Crowley was opposed to Christmas on moral grounds [1] but he found that Christmas in the nineteenth century were much too dull for his tastes. Too much going to mass and singing bad hymns and women in drab dresses.

[1] Or at least he would have been if he wasn't opposed to morals as well.

(All of fake footnotes from Mistletoe (Crowley/Granby) were fun to do.)

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