Dec. 23rd, 2012

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I like presents, generally. I don't like getting presents for people. I can't wait until I'm old enough that I can give people money in an envelope and tell them to buy something they like. My biggest fear is that some friend will get me a present and force me to reciprocate. Birthdays are bad, but Christmas is the worst because it's all together, A TON OF PRESENTS ALL TOGETHER JFC HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO COPE. So I usually team up with my siblings and we get the presents for our parents, etc, together, this way we only need one brainwave. But we didn't know what to get for each other, so I was about to suggest let's not get each other presents this year, too much of a hassle, when my sister comes up all happy and tells me that she and my brother finally found presents for me. WEEPING. PANICKING. DENIAL. So I just spent the afternoon trying to find presents for them and I think I did it? I did not find the game my brother wanted bc it went out of print like ten years ago or smth so I got him a nerdy cookbook. Then weeping again because I found the very same thing that my sister wanted and couldn't find anywhere, the same thing I told her last week it was impossible to find. Now I just have to hope that nothing gets ~lost~ in the mail.

Oh and the other presents aren't even wrapped yet because nobody can be arsed. So much holiday spirit in the air in this house.


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