May. 9th, 2013

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Lunchtime rant. It's lunchtime and I'm sitting alone and I think I'll explode if I don't rant about how everyone sucks. Been a while since I posted, I've taken to ranting on Twitter because it's easier to just capslock at the screen, but this one doesn't exactly fit in 140 characters. And I don't think any of you deserve to hear this from me one-on-one, so.

Things about me:
1) I like maths.
2) I don't like stupidity.
3) People who don't get maths or think it's too difficult for them aren't stupid. Their teachers never explained things properly.
4) I'm taking yet another class on didactics this semester. (I don't want to be a teacher AT ALL but it's easy credits and I like learning about how people learn, if that makes sense.)
5) This fucking class is full of fucking stupid people who want to become teachers.

...You can probably guess where this is going.

Look, I get that the mantra of this class is that with teaching there isn't no 100% guaranteed best way of doing it. We're shown a lot of examples and we talk a lot and we look at studies and surveys, and we're supposed to think about it and have our own ideas. Like a very wise man once said, it's not rules, it's more like guidelines. And I'm not saying I'd be the best teacher ever, far from it, I'd be a terrible teacher for several reasons. But I'm pretty sure that out of all the people in my class I wouldn't be the worst teacher, and the idea that some of my classmates are going to become teachers and fuck up future generations is just. Urgh.

Case in point. We're all given mock answers from students and asked how we would grade them. Professor repeatedly states that there are no right or wrong answers, we're just going to discuss, blah blah. I get that. We're never going to agree on something so subjective as grades because, surprise!, even in maths grades are highly subjective and depend on the teacher. But. BUT. IF YOU THINK THAT THE BLATANTLY WRONG ANSWER, THE ONE WITH A BUNCH OF MISTAKES AND RANDOM PASSAGES THAT DON'T FOLLOW ANY KIND OF LOGIC, THE ANSWER THAT DOESN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION AT ALL, THE ANSWER WHERE THE STUDENT NOT ONLY WAS WRONG BUT YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE WAS TRYING TO DO, IF YOU THINK THAT ANSWER IS THE BEST ANSWER OF THE BUNCH BECAUSE IT USED X AND Y AND SO THERE WAS ~FORMALISM~ AND THEREFORE IT'S THE BEST AND IT'S AUTOMATICALLY BETTER THAN THE ANSWER GIVEN BY ANOTHER STUDENT, WHO USED SIMPLE WORDS AND NO FORMALISM BUT REACHED A CORRECT SOLUTION, IF YOU THINK FORMALISM TRUMPS HAVING THE RIGHT IDEAS, THEN, PLEASE, GET OUT. It's literally the opposite of what we're told every day in this class. And in all the other didactics classes, which I know you took. And it's a free country and you can take whichever classes you want, but the idea of you going out in the world to teach, to actually teach maths to poor hapless kids, so we'll have another generation of students who hate maths because it's complicated and you must have X and Y and use lots of difficult formulas because otherwise it's not right, because the teacher said so, it pisses me off so fucking much.

For bonus points. At the end of the lesson, asking the professor how he would have graded those answers, implying that his is the right answer, and the past two hours of discussion don't matter at all. You keep doing that. Why.


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